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(João de Castro, a student of Rational Culture, São Paulo, SP – BRAZIL)



The enthusiasm of many about modernity that goes from a simple domestic object to the great economic, financial and technological system that the world-wide life governs is going to cease to exist when everyone comes to know oneself.

The truth is that there is nothing new in this world. What exists is a huge lack of true knowledge of life and of Nature. The institutions that control your precious life have been in scene for millions of years.

The leaders of the most powerful countries of the world have the same blood lineage that go back to the pharaohs of the ancient Egypt. Look for additional information through these names: Maxwell Jordan, Michael Cremo (Forbidden Archeology). I will cite these two only, for the list is very long.

They are researchers that based their studies in “FACTS” and reveal the whole structure imposed by the architects of power. Ruins of the present similar buildings and of the same symmetry, give us testimony of very advanced cultures (materially) that existed in the past (Sumerian, Aztec, Maya, and Egyptian).

Materially, yes, for the invisible field that they always dealt with belongs to the electromagnetism, the Inferior Astral dimension, with the mission to lapidate Humanity. 

The aspects we see of these ruins is of what was left; it is Nature’s power showing with these signs that nothing, really nothing will survive the weathers of time.

But, before the evil took possession of the Earth, before its beginning, the Earth lived well-balanced, such as a paradise.

And how this evilness began? It began with the disrespect of some. “They” took possession of a very rich symbology that transmitted the universal knowledge of life.

They obtained the custody of a whole science that showed and elucidated the human body as the whole universe’s plant. Be it “illuminati” or “illuminari”, that class of backward mortals defiled the whole knowledge in order to expand their power over humanity.

They created money and the control institutions; made our foodstuffs artificially and shut down the human soul believing that everything would go unnoticed.

They forgot that all the mysteries that exist in the Universe have their guardians (beings that serve Nature), who, as a consequence, will settle the accounts with them.

See what the Rational Culture has to say:

“They found relics and artifacts and started to organize that reality in which they live.

They entitled themselves owners of what they did not make, nor see how it was made, for when they arrived there the world was older than what it is presently.

They did not want to rule themselves by the Natural, for the Natural limits. They wanted to expand their wills and the consequences are there for everyone to see.

In that epoch one lived a long time, made contact with the Superior Astral beings and lived to study Nature.

The Third Millennium phase will be the dematerialization of the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD, who has been materialized for 21 eternities in the form of “Reasoning Gland.”

As it is, Nature made everything right, but man ended by deviating from the true being to live under the illusion of the Isis veil.

Reasoning awaits his awakening through the Energy that rules the Third Millennium.

When he wakes up, he will see the way that he opened to come here and will return to his World of Origin.

He will see all the steps that are already made and will return to his eternal fountain. “It is a damned scurry, everyone wanting to save this sick being called Matter.” (RATIONAL SUPERIOR)

And thus, it does not matter what they do, nothing impedes the waves of time that, with its force, sweep everything towards the infinite, living only the residues of what represented the dream of this giant called Humanity. These lineages went to where they could go. And if Nature allowed them to come to the present days, it was for ‘them’ to also see the great wave that is to come.

We suggest however, that this moment is a moment of polarization without precedents in the human history.

We are bombarded by information that appears to resound the echoes of our origins; we may close our ears for not hearing anything of it, refusing to get out o our sweet illusion, but it is the interior silence that disturbs more.

The ruins of the past reflect a past of glories and triumphs that were filtered by the inspection of time quality, and, for excluding another part of the living beings, they did not progress.

Nature does not exclude anyone, for it is the great protector of the “unconditional Love.” As long as we do not speak Nature’s idiom, we shall not be able to pass through the test of time.

The “Conditional love” has closed everyone inside this glass shade (glass, for being fragile as the human arrogance itself).

We take everything away from Nature and we do not give it anything and perpetuate this concept in our personal lives with everything and everyone.

We plant so many seeds of “conditional Love”, that the fruits generated will only harm Humanity, but as the greatest of all sages say, “To plant is optional, but the harvest is certain”.

And thus, the seeds are always the same, it is history always making a spiraling curve, projecting itself again in the same points. Therefore, there is no novelty whatsoever; they are always the same seeds with other clothing.

Fortunate is the one who has been attentive along the time. The ones who proceeded that way, do not elude themselves, nor mistake themselves anymore. They know how to see through these clothing. They know all their games and know how to protect themselves without getting involved.

These already know very well that that spiral that makes history, ascends downwardly and not upwardly, in a fantastic work of Mother Nature, as a great universal screen, that with the projection of the past in the present, the one who has learned ascends,  vertically towards heaven, and the repeaters go down in haste in the spiral to inferior classes.

We are at the end; there is no protocol whatsoever, nor a Machiavellian treaty of any kind to be victorious this time. Nature has changed phase and vibrates now with the POWER OF THE POWERS, which is the RATIONAL ENERGY, to lead again everything and everyone to the ORIGIN.

It is, thus, the end of that fantastical repetition, solely aiming to lapidate and prepare humanity for the last phase of life in the matter, the Rational Phase, of the Third Millennium, for the Rationalization of the Nations, which is everyone knowing the true world of its race, which is unique (Rational) and get to know how to go back to it, through the development of the Reasoning, that does not admit appearances  of any kind.


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Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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