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(Leony Pereira Moreira de Castilho, a student of Rational Culture, Brasília – DF)






It is never too much to remember that we are nothing, while unconscious, not knowing WHO WE ARE, WHERE WE COME from and WHERE WE ARE GOING.


Because while unconscious, we are connected to the unconscious energies (electric and magnetic), which are the energies of matter, and matter is nothing.

So much so that everything in matter has a beginning and an end.

The life of matter is an apparent life, which is why the energies of matter only provide apparent conditions: apparent goodness, apparent humility, apparent intelligence, apparent cleanliness, apparent beauty, apparent love, apparent brotherhood, apparent peace, apparent tranquility, apparent joy , apparent satisfaction, apparent pleasure, apparent wealth, apparent stability, apparent tranquility, apparent health, apparent friendship, apparent success; in short, everything that the energies of matter provide is apparent, deceiving the living beings to keep them attached to matter, the material energies, which only cause the person to think and imagine, constantly varying in an infinity of different thoughts and imagination, good and bad, without noticing that all this is for the defeat of the thinker who, when he comes to wake up and perceive the game of the matter , it is sometimes too late.

This is the function of the material energies, to make the thinker see that here in matter he is out of his real place, that he is out of his natural and, therefore, not having the right to live and to be happy.

The real place for everyone, natural, is in the eternal life, in the RATIONAL WORLD, where everything and everyone came from.

And then, the thinker asks: “And how can I have the right to live and be happy?

“The simple answer is: looking for ways to live in matter, without getting involved with the material energies, on which we depend for the maintenance of the material life. And this is achieved through the connection with the invisible beings who are under the command of the SUPREME FORCE to everything and everyone, which is the RATIONAL ENERGY, the ENERGY of the TRUE GOD, the SUPERIOR RATIONAL.

So it is necessary to explain that there are  good and bad energetic forces both on the electric as well as on the magnetic side. The good electric and magnetic forces, which are the invisible beings and only work according to the natural laws of Nature, in absolute obedience to the orders of the TRUE GOD, the SUPERIOR RATIONAL, for having already surrendered to Him and, therefore, they work to build peace, love, fraternity and universal harmony, untying the blind knots in everyone’s life, a consequence of the bad steps taken by  the thinkers, resulting from the influences of negativity. They also work, under the order of the SUPERIOR RATIONAL, breaking up black spells designed to delay the lives of the living.

Therefore, there are the good electric and magnetic invisibles beings, which are all under the command of THE SUPERIOR RATIONAL, and there are the bad electric and magnetic ones, who refuse to obey the SUPERIOR RATIONAL  hampering the peace in the world in which we live.

That is why it is essential for people to read the RATIONAL ENERGY Book, the Book dictated by THE SUPERIOR RATIONAL, in order to, through its reading, one can connect with the RATIONAL ENERGY, which develops the person’s reasoning, until they understand the difference between thinking, imagining and reasoning, to know how to reject negative influences in your head.

Until the day comes, due to persistence in reading, in which the person is no longer mistaken with the influences received in his head, knowing perfectly to distinguish the chaff from the wheat.

And this is where he starts reasoning, that is, he naturally starts doing only what is transmitted by the FORCES that are with the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, ceasing to be a Rational animal, to be a Rational Apparatus, equipped to all the true positivity, emanating from GOD, the SUPERIOR RATIONAL.

At this point, the person’s life is already changed from water to wine, because everything is working out RIGHT in his life: in morals, in health, in business, in relationships with sincere friendships, and all this guided by Nature, due to the fact that the person is now integrated into the Rational Phase, reading the RATIONAL SUPERIOR’s book, “Universe in Disenchantment”, of Rational Culture, daily and seriously, and striving to live according to the guidelines of the Book, which are for the good of all without distinction

So, friend, after all this explanations above for the Right and CORRECT GUIDANCE in anyone’s life, we recommend: get out of that choked life full of mistakes, misfits in everything you intend to do.

Of course, nothing goes right in your life, because you are acting on the wrong line of thought.

Today, the reasoning phase is the Rational Phase, of RATIONAL ENERGY, which came to replace the thinking.

If you are looking for an organized and well-oriented life, develop your reasoning, your Rational Conductor, who is waiting for you in RATIONAL CULTURE, in the book “Univere in Disenchantment”, to guide you to the RIGHT LINE in the Rational Phase, for everything that is RIGHT, it is through reasoning. So, for your sake, GET that Book. It is on Earth to unite all humanity in ONE LINE ONLY, ONE LINE OF REASONING, ON THE LINE OF THE SUPERIOR RATIONAL, THE TRUE GOD, who is in command of Nature, for all those who are tired of suffering and pain, a choice they made by themselves, because the will is free.

Embrace TRUE GOODNES but remember, no one will be forced to do anything, because GOD respects everyone’s freedom. GOD does not manipulate anyone, for being TRUE and ABSOLUTE LOVE, as it is also a true and absolute PEACE and FRATERNITY.

So, all this change of command that took place in Nature, where the invisible negative forces of thought and imagination were interrupted, THE RATIONAL ENERGY started to command Nature. So it had to happen, because it was time to put an end to the suffering of all who are tired from suffering so much.

Negativity will continue in action on whom has not yet been awakened to the illusion of the material life.

Abstract: In 1935, thought, which was the Second Millennium, was ousted from its command in Nature by another ENERGY, THE RATIONAL ENERGY, which is the Third Millennium, the Rational Phase. And to be favored by this phase, it is necessary, friend, to connect with it through your reading of “Universe in Disenchantment”, so that you can organize your life with progress that will emerge from your prosperity, and everything that is directed to your well-being and your family.

Only this Book can help you achieve a financial progress free of greed and ambition, and everything else will shine with health and balance that will take over yourself very naturally. Get that book and accomplish your victories, inside your heart, with your reading that must be DAILY, so that you can WIN and not be DEFEATED by negative energies.

The book is “Universe in Disenchantment”, of Racional Culture. Get this book to have everything you need .Your life shows your bonding energy. If your life is going badly, it is because the energy, you are connected with, is not GOOD, it is bad.

Don’t hesitate, everything that is good will be through the reading of “Universo in Disenchantment”.

This is the Book!


Contacts and book orders can be done by the following emails:


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 (562) 818-4731


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