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Friends, SAVE! (*)

We know that in the world of matter, who commands the universe is Nature.

In the Rational Culture we learn that Nature composed a small part of a Superior World. A universe of pure, clean, perfect and Rational in evolution of purity, where there was a small part still in formation, therefore not being in progress.

And that command of Nature that we know today, started to take place when some Inhabitants of the part in progress entered the small part in formation, making bad use of the will and of the free choice.

That small part not withstanding the progress of the Rationals, detached itself from the RATIONAL PLAIN in progress and began to descend.

The Rationals, following the descent of that part, started to loose their virtues.

Virtues are lives, are vital forces. These virtues gathered in the space that started to be formed with the descent, giving origin to a focus of light (today the sun), which caused the formation of all that Nature as it is today.

It was that very Nature that generated everything and everyone, created everything and everyone, fed us, always cured us when possible, and since everything in the matter that has a beginning, has an end, Nature was always the responsible one for the death of all beings.

Nature takes our lives in order to give us another opportunity of life. Thus, death does not exist, what exists is a transformation from one life to the other and from one form to the other.

There is, therefore, just the end, the extinction of a life that transforms itself from an old apparatus to a new apparatus, or from an ill apparatus into a healthy apparatus.

That process has repeated itself in this fantastic cycle of gyrations of the wheel of life, for 21 eternities, in order to prepare ourselves for a new and complete evolution of the BEING: the Rational Phase.

The Rational Phase is the ultimate phase, when, through the recuperation of the Reasoning that was paralyzed, all the ones who work for meriting it will be crowned with the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION.

These will move from Rational animals to the Rational Apparatus class, becoming culturally in condition to return to our True World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

Now, those that in spite of having suffered all that monstrous lapidation, continue as instruments of the rudeness, of the unconsciousness and of the magnetic command of the matter, they will be degraded and banished to the inferior classes of the irrationals, for in the Rational Phase, that is Nature’s natural phase since 1935, he who rules himself by the matter and not by the laws of Nature stays under the magnetism yoke, that is pure evil and sheer evilness.

Since 1935 our eternal Father, the Reasoning Superior to all Reasoning, donated from Himself to each one of us, part of His absolute sagginess, the Rational Culture, that recovers the lost consciousness and virtues, teaching in His magnanimous Books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, how to fabricate the precious fluid called Eternal Happiness.

But, even before 1935, He always guided and accompanied us, through Mother Nature that has prepared us through the various civilizations, until we could deserve again the intimacy with the RATIONAL ENERGY.

But, after all, what really caused our exit from the RATIONAL PLAIN?

The use of the will.

What really happened?

We were each one an autonomous unit, forming an assembly – the whole. That whole headed towards the part of the Plain that was not ready to progress. Everyone was warned. Many, by free choice and spontaneous will, returned. Many others, by free choice and spontaneous will, stayed judging that they would continue to make progress on their own, when what really happened was a regress, a progress the other way around.

The ones who exited the RATIONAL WORLD and remained in the part of the RATIONAL WORLD in formation, were victims of the first manifestation of disobedience, that occurred still in the RATIONAL PLAIN, a first announcement of what was to come: the appearance, very, very subtly in its presentation, and that would occur much, much later as a consequence of the successive disobediences.

We started to deform ourselves and everything deforming itself, but, for being a Rational deformation, we did not realize it and proceeded, paying no heed to our Father’s, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, calls of attention, until getting to where we headed, giving consequence to this world of matter (visible and invisible) that we inhabit, with this deformed and suffered form of a virtueless Rational: the Rational animal.

In the RATIONAL WORLD, everyone had total knowledge of oneself, of everyone else and everything. They knew who had generated them, how they were generated, being Rationally conscious of their evolution and progress of purity.

When we were generated and created by our Father and under His shelter, we were made similar to Him, bodies of cosmic mass of pure, clean and perfect RATIONAL ENERGY.

The RATIONAL ENERGY reasons, as long as it is kept in the line of purity, cleanness and perfection.

But when we disobeyed the SUPREME BEING, we went out of the purity line, coming to build, along the continued disobediences, an inverse line, the irrational line, the line of the artificial thought.

But what is the aim of the thought?

Nature, then in the command of the thought, used all the natural means to lapidate and recover the human being by all forms, ways and manners, using him as its tool to accomplish that task.

