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(Compiled from the Rational Literature of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR)


The beast has locked guts, for being a beast, and for that reason he lives without knowing himself.

Every beast is attached to the natural and the artificial beguiling.

Every beast is fantasized by the beguiling of life.

And for that reason, you live night and day preoccupied with the beguiling of life, with the transitory beguiling, with the beguiling that suddenly ends.

Then, the magnetic, in order to tame the beasts, to grab the beasts with nails and teeth, made that infinity of beguiling to attract the beasts, fantasize the beasts, preoccupy the beasts, deceive the beasts day and night, to make the beasts drunk, to obsess them, in order to keep the beasts in the same category of his kingdom.

To dissuade the beasts from the beguiling, which are all those fantasies of the nothing, of the nothing being, everything ends in nothing. To dissuade the beasts from these beguiling, it requires persistence in the reading for the development of the Reasoning, to disconnect from the beast´s energy the magnetic energy, and keep the apparatus connected with the pure, clean and perfect energy, the Rational Energy.

To dematerialize the magnetic energy that is materialized in the electric and magnetic apparatus.

For one to see that life is an assembly of beguiling to ornament life.

And there it is the Rational animal´s danger of life, who is often disastrously destroyed by these beguiling made by the magnetic energy, which is the energy that is transmitted to its tool, creating in the imagination, whatever it wants its tool to prepare and make.  

And for that reason, there is infinity of beguiling made by the magnetic energy, for the destruction of its own tools.

The magnetic energy is an inferior energy, made and formed by the degeneration and deformation, and for that reason always in transformation.

And the Rational energy is the most powerful energy of the world, superior and much superior to that inferior energy, the magnetic energy.

Then, who lives without knowing himself is ruled by the transitory beguiling, the beguiling of the nothing; why?

Because everything ends in nothing, and who knows himself Rationally, is conscious.

And the conscious one, for being conscious, is not ruled by the beguiling.

But to be conscious one must read and reread the work “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture, to develop the Reasoning, the Rational Clairvoyance and the Rational Apparatus.

The magnetic energy goes on dematerializing itself, cleansing thus the apparatus, so that the apparatus becomes linked to the Rational Energy.

Who is linked to the above, to the superior, rules the inferior, and comes to dominate the beguiling made by the magnetic energy, the energy of that primary course.

The Power of the Powers prevails, for everything is of Rational origin.

Therefore, everything depends on the person itself; who makes the time is the person himself.

Who makes the good for the good of oneself is the very one.

The bad ones do not respect or obey what they know for their own good, and the good ones respect and obey for their own aggrandizement.

There are wills that dignify and wills that harm.

There is only one will that dignifies: the Rational will.

The will that harms is not Rational.

Who is Rational has only wills that dignify, for the behavior and the procedure is all Rational.

Then, the apparatus becomes linked to the pure, clean and perfect Rational Energy, the Spatial Energy.

But in order to attain that, one has to work for it and not waste time with the beguiling of the magnetic beast.

For there are three things being developed: the Reasoning dematerialization, the Rational Clairvoyance and the dematerialization of the magnetic energy materialized in the Rational apparatus, that is, the dematerialization of the magnetic beast.

For that reason it is required the persistence of the union with the Rational Energy.

The right is the Rational Line.

Inside the Rational Line one goes straight up, right to the RATIONAL WORLD.



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