rational moment 63


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(Compiled from the Rational Literature of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR)




Everyone came losing their virtues, until when, after all of them were lost, they extinguished themselves on top of the beginning of the matter and materialized themselves.

After being materialized, there was that formation from Rational to Rational animal.

And the part of the top became united to the part below.

And the day had to come for that part to return to its right bearing.

But the beasts are as you know; they are all full of wills, of joys, of manias, of vices, rebels, stubborn, imprudent, and vain.

They know nothing of the nothing, but think they know everything and seeing that the nothing is not the everything, for if the nothing were the everything of life, they would not end in nothing.

But materialized in that nothing, ignoring their why, and judging themselves to be what they are not, living unaware of themselves, for being too vain.

And for being thus, you have the mania of thinking to be what you are not, and the pride and the presumption make the restrictions and you limit yourselves to what you have learned, to what you know.

For the beast is that way, becomes accustomed to what he learns.

And afterwards, to dissuade the beast from his customs, what difficulty, for the beast learned up to a certain point and for that reason he is used only to what he learned.

For the beast after he accustoms to something, he takes long to get out of his customs.

He knows and sees in what he is wrong, but he is accustomed.

The custom makes he feels that he is right, for he is accustomed and sees and feels that he is wrong.

Then, the beast lives in that contradiction with himself.

He sees the truth, feels that it is the truth, but does not admit the truth, for he is accustomed to live with the lie.

For having accustomed with the lie, the lie became the truth for the beast.

For the custom is what dominates the beast, for everyone is dominated by their customs, by what one is accustomed to.

And for living ignoring yourselves, you made the appearances your truth.

Each one with your own appearances, presenting your truths, all different one from the other. The truths are all different, such as the idioms are all different.

All the words are different one from the other, such as the truths are different one from the other.

And for that reason, in the whole world, the truths are all different; why?

Because each one is accustomed with their truths.

What is true on one side is not on the other, in short, infinity of truths, and until today you live looking for the truth of the truths, which is the absolute truth.

And today the absolute truth is there in your hands and in everyone´s hands, (UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT), clarifying the motives of everyone being confused with oneself, for being in that Rational beast category, and the beast lives of costumes.

It is like a burglar that is accustomed to steal and does not stop stealing for being accustomed to steal, only stops when he dies; why?  

Because everyone is dominated by the customs. He sees that it is wrong, but he is accustomed and thinks that the wrong is right, and what is right is wrong, for he is accustomed to the wrong.

For the beast is dominated by the customs; such as the domestic animals that are dominated by their owners, for they are accustomed to their owners.

And thus is the Rational animal, dominated by the customs which he is accustomed to.     

But everything comes naturally and becomes naturally linked with Nature, for Nature is the one that commands her makings.

The very rude ones, hardened, stubborn and rebels, will continue to be linked to the transformations down the diver, transforming themselves in other inferior classes, for it is everyone´s duty to become aware of everything that is inedited in the world, of everything that one does not know.

And for that reason, one cannot tell why one exists, cannot tell the why everyone exist, cannot tell the why this world of matter exists.

What is the use of the learning of the nothing?

Nothing, for everything ends in nothing.

What does the wise man of the nothing knows?

Nothing, for the wise man of the nothing, not knowing anything, everything ends in nothing, ignoring why it ended in nothing.

To see that living without knowing oneself is the worst thing that exists.

The beast made his truth out of the lie, and then the beast says that the lie is the truth and that the truth is the lie.

For the beast is that way, for being dominated by his customs.

For he accustomed himself to live thus and from the custom fanaticism is born.

And for that reason you are seeing how the fanatics end, destroying one another.

From the customs the rudeness and the disequilibrium are born, for who lives without knowing oneself, lives without knowing why he lives.

Now, today, everyone came to know themselves, for it came to Nature the Rational Phase, the development of the Reasoning Phase, the phase where everyone would come to know themselves through the development of the Reasoning, of the Rational Clairvoyance and of the Rational Apparatus.

Now, one must have persistence in the reading to develop these three parts of the apparatus, for everyone to return to your true World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

For today, you already know who you are, you already know that the Reasoning is an Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD that materialized himself with the form of a Reasoning machine.

You already know how this materialization was made, you already know the before being.

Now, no more wasting of time, read and reread to dematerialize the inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD that is materialized in the form of a machine, which is the Reasoning.

Now, one should do one´s best to return to your true place, the RATIONAL WORLD.



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