But, the way Nature acted,  by putting so naturally the ideas, imaginations, intuitions, visions, dreams in the thoughts of the thinkers, made the thinkers thought they were the owners of all those ideas, imaginations, intuitions, visions, dreams and everything else that they knew and felt. They thought that all that, all the thoughts departed from their own being and therefore belonged to them.

The human being was guided by the stars, by the forces of the waters, by the forces of the woods, in short, by all the forces of Nature. That was the time when the Astrological Alphabet came into force, a forerunner of the Rational Culture.

In that alphabet, the person was born with gifts determined by Nature according to the astral orientations and followed them exactly. Couples married with the persons indicated by the alphabet in the lines of the palms of the hands, also followed the professions determined, in short, the entire life of the person was pre-determined in the palms of the hands and they obeyed.

Until a time when some started to revolt against it, for the astrological alphabet imposed limits, and did not let anyone extrapolate them imposing their tastes and wills.

The revolted ones decided to create a new alphabet, outside the natural laws and based on the matter.   

Nature, also revolted, and as a result, brought to Earth the marginal spirits who until then were prevented from working on humanity with their materialistic influence.

It was thus, through the disobedience once more, that the beginning of a materialistic alphabet came into being; the cause of this artificial culture that until today rules humanity, a culture based on appearances where one forges something or a situation that is impeded by the natural laws.

But everything is appearance, material illusions that make the Rational animal more and more materialistic and disconnected from Nature.

Such as the RATIONAL SUPERIOR’s pressing calls could not stop the disobedience of some that had exited the Superior World, the Voice of God, through Nature, could not avoid the disobedience as regards the Astrological Alphabet, which was what caused the generation of the appearances. Those who obeyed the Astrological Alphabet returned to the RATIONAL WORLD.

Always reminding that God does not interfere in our decisions, not here and also in the RATIONAL WORLD; He only guides those who listen to Him.

With the end of the Rational animal Phase and the arrival of Rational Phase, Nature ceased to feed the thoughts of the free-thinkers, that did not survive, loosing its functions that still provided a relating equilibrium to the life of the human society.

In its place, remained the magnetic energy, the energy of the evil that came to unbalance, once and for all, the minds of those who did not follow the change of phase. For everyone who knows oneself through the natural laws of Nature has its full support.

And who does not know oneself enters a regimen of extinction for not knowing what he does and what he says; he knows that he has a life to live, but he does not know the why of it.

So, God has created us with the reasoning and we deprived ourselves of the reasoning due to our disobediences.

We changed the natural thought, that led us back to Reasoning, for the magnetic thought, the materialistic thought, that lapidates and eludes us with the appearances, keeping us in the disobedience.

The RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION will only be attained when we stop disobeying, closing down the life of appearances that only lapidates us, on and on, until we stop disobeying. And if we do not stop disobeying, the appearances will extinguish us.

But in His Divine and Magnanimous Goodness, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR once again warns us, offering us as a gift, the Rational Culture of the Universe in Disenchantment books, dictated by Him to Himself here on Earth, in the person of Lord Manoel Jacintho Coelho, where he describes in detail our descent, narrating where we came from, why we came, where we are going, how we go and when we go, as well as all the initiatives and actions that we shall have to take in order to return to our World of Origin.

Here is what the magnetism of the appearances can cause. Here is what the study of the Rational Culture can recover. That is Salvation!

What is an Absolute Truth?


Everything that emanates from God is an ABSOLUTE TRUTH


The Inhabitants of the RATIONAL WORLD are an ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

The Rational Virtues are ABSOLUTE TRUTHS.



The part of the RATIONAL PLAIN that we entered and that was not ready to progress was an ABSOLUTE TRUTH, but in a formation process.

We, readers and students of Rational Culture, have the Rational duty, as our Father emphasizes, to repass this learning to our brothers that have not yet had the opportunity to have in hand the Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT.

The divulgence in all ways and manners is indispensable as much as for those who do not know where they came from, nor where they will go to and much less what they are doing here in this second world, as for those who already have the command of the Knowledge, for only studying and divulging you will ascend to the PARADISE OF THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

We take this opportunity to inform that the 1st WEB CONFERENCE OF RATIONAL CULTURE OF THE BOOKS UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT will take place as of August 1st, 2015, Saturday, at 2PM.

It will be broadcasted live, by Facebook, Google+, Youtube and cell phones, seen that the access to the conference’s virtual room is limited.

We count on your important participation in this first step of Rational Culture conferences live in the Internet.

Rational Salutes to all!

(*) Text in Portuguese:

Sobre nalub7

Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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