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(Compiled from the Rational Literature of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR)





The Rational Plain that was not ready to enter into progress, is the cause of the existence of that degenerated world, deformed, polluted and weakened.

For from that plain appeared the earth, with the heat of the focus of light, that started to heat the Plain, and from it started to come out a resin, and that resin with the heat, blistered, afterwards roasted and later turned into ash, the earth´s origin.

And the plain, with the heat from the focus of light, with time softened and became gummy, until, with time, turned into liquid and became water.

The water penetrated the ash, which is the earth, the beginning of the generation and the formation of the existing beings, molded and stagnated giving rise to the formation of the visible and invisible viruses and microviruses, microbes and bacteria.

The water, which is an energy that degenerated from what it was, that energy started the fabrication of machines of provisory lives. The water transforming itself, for it molded a mass which is the mold, white, and from that mass the organs were built and forming thence, the mechanics of all organisms, gathering all of them and composing them and putting them to work.

For the water is alive, and for that reason, it fabricates lives and it was the water that fabricated all that material mechanics and a part of the celestial mechanics.

To see that the water is the god of the Earth, is the owner of everything, for having water there is everything and not having water there is nothing. The water penetrated the earth, became incubated and in that stifling started to mold.

And the mold transformed itself into virus, into visible and invisible microvirus, and into microbes.

That mold gave origin to infinity of viruses for the formation of all machines, for later gather them together and put them to work.

After being functioning, it started to grow inside the incubator and being born in the ground´s surface.

After being born in the ground´s surface as reproduction machines of brothers-children, the reproduction being made by the liquid that you named spermatozoon.

All that made by that degenerated energy; for being energy it has generation and creation force.

It is a most powerful life, a most powerful energy, the water, and for that reason, it was everyone´s God, no one can do without it and without it there is no feeding for anyone.

And from it the electric and magnetic energy appeared.

The magnetic of the matter´s incubator, and the electric of the water, the co-sisters.

Where there is one the other has to be, for one depends on the other.

Why one depends on the other?

Because it was from the plain that that resin started to come out and blistered, scorched and became ash that was named earth.

That is why one depends on the other, because one came out of the other.

One is a component of the other.

And who made the water?

Everyone who is there, suffering the consequences of what you really did to yourselves, that when you came out of the RATIONAL WORLD you entered a part of the plain that was not ready to enter into progress, progressing for your own account, for the will is free.

To see that the water is the God of the degenerated, deformed, polluted and weakened.

 The water is the formation´s God of this world of water and earth, for it is the Plain that originated the water and the earth.

To see that the water is the God of the degenerated, deformed, polluted and weakened.

To see that the water is the God of the ground, and for that reason, without it no one can do.

Oxygen and hydrogen are the water´s essence, are the water´s perfume, the air of the oxygen and of the hydrogen.

Water under the ground, water on top of the ground and water in the stars.

You live in the water in a different way.

To see that the water is the true God of that electric and magnetic world.

And for that reason, in the absence of water, there are no lives and the God of that aquarium is the water.

And everything was born from the ground, everything is from the origin of the water, everything is from one category only, the Rational beast category, due to the RATIONAL WORLD´s Inhabitants materialization, in the beginning of the formation of that deformation, when everyone extinguished themselves on top of the matter.

Now, there is the RATIONAL WORLD, which is a Reasoning Superior to all Reasoning, the True God.

And the true God is clean, pure and perfect; everything that He makes is pure, clean and perfect and thus would not make sufferers and mortals.

For that world of matter, as you see, was made by everyone who is there, suffering the consequences of what you have done for yourselves.

To see that God exists, but He is Rational and not a Rational beast.

Rational beast is the water, fabricator of all the beasts.

The RATIONAL WORLD´s God is one and the God of the degeneration and material deformation is another.

The God of the degeneration is the water and the RATIONAL WORLD is the RATIONAL SUPERIOR.


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