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(Gilberto M. Carnasciali, Student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ – BRAZIL)


The saga of humanity started when a few of us, pure, clean and perfect beings, entered on our own, into a part of the plain that was not ready to progress, for the will is free. They did not attend the warnings of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR and persisted in the progress. As they progressed, or better saying, as they retrograded, they moved on to the second eternity. Their bodies of cosmic mass of Rational energy, pure, clean and perfect, provoked the displacement of this part of the plain which resulted in a loss of energy.

The Rationals started then to lose their virtues which assembled and formed a focus of silvery light. There, the lost lives (virtues) of the Rationals remained enclosed and as they entered a transformation process, it resulted in their materialization. Since the energy of the RATIONAL WORLD is pure, clean and perfect, it was not possible to make it compatible with the matter that was starting to be formed in the plain; resin and gum. Thus, the plain detached itself from the RATIONAL WORLD and descended spiraling through the 21 eternities until the present days.

The full description of the descent is available in this fantastic work “Universe in Disenchantment”, not to be missed, reminding you, as a matter of fact, that the geological age of the Earth has been calculated at 4.5 billion years.

We are now in the 21st eternity, having left behind the phase of the monsters, little monsters, mostrengos, and big monsters, all blind, deaf and mute; the phase of the savages; the faze of the civilized, having finally reached the Rational Phase.

What has been the role of the thought in these last three phases?

The thought is the executioner of the human body. It is a being of deformed matter (invisible) as the electric and magnetic energy is, and for that reason has an interim life, without guarantee. The partner of the thought is the imagination, a tool of the lapidation, commanded by the magnetic energy. We are all beings of matter living inside this hole, in total ignorance about our state of being, being lapidated night and day, day and night, suffering inside this inferno of seemingness, without any possibility of unveiling the mysteries of the creation in order to get to know who we are, who we were and who we are going to be.

Today a body of life, tomorrow another body of life in permanent transformations and deformations.

How can one get free from this vicious circle: origin – cause – make?

In 1935, the SUPREME RATIONAL ENERGY provided a final solution for the cure of the universal suffering, creating in Nature a new and ultimate phase, the Rational Phase, the Phase of the Reasoning. It came as a last resort to save humanity from a much worse sentence of sufferings, worse than those that it is now submitted to. Only the reasoning saves. And in order to learn how to reason, it takes reading and rereading the Work composed by God: the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, the Reasoning Superior to all Reasonings; the RATIONAL SUPREMACY, and dictated to HIS only representative on Earth, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR of Earth, Lord Manoel Jacinto Coelho. Two-in-one.

Never anyone wrote 1.000 volumes about one single theme. Only God. The subject is so difficult to be understood not only by the terrestrial inhabitants but by the inhabitants of the space as well; our lives are so difficult to be untangled; our history is so complex, that not even 1.000 volumes with recurring texts purposefully, do not succeed to clear the minds of the majority of the living creatures, known in this Work as Rational animals.

The greatest difficulty is to understand that although animals here in the matter, they continue to be Rationals, by a Rational energetic bond, kept alive before and during the descent, until now. Perhaps the understanding would be easier if they would be called animal Rational, thus obeying a sequential order of the degenerations occurred during the 21 eternities. This difficulty of understanding and learning is what makes so much important divulging, advertising and diffusing the Books “Universe in Disenchantment”, by the ones who have attained such a degree of comprehension that are definitely integrated with Nature in its present evolving phase, the Rational Phase.

The mission of the “Rationalized” ones, Rational apparatuses, is indispensable, important, sometimes painful and difficult but rewarding: to save our unconscious brothers, who will fatally be engulfed by the vortex of the irrational electric and magnetic energy, in case they are not alerted and enlightened. Let us be convinced that with patience and confidence, the more our brothers get “Rationalized”, more students will become available to divulge the Rational Culture and as a result save more unconscious brothers. This is living pro Nature, sowing the good to harvest a much bigger good, doing well to anyone without distinction and in the process acquiring the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION, which is the key and top most point of everyone’s salvation. Then you will be covered by the general lines of the Rational Nature, in the Rational Phase, the phase of the return to our World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

The greatest punishment that we, disobedient beings suffered, was the loss of the reasoning, the origin of the cause. The rest is consequence, for everything originates in the reasoning, which is Rational. Two-in one.

For those recalcitrant, enchanted, asleep, unconscious, blind with open eyes, who did not realize what is going on with Nature, these will descend to inferior classes, on the way to extinction, through the progress of the degeneration. Reminding all that merit or demerit are the indicating elements that determine the climbing or the descent of the living person. He who lives will see.

And in closing, it is worth reminding:

The thought is fugacious; it multiplies and spreads itself like a plague, is a tool for lapidating, is ruled by the fire of the electric energy, and as a rather weakened executioner, can even drive mad or kill the free-thinking being. Whereas, reasoning is pure, everlasting, true, unique and eternal. Therefore, follow what this blog advertises:” Always reason, never think!”

And thus walks humanity; on their fours and looking down!


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