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(Compiled from the Rational Literature of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR)




And no one knew the why life did not belong to anyone.

All this why?

For being children of the second world, and that was the state that most worried everyone: death.

For no one wished to lose their beloved ones.

For everyone liked each other, and loved each other and suffered a lot when they lost.

To see that the jaunt that started in the RATIONAL PLAIN and there it still is as you continue to jaunt, was not so bad.

That is why everyone loves life, and for loving life you run away from death.

For no one wants to die, as bad as life is, for everyone loves life.

Live, everyone wants to live, anyway, but you want.

For being satisfied, no one wanted to die.

You died because there was not any other resource, for in the matter everything is thus, everything that has a beginning has an end.

But everyone found life so good that for that reason you preferred to live rather than die.

And you ran away from death until you no longer could escape.

And for that reason, as bad as life was, no one wanted to die, everyone wanted to live.

The worst you have been through was because you lived without knowing yourselves, which was the worst that you lived through, the ignorance about yourselves, to live ignoring yourselves.

And there is proved that the world is not that bad, not as bad as it looked, for you see and know that everything that exists in the world was necessary and required to exist for the lapidation of the human beasts, to tame everyone, as the irrational animals become domestic animals.

Through the lapidation of everything that the thought and the imagination constituted and made through their tools.

So, everything that existed and exists was necessary and required to exist, to lapidate the animal of Rational origin.

And today, everyone well prepared by the lapidation that you went through, for the improvement more or less of everyone, for after having been more or less prepared, having the condition to know yourselves.

As there is and there you are, everyone came to know yourselves, to know who you are, the why you are like that, where you came from and to where you go.

Today, the true happiness is arriving and no one can find words of thanks.

For it is the happiness of the happiness, knowing and seeing, for you are seeing, who the Reasoning is, where he is from, an Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD  and being aware of the why he is there materialized in the form of Reasoning.


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