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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ)




Chronos or Cronos is the name given to personify the time according to the Greek mythology.

Currently, Chronos is the chronological and physical definition of Time in the matter. 

 Who waits for Chronos waits in vain, for Time is omnipresent in the Nature.

However, it is the most elusive element of Nature. It is as involving as the roof of heaven, but never approaches or touches anything or anyone.

Time is the Temporal Organizer of the Universe.

When one uses Time unconsciously, it  appears to be absent, when it is really always present.

When one uses Time improperly, the consequences fall on the one who used it improperly and not on the damned and cursed Time, that keeps itself wholly and impassible all the time.

A guru that isolates himself on the top of a mountain in meditation has stopped to use time; he is not gaining or wasting any time, he is halted in Time.

It is not Time that works (or not) in your favor. It is you who work (or not) in your own favor.

It is impossible to want to fight Time, for it is much above and beyond everything and everyone in the matter.

Since it is an essential part of Nature´s natural, the conception of Time´s presence cannot be seen or felt.

It can only be noted what Time registers as we pass through it: an assembly of decaying ruins.

Yes, for Time is not the cause; we are the ones that caused the existence of the matter and its consequences. We are the cause and we are the effect.

Time is just the observer and the recorder of humanity´s makings.

Its vastness is of such magnitude, that it is immeasurable for the human being and for that reason its existence can only be evaluated by eternity’s standards.

Time descended with the part of the  Rational plain that was not ready to make progress, together with the first of the few ones that disobeyed our Father, and will return in the 28th eternity with the last of the few ones that shall be withdrawing from the matter in extinction, bound to their World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

After all, Time´s extemporal origin is the Eternity itself.


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