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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ)




And thus, came to be born in splendorous cradle in Brazil the Rational Culture, amidst the existing religions, cults and philosophies in order to, through the books “Universe in Disenchantment”, teach the inhabitants of the Earth how to get to know themselves and make them realize that they once had been, pure, clean and perfect beings in the RATIONAL WORLD, inhabitants of the RATIONAL PLAIN. Also disclosing to them that for their free choice and will, they decided to enter a part of the plain that was not ready to enter into progress, and even being warned several times, decided to remain and progress for their own account.

As a result, that part of the plain detached itself and started to move in circular descending movements and, as it descended, the plain and its inhabitants started to lose their virtues, their Rational energy, which assembled in a focus of light. That silvery focus of light, the sun, started to heat the plain and, as it melted, a part became gum and later water, and the other one became resin and later earth, their inhabitants extinguishing themselves on top of the resin.                          The water penetrated under the resin which had become ash and the ash in contact with the water grew mold, creating ideal conditions for the arousing and proliferation of visible and invisible viruses, microbes and bacteria, everything generated by the polluted water, thus appearing  the life of the matter in the matter, and matter sprouting from the ground.   

Later on, in the thought phase, the reproduction process was transferred to the water drop also called semen; the owner of the thought making the male to think about the female and the female to think about the male, uniting the microbe of the water with the microbe of the earth. The female thinker likes the male thinker and the male thinker likes the female thinker. One thinks about the other and the two machines join each other and are put to work together by the thought to produce … another thinker.

All that was made, from then until nowadays, in 21 eternities; humanity having gone through the phase of monsters, little monsters and lubberly monsters; of primitive, backward and advanced savages; and of primitive, backward and advanced civilized ones, all of Rational origin, but in a progress that regresses, that is to say, in permanent degrading and decaying transformations; an assemblage of gathered ruins of matter that destroys itself by itself.

But as of 1935 thought’s phase ended and Nature changed phases, progressing to the Rational Phase, the last one in the world of matter and, since Nature’s natural concept had changed, its makings also changed. The Reasoning Phase came for the recovery of the Rational animal, but the Rationalization only occurs with the development of the Reasoning.

The navigators that were born with the gift, performed brilliantly the role they were destined to during their material lives, contributing significantly to the Rational progress by creating the conditions that permitted the coming of the Rational Culture to the Brazilian Nation and later to the world. Nature oriented China´s more advanced civilization to transfer the necessary and required means, so that the less advanced one could organize and depart in expedition to colonize savage beings in far away lands unheard of up to then. And that guidance and support was continuous and plainly confirmed on the eve of the day that land was spotted by Columbus.

He wrote in his log book: “At 10:00 PM, a light similar to the flame of a candle, started to glimmer at great distance. It vanished and appeared several times during the night, moving up and down in sudden and passing gleams until disappearing bellow the surface of the sea.” For some of the crew it looked like an indication of the proximity of land, which indeed was confirmed the next day. Any similarity with what the Rational Culture teaches is just sheer reality; a proof that Columbus` fleet was being escorted from the start to the end of their expedition by the Superior Astral Rational Energy.   

Such as we got to know through the reading, study and research, about our Chinese ancestors and their millenary  civilization, we must also through the reading, study and research, get to know and recognize ourselves, learning, knowing and recognizing our Rational Origin and the Base of our Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD, to where we will eventually return.

Then, let us agree and wake up to reality, for time is up. No more wasting of time. Let us read and reread the Scripture and spread it among those who have not, as yet, become aware of its existence. Who does as advised will save himself and will return to Eternity. Who does not, will descend to an inferior class; the class of the irrationals.

Not everyone reaches the understanding degree that will allow one to aspire the recovery and the resulting return to his World of Origin. Hence, without the stamped passport no one returns to the RATIONAL WORLD. The passport is the book “Universe in Disenchantment”, and the entry visa is only allowed to the carrier by the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, when the student of the Rational Culture has red, rered, comprehended, understood and retransmitted to his brothers the lessons there taught by the Superior Reasoning, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR. These are determinations of the RATIONAL WORLD.

It is as simple as that!

Then, the die is cast and you decide: ascend and return to your World of Origin, the RATIONAL PLAIN, or descend to the class of the irrationals.

It is never too much to repeat: He, who can, saves himself, if he can and if he whishes while time still exists, for time is an illusion of the matter, has a beginning and has an end.



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