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(Compiled from the Rational Literature of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR)




(Your best friend is the one who warns you)



As you can see, the whole world only smells suffering.

The weight of the magnetic cargo which no one can no longer stand, a discouragement of so much suffering that goes on the world over, in all of its corners.

The magnetic as the owner of the matter, dragging whatever he can to the empire of his ruling in the twentieth second eternity.

The magnetic, with his heartbreaking and destructive fury, does not measure consequences so that his empire continues to be strengthened in the transformations to inferior classes.

The magnetic, since his progress ended in the second millennium for having passed to the twentieth second eternity, is dragging whatever he can to the twentieth second eternity.

All that why?

Because the Rational animal phase ended, its function ended in the Rational animal phase.

He is the causer of everything of bad and monstrous that exist, for the magnetic is the advisor of the monstrosities and hecatombs; artificial and natural.

And for that reason, who came to know himself is seeing the destruction that the magnetic is doing all over the world, both spiritually and materially.

All because its action finished in the second Millennium phase.

For in the matter, everything that has a beginning has an end.

The magnetic had his beginning and had to have his end, for in the matter everything is thus.

And his command over the Rational animal ended, for Nature changed phases; from the Rational animal phase to the Rational Phase.

Thus everyone changing phases, from Rational animal to Rational Apparatus.

And as Rational Apparatus everyone is ruled by the Rational Energy.

And because the magnetic is going to the inferior class, he wants to drag whatever he can to the inferior class.

So he plays his game in all ways, to win in his aim.

For having passed to the inferior class, he took everyone to the class he is commanding.

For his time in command has finished, for the Rational animal phase has ended; and also for the Rational Phase having entered Nature, which is ruled by the Rational Energy.

And now, with the change of phase, the Rational Energy came to replace him, and he went down to the inferior class, for the Rational Energy came to replace him ruling the Rational Apparatuses.

So, he uses infinity of artfulness and tricks, tempting this, that, or that other, unbalancing this, that or that other, to take them to inferior classes which he now rules, for the ruling of the Rational Phase belongs to the Rational Energy.

And the ones who pass to the Rational Apparatus class and afterwards to the Rational class, these, he cannot drag to his kingdom, for being linked to the Superior Energy, the Rational Energy.

The magnetic is furious, and the cause of the magnetic´s fury is all these ruins that are happening the world over.

It is the magnetic´s discouraging fury.

For that reason, see what is going on in the whole world: the moral, physical and financial failure.

Everything, magnetic action.

Disasters, slaughters, incurable illnesses; Nature´s revolt.

All that, magnetic action.

The natural and artificial derangements.

All these evils are magnetic actions.

All these ruins are magnetic action.

Revolted because he went down to inferior classes, to rule inferior classes.

Now, everyone who came to know themselves, already know what they must do.

For the magnetic attempts in all forms and manners, for you are not yet with you Reasoning developed, you are striving to develop it.

And while you are not with your Reasoning developed, you are still under his ruling.

And he acts in all forms, ways and manners, to take with him whom he manages to the inferior classes.

For you are not yet with the Reasoning, the Clairvoyance and the Apparatus developed.

When you are with the Reasoning developed, then you will be completely detached from the magnetic.

But it always takes a little time.

And in this short time to develop the Reasoning, the magnetic does his best to drag the person to his kingdom, to the inferior classes.

As if saying:

“I cannot lose my vassals. I must take them to my ruling”.

And that is the reason why it is necessary persistence in the reading, for the Reasoning to develop itself as quickly as possible to become liked to the Rational Energy and return to the RATIONAL WORLD, not going down to the inferior classes, under the ruling of the magnetic.

For that reason, the advices are already too many; do not waste time with silly things!

Silly things belong to the magnetic.

Persistence in the reading to develop the Reasoning, the Clairvoyance and the Apparatus.

The useful things, the necessary things exist, the required and necessary things for the good living.

But many waste time with needless things, with frivolous things, things that do not dignify; on the contrary, harm.

The advices are about the detrimental things and not about the necessary and required things for the good living.

And the magnetism is always present in the needless things, in the frivolous things that harm – the magnetic is always present.

Now, the ones who came to know themselves, know very well how to get rid of the magnetic´s temptation, from his artifacts and tricks that he has come to introduce subtly in the person, without the person becoming aware.

He wants to make prevail his lordship over everyone who belongs to the animal phase.

 Now this phase has ended, the Rational Phase has come in, and he gets out undignified with everyone who is already in the Rational Apparatus class. Because the Third Millennium Phase has entered, the Phase of the Disenchantment, to take everyone to their true disenchantment corner, the RATIONAL WORLD; everyone´s true corner.

The Disenchantment Phase, the Third Millennium Phase, the Phase of the Peoples´ Rationalization, the Rational Phase.

And the magnetic, taking down coercively, the ones who live without knowing themselves, the ones who live ignoring themselves.

For the magnetic is the cause of all the evils that exist.



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