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(Porfirio Jesus das Neves, a student of Rational Culture, Rio de Janeiro – BRAZIL)


Here we are at of the world, praying so that nothing worse will happen. Praying is just a way of speaking, because, in fact, not even praying is solving it out today.

Everyone is astonished at the events happening worldwide, be it at a social or an individual level.

It is imperative to affirm that nothing that is happening today can be fixed by the powers that created and constructed this reality. And who is the constructor of this reality? The thought articulated in the human mind.

Everything was made by the human thought based on the artificial alphabet that has always tried to surpass the natural factors. It has always been intended to go beyond the limits of prudence and the sustainable knowledge, which aims at keeping everyone’s balance.

And what about this new word: sustainability?

It is the knowledge that can sustain everyone in harmony with themselves, with one another and the environment without offending the one who guides us: Nature. It is also the knowledge that provides the essential actions to keep the natural stability.

So, instead of digressing around the definition of it, let’s get to the point regarding the true knowledge of humanity – that is – fraternity, peace and love. We will take the opposite track to understand this concept, which has been maculated in its use to defend the point of view of those who think only on their ambition and greed for material things; an artificial knowledge which is based on the illusory system of the human knowledge.

That is right: it is based on what does not exist. And what is it that makes this knowledge so illusory and deceptive? It is thought and thought no longer exists; thought has stopped. People think that they are thinking, nonetheless, if they were really thinking there would not be so many crimes, disregard to life, abuses against Nature, atrocities, in short, there would not be so many injustices as we are so used to seeing these days world wide.

The reason to all these misfortunes going on in the world is not because of political regimes, economic situation, public health or corruption. Bear in mind that countries, which enjoy these kinds of stability, are, also, suffering the effects of thought’s decadence.

No law or regime will be able to control the intimacy of each individual. It is in the intimacy of each person where the dissatisfaction with society and life in general will spring up. It is in the intimacy of each person, the will to destroy and the perishable and apparent pleasure. It is in the intimacy of each person where the materialistic serpent exists to push the individual beyond its limits. We should try to fathom the real causes to all that by the understanding of our intimacy – our true self.

Nobody is satisfied nor with simple things neither with things that can only be achieved in a long term. Each person wants things to happen right away regardless whether they are coming in their own time or not.

“It has to be now, no delay please”. That is how stress always comes along, it is pure adrenaline.

The consequences of this kind of wisdom, if we can call it wisdom always comes down to failure. General failure. Failure of all ideologies, theories and philosophies. That is, failure of all thinking minds – minds that believe they are still thinking. Minds that are still lost in the void of thought. The phase of thought is over, and that’s the reason why everything is ruining.

If the minds were connected to the stars, they would surely receive the right intuition in their intimacy, for everything that is happening in the world is consequence of a change of phase in Nature. The stars know that; the spirits know that, because it is a natural change!

There is no development of thought anymore, which means that the phase of thought is over. Like one says, “it is written in the stars”. That couldn’t be more correct, because thought was coming from the stars but not anymore!

Knowing that won’t make any difference anymore. Knowledge is something that should be applied to our actions. Knowing that Nature changed phase won’t suffice, we need to adopt actions that is in pair with the new behavior of NATURE.

Nature has extinguished with thought which, by the way, is very transparent today. Take a look at the world scenario, where atrocities and destruction are in the order of the day. 

Thought used to bring a more or less balance to the human mind in the phase of Rational animal; the phase had ruled up until 1935. The humans today are different from that time.

Thought has been weakening ever since, because it is the dawn of  the development of a new mind faculty – the Reasoning!

Though is weathering to a point that you see the thinkers doing unimaginable bad things.

For sure, nobody is enjoying this discomfort in the whole world. However even those who can perceive these bizarre tendencies that are afflicting humanity are not taking the right actions to solve the problem. It is the human being functioning with the ORIGIN – THE TRUE ORIGIN. And there lies the problem: where is the TRUE ORIGIN. It cannot be found in the Arts, Philosophy, Sciences or Religions, because all that sprang from thought. They served well to polish the human mind, so it would be able to understand what is happening now; it would sense the need for the RATIONALIZATION. 

The change of thought’s phase to the RATIONALIZATION is the RATIONAL PROJECT elaborated by the SUPREME REASONING – the Reasoning that is above this deformed existence.

The human mind is still raw to grasp the magnificence of the REASONING. It perceived the spiritual world which is the way to set free a little from the matter. Nonetheless, spirituality was developed in the phase of thought; it was just a step of preparation to get the humans back to their world of origin.  Imagination, Thought and Reasoning are the three developments elaborated by the Rational Project to get this world back to its original state.

Thought helped humanity to achieve halfway of the cosmological understanding. In order to achieve it fully, there was, still, another step: the development of THE REASONING!

Thus the natural development of the Reasoning cannot be confounded with the mental development of thought and imagination. That development happened at the hemispheres of our brain.

Developing the brain means to connect the ‘Self’, our intimacy with the Rational Energy, the Supreme Self. Our ‘Self’ is very thin and sensible and cannot be affected by thought, which is very rough.

The Self is of cosmologic essence, that is, from the logic of the Rational Plain, the Supreme Nature in the ultimate analysis. We were made by Nature and we depend on her for everything including for feeling.

Therefore our intimacy is of a thin cosmologic action, the ‘Self’ from the Rational Plain that cannot be touched by thought, but only through the development of the Reasoning, which connects to the Supreme Self.

For this reason has Nature terminated with the phase of thought, and she is not nurturing it anymore. Consequently thought has become weakened and people started committing all kinds of madness around. The direct cause of violence is the weakened thought.

Nature is now guiding us to the DEVELOPMENT OF THE REASONING, so that we can understand the cosmologic progress which represents the connection of humanity with Nature. This is the complement of the spiritual progress.

The spiritual progress finished with the end of the PHASE OF THOUGHT; the true spirits are on the RATIONAL MISSION. The Reasoning and its dematerialization is the ultimate goal now, for once it is dematerialized it will find its way back to the RATIONAL PLAIN. This is the RATIONAL LEVITATION.

When the INHABITANT OF THE RATIONAL PLAIN materialized in the form of  pineal gland gets to its original form, it will feel very thankful to the ‘Self’ who will be serving the cosmologic progress and feeling extremely happy and complete.

The real cosmologic action is to see the similar as oneself, doing good to people without distinction, and having GOD as the HIGHEST BEING in the UNIVERSE.

Only then the Rational Plain will return to its Natural State in the Rational World. Reverting the state of degeneration cause by the Rational Inhabitants, who decided to start progressing on their own.

This represents the division of our intimacy – which goes back to the Rational Plain – from the Supreme Self , who belongs to the SUPREME RATIONAL.

In short we are the LIVING NATURE. The PHASE OF RATIONAL ANIMAL is over and to know more about it, only studying the books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT.

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