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(Compiled from the Rational Literature of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR)




The living creature lives in this world as a ship adrift, for living ignoring himself, for living without knowing himself.

He does not know where he came from and to where he is going, lives in a state of total emptying for not knowing the why he exists in that world, for living without knowing himself.

And who came to know himself, becomes afflict and bothered wanting to make everyone aware of themselves, to find the equilibrium lost in the Rational Phase, by the development of the Reasoning, the Clairvoyance and of the Apparatus.

That is the great battle and the preoccupation of the ones that come to know themselves, Rationally.

And for that reason, the one who knows himself does not consider distances, or sacrifices, or efforts to make his neighbor come to know himself.

The concept of who came to know himself, grows more and more in the RATIONAL WORLD.

And the more that concept grows, the more the development of the Reasoning, the Clairvoyance and the Apparatus grows, as well as his Rational power, by his effort, dedication and sacrifice that he has been making in the divulgence of the Rational Culture so as  to cause everyone to come to know themselves.

And that is what it is to do the good to all regardless and love your neighbor as you love yourself; the Rational propaganda is the everything of the everything of the animal of Rational Origin.

Who has come to know himself, spares no distance nor sacrifice, nor effort, for he knows very well that all that is recognized by the RATIONAL WORLD, and his reputation is bigger and bigger in his true World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

And from there having all the honors and having all that it is required and necessary.

The RATIONAL WORLD is in the alert, seeing everyone and seeing everything, and seeing also the self-indulgent´s  procedure, the bad procedure of the  self-indulgent, who are the ones that are acquainted with Rational Culture, but are not yet Rationals, or that is not yet Rational, and for that reason does not proceed like a Rational.

Knows vaguely RATIONAL CULTURE, and for knowing vaguely, has not the Rational consciousness.

These become themselves self- indulgent and full of wants and remain in the category that they are.

These are people that read superficially, skimming over, and in the end know nothing, forgot everything, remained the same, simply forgot.

For lacking persistence in the reading; in the reading and rereading.

For being at fault with himself, for being self-indulgent.

The self-indulgent is full of wants, full of joys, full of manias, and in the first place what is from the ground, in the first place the matter, afterwards what is from above.


Because he does not know what RATIONAL CULTURE is.

But why?

Because he reads superficially, reads for curiosity and who reads for curiosity, reads flippantly.

And who reads flippantly does not feel what he reads, and for not feeling, cannot know how to transmit, neither for him nor for anyone.

And for that reason, there are the good ones and the bad ones for themselves; all kinds of everything exist.

The good ones feel at once what RATIONAL CULTURE is, and the bad ones are like these students that go to a school and come out of it dumber then when they entered.

But everyone will get there, through the development of Nature´s natural phase, which is natural; it is the energy that rules Nature, the Rational Energy, the Third Millennium Energy, the Spatial Energy.

And for Nature´s phase being natural, it is Nature that commands her makings, and by Nature´s command, everyone will get there, for they will be naturally developed by Nature´s natural evolution.

But many will not achieve, for everyone´s years of life are quite short and others will achieve Nature´s natural evolution, the Rational state of graces.

But reading and rereading, in a very short period time you will be naturally developed.

To see that knowing oneself is the most elevated thing in everyone´s life.

It is something that has no comparison; the knowing oneself is to enter the RATIONAL WORLD.

To see that there is no comparison.

Reading and rereading everyone will achieve, for everyone is of one origin only, for everyone is of Rational Origin.

And that is what Nature´s natural evolution is, of the third Millennium phase, the Rational Phase, the spatial progress phase.

And everyone thus, as you know, returning to your true World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.


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