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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ)




For the humans who still are living in the outdated phase of the thought and of the imagination, life is like that, it has a beginning and has an end, therefore with no value whatsoever, except for the material things that exist in it to beguile these living creatures, in the course of a very short period of life.

For the friends of the truth, those who live life correctly inside the Rational Line in the present Rational Phase, life is the most precious thing that was given to them by the work and grace of the Divine Providence.


Because it is the only opportunity granted by the RATIONAL WORLD for the living creature to free himself from the binds of materiality, lapidation ruled by the electric and magnetic energies, and return to our World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

Without that opportunity, mankind would continue to make time in the extinct phase of the thought and of the imagination and would extinguish itself together with it. And it was for that reason that it has been granted to us that very short period of life, as brief as a spark, if compared to the twenty one eternities through which we came along.

And that is an inedited opportunity, which must be taken by everyone; reading, re-reading, studying and learning the Rational teachings of the Book “Universe in Disenchantment”. It is in that Transcendental Work of Rational Culture that one finds the full description of the two lives that we live since our generation and creation by GOD, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR,  with bodies of cosmic mass  pure, clean and perfect, until our extinction on top of the earth and the water, that is, a dive into the matter in formation, the beginning  of our second life in a degenerated, deformed and polluted form.

This is the opportunity that is being given to us for our choice, gratuitously, for we are totally free to decide: either we become aware through the readings of who we are, where we came from and to where we go, thus returning to our World of Origin, or be downgraded to inferior classes, from where we will no longer be able to get out, thus remaining there for another seven eternities, being lapidated  in the irrational condition of animal, of vegetal and of mineral species.

Shortly before the beginning of this immense and troubled voyage, we entered for our free and spontaneous will into a part of the RATIONAL PLAIN that was not ready to make progress, and we did not pay heed to the calls of our Father telling us to return. As a consequence, we started to descend jointly with that part of the Plain, losing our pure, clean and perfect virtues; lost virtues which transform themselves into other impure, polluted and imperfect lives.

There are many meanings for lives and many lives as a result, but there is only one real and true life, the Rational, as there is only one true world, the  Rational, one only energy, the Rational, one only phase of Nature, the Rational.

It is to that phase that we should be linked, for we have an alter ego materialized inside our Pineal gland, an Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD materialized just as we arrived to the kingdom of matter, by the DIVINE PROVIDENCE´s condescendence. This Inhabitant is our Rational Essence, which we have to rescue at any cost, dematerializing it, if we wish to return to where we came from.

Only that matters, nothing else, for everything that exists in the matter are adornments of the nothingness and adornments of the nothingness, is nothing.

Life is opportunity and opportunity is life, as long as it is Rationally chosen. For the ones who wish, the Book “Universe in Disenchantment” is the unique opportunity that is being offered to you in this passing life to reach the other one; the true life, which is the eternal one. The RATIONAL WORLD is the only world where life exists, for it is the world where the Reasoning Superior to all Reasoning inhabits, the generator and creator of eternal, pure, clean and perfect lives made in HIS image, likeliness and perfection: the RATIONAL SUPERIOR!



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