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The Astronomy, engaged with the observation of the stars’ movement, has noted unexpected changes which seem to be kind of disturbing to the scientists.

In the 80’s and more recently, strange phenomenon has been detected by scientists which is different from what had been observed previously. Research it and you will be astonished!

Nevertheless it is useless to observe and register them, because what really matters is to know what they mean; what signals are being transmitted to humanity through their movements.

If, according to Einstein, the whole Universe is an electromagnetic system, and these energies have a certain behavior, why then, would these celestial bodies react so unlike the electromagnetic patterns?

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that there is another vibratory field over this universe. It is a superior field that is supplanting the millenar behavior of the celestial bodies.

This is certainly the interference of a superior world which, through its undeniable supremacy, is paving the way for new changes to come about.

That is the undeniable proof that there is a superior world above this very one where we live, which is visible and invisible. The world we live in is part of the superior one, thus, it must pair up with it.

The scientists are searching for answers through their researches but they forget that we are effects of this field to which we are submitted to.

Think of an ant trying to disclose the mysteries involving humanity and you will see that it is a total waste of time, due to the fact that humanity is at a superior class to that of the ant. The inferior cannot disclose the superior unless it moves to a superior level.

It is clear that scientists are banging their heads against a brick wall, despite all their endeavor and efforts.

In Rational Culture, which is the culture of this superior world, we will find the answers to the causes of all these changes observed in the stars.

The Rational Culture, as we have mentioned numberless times in this blog, stems from the Rational World, the world of origin of the human kind and which gave existence to this universe as it is.

The stars, for belonging to a superior class to ours, have for long captured these signals and are now transmitting to us, through their movements, their significance. They are telling us that this world will return to its true Nature of pure, clean and Rational condition.

Nevertheless, in order, to accomplish this return it takes the UNION of everyone to turn their views to the HEIGHTS – this means that everyone should be on one line, one direction, only. Otherwise, humanity will never reach this point!

This is the point of convergence of all interests in favor of humanity!

Make no mistake about it, if the planets are lined up in one single direction, that is, converging to the same point – the same energy, the RATIONAL ENERGY – we, likewise, under their influence, will suffer the same adjustment and, through suffering and dilapidation, follow the same track to UNION AND ASCENSION!

Those who persist to be on the margin of this reality will suffer the terrible consequences of keeping themselves under the electromagnetic ruling; thus they will lose their freedom, descending to the inferior classes so that they won’t be able to stand in the way of Nature’s implacable task to bring everyone to their unique and true natural state.  

They will be faced up with an even bleaker reality than they have been so far. The worst way possible to learn that no one can oppose Nature’s commands that prescribe the end of a phase and the commencement of a new one.

So the best way out of this is to acknowledge and follow its commands.

The new phase requires that everyone develop their REASONING!

Before that, it was the ELECTROMAGNETIC NATURE which was in function, but now, it it is the RATIONAL NATURE which is ruling.

Therefore all the efforts to be focused on this phase will be necessary. The order is to follow what will unite the humans and avoid anything that can bring division. The whole world on one single line, otherwise, violence and wars will be in the order of the day between people.

Thought fell through and it is being liquidated. Thought is not in pair with the new phase, and the thinkers are at the mercy of destructive forces assaulting the world stability!

The reason is that we are superior beings and not thinkers. Thinking was just an experiment thrown upon us by Mother Nature, because we had lost our primeval consciousness when we were still living in our Origin.

The thought was a temporary resource to fill in this gap of consciousness. Through it we would be able to reach some understanding in order to able to discern what is behind our condition and, finally, go back to the our true source, which is the RATIONAL WORLD.

Therefore we are adamant in our affirmation that this preparatory and experimental phase has reached its end. It is no longer valid for the continuance of life, for only through the development of the Reasoning, we will be able to awaken to our true consciousness.

It is high time we woke up! Let’s leave this standpoint and be conscious of our universal role. Thought belongs to the inferior classes, we have to REASON!

Isn’t it enough the time we wasted with pain and suffering? We have been dilapidated by a false and deceitful wisdom – an inverted wisdom – because it was turned to the ground.

A restless life in which human beings lived battling one against the other. We were robots controlled by thought that has always created divisions and discontentment!

Was it worthwhile?

Yes, it was worth it, but now it is time to move up!

We have ripened and like a fruit after ripening, if it is not harvest it will fall and decompose.

So we are grateful to thought for providing us with this preparation but we have to say goodbye to it!

This is the RATIONAL PHASE. The energy that is ruling over Nature is the RATIONAL ENERGY! Nature’s rough part will disintegrate and with it its two essential features: thought and imagination. If connected to them, humanity will disintegrate too.

All this knowledge is to be found in the books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT OF RATIONAL CULTURE!

There is unimaginable bliss in the Universe for the fact that we now know who we are, from where we came and to where we are going – the ETERNAL WORLD – THE RATIONAL WORLD!

Acknowledge the new phase and stop banging your head on a brick wall!


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