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The true peace, love and fraternity, which will culminate with the universal concord cannot be found in the material dimension, regardless whether it is visible or invisible.


Because the material beings, whether visible or invisible, have duality, namely, the electric and magnetic!  

Having said that, one notes two distinguished functions: the apparent positive (electric) and the negative (magnetic), where one relies on each other to survive. This survival depends on constructive actions of the electric function so that the magnetic function fulfills its destructive role.

Hence, one will rely on the other to survive, the strongest swallows the weakest. This is the real stoning of life: suffering!

There are police officers because there are thieves.  And so is everything in this world.

All the existing institutions, philosophical, scientific or religious are set in this context, due to the fact that humanity is still connected to these two energies – the electric and magnetic – which command thought and imaginations, respectively. They are the energies from the ground and they use humanity to perpetrate suffering and pain through the execution of the will, likes, dreams, fantasies and illusions.

That is why the suffering is growing in this world, for everyone is deluded by a fake wisdom, which is provided by the superior invisible beings of the electric and magnetic, who pretend to be great masters; however, they have never been able to prove their superior powers as they failed to settle the peace among the people.

And why did they fail to settle peace, love, fraternity and concord among the people?

That they are great masters, there is no doubt about it;  nonetheless, they are from the electric and magnetic powers, masters of thought and imagination – electric and magnetic functions, as we mentioned above, to construct for destroying later. That is the nature of these masters who belong down here in the electric and magnetic world that we inhabit.

No matter how, the human being has something in himself that these masters don’t which is a powerful cell, pure, clean, perfect and RATIONAL, which represents what was left from our original body – the pineal gland. It does not belong down here in this world we live in, but to a SUPERIOR WORLD – the world from where humanity came.

There you have the cause of the great confusion which has settled on Earth since 1935 to date.

THE SUPERIOR WORLD, the RATIONAL WORLD,  was revealed and it is here to bring us back home, propitiating this great change in Nature, where the invisible masters of the electric and magnetic have rebelled against the new phase for having to deliver humanity back to the world where humanity really belong to.

There you have the cause of this disfavoring situation everyone feels, producing all kinds of imbalance due to the attacks from these rebelled invisible forces, despite the fact that some of them has already accepted the change of phase. 

In order to go back home, we must be acquainted with this preciousness which we bring inside the head, right in the pineal gland, the REASONING, which is OF SUPERIOR ENERGY to this one from the electric and magnetic world we inhabit.

This is the RATIONAL ENERGY, whose sheer function is of peace, love, fraternity and universal concord and so, it never constructs in order to destruct later or destructs to construct later. Therefore it is of constructive and positive vibration. It definitely belongs to the ETERNAL of perfect balance. It has proper life. 

The whole humanity needs to get hold of this knowledge in order to understand why it will be impossible to live without developing the RATIONAL ENERGY, which everyone has inside themselves; that is the REASONING, wrongly, taken as the electric magnetic thought developed  by sciences, philosophy and religions which, despite the fact that their phase is gone, they still persist.

Only the RATIONAL ENERGY can protect us from the attacks of the rebelled invisible entities, who have not yet surrendered to the ruling phase of Nature – the RATIONAL PHASE, THE PHASE OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE REASONING.

Since these invisible entities from the electric and magnetic are still admitted by humanity, this is the reason why they are acting over humanity who is still thinking instead of REASONING. Because humanity doesn’t know that they hold this SUPERIOR ENERGY (THE RATIONAL ENERGY) inside the head, in the pineal gland.

For those who want to leave this vicious cycle of thought, where there is never ending suffering, here you have a clue to the respective bibliography dictated in Brazil by the SUPERIOR WORLD, THE RATIONAL WORLD: RATIONAL CULTURE OF THE BOOKS UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT.

The day you feel the RATIONAL VIBRATION in your head, you will never be victimized by the thinkers who are in total imbalance. Once you attain the RATIONAL VIBRATION you are complete and in peace with yourself and everyone else. You will become a channel through which peace and love will emanate.

Develop this SUPERIOR FORCE within your head, the REASONING, for it is your TRUE SELF. Be happy!


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Sobre nalub7

Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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