Reasoning: “We are!”

Thought: “I am!”

Resoning: “Ours!”

Thought: “Mine!”

DEVELOP THE REASONING!  (Click on the link to hear the audio)



Here we are again and have been since 2006 in a fraternal union, working on the most important subject in these days, for it is about the solution to which humanity had never had any precedent: THE


When one speaks about the reasoning, nobody gives any attention because they think they know what reasoning is. They think this way for not knowing what reasoning is. In fact, knowing the reasoning is to know oneself, and that is the problem, for most people believe they know already what they are.

You see if they knew who they were, they would be able to tell from where they came and to where they are going and how they are going; in short they would have eradicated pain and suffering from their lives.

And if they could live a life without tears and sadness, they would have surely achieved a life of happiness and satisfaction. The whole World would be living in balance.

Thus man would find no reason for keeping greed, vanity, pride, arrogance, treason, falsehood and other kinds of faults, and peace would be consolidated on Earth. Therefore the real fraternity would be in the order of the day.

This is just to show that humanity has always lived without its self-knowledge and, for this reason, only evil and the apparent good has reigned in the world. Fraternity was lost in hopes and dreams.

Now you can realize the importance of knowing yourself, for it is the way to understand our existence in the world we live in, so that we can have conditions to reorganize life in favor of our existence, and not go against it. 

We shall continue with our reflections, calling attention to something very logic. You know that we have been in this world for eons of years and you can imagine the amount of experiences we tried to get things right. We have always tried our best to make things better; however we never achieved the expected results and, as a consequence, the world is getting worse and worse in this planet.

The overwhelming violence and, parallel to that, a material progress never seen in history.

Nobody needs to leave their homes to go shopping today and neither has to travel in order to visit friends, family members and relatives living abroad. Technology has put the whole world inside our homes through the Internet.

In spite of all this comfort, how good did it do to our behavior as residents on Earth?

To get the answer to that, it suffices to take a look into ourselves and find there the intimacy compromised by fear of living; nobody knows what to do to be protected from the devastating evil which has been plaguing the terrestrial life with both natural and artificial tragedies.

And all that because of a single reason: the lack of knowledge of life.

No human being has ever known itself. And, for this reason, the human being got used to living a life totally unaware of its causes – unconscious of it. It got to a point that humanity started believing that this was the real life! In a horrible contradiction to this way of thinking, for it has never accepted the suffering and death.

If this were the real life, everybody would live in conformity with suffering and death. Nonetheless, no one accept seeing the suffering or death of someone dearly. Life in this world is the ultimate deception.

If I am in pain I need to know the cause of it. If I am destined to die, it is clear that my life is passing, and if it is passing, it means I am a passenger, and if I am a passenger, I need to know from where I came and to where I am going! And again the issue come once again about: WHERE CAN I FIND THE SELF-KNOWLEDGE OF HUMANITY?

This self-knowledge is found in RATIONAL CULTURE.

If there had been, at least, someone who could tell us from where we come and to where we are going and passed this knowledge to the  rest of the human beings, the world would have become a better place than now. Nonetheless the ignorance about our existence and ourselves is a common place in this world.

We recommend that you allow this RATIONAL ENCOUNTER WITH YOUR SELF through the development of the reasoning.                    

We feel entitled to do so, because we have found this place where we can meet our lost individuality, and it is in the Rational Culture.

We will reiterate that as much as it is necessary, because we can realize the changes it brought to ourselves and in our lives; we have been following on the steps of RATIONAL CULTURE and, through numberless evidences that it is inside ourselves the way to our world of origin – the RATIONAL WORLD; and it all depends on the DEVELOPMENT OF THE REASONING which can be found in the book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT. 

The legitimate SON OF GOD is the REASONING which was materialized in the form of Pineal Gland – the machine of Reasoning. This book is dictated from our world of origin, the RATIONAL WORLD – THE SUPERIOR WORLD. This book discloses all the mysteries surrounding the formation of this universe and humanity. We will know what happened to us for leaving our world of origin and coming down here to this world of pain and suffering.

Fact is we are not from here but from a superior world; the book will reveal the long trajectory we made to the inferior world and how we can contact it through the development of the reasoning.

So we have been attached to the material world all this time for lacking the self-knowledge – the knowledge of our ORIGIN. Nonetheless, it is time we knew all that by reading the book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT. We are not guilty for being what we are but we are guilty for being down here in this world.

There was a time when man was more connected with nature, but he deviated from the natural reality to construct the deceptive reality – THE ARTIFICIAL ALPHABET; the primitive people of the ultra ancient times are the real responsible for the unbalance seen in Nature.  They created the artificial alphabet to expand their wills and tastes. The new generation found the relics left by very ancient civilizations and adopted their way of life – a life of unspeakable desolations and tragedies. Only a culture based on the natural laws could progress and evolve. This anti-natural culture follows the laws of the irrationals – the law of the strongest! It threw humanity downhill in its way to devolution, because this culture aimed only at developing the matter.

The very ancient people followed the alphabet of astrology –the alphabet that was the basis of a culture, which was within the natural principles and not on the edge of it.  


Bottom-line: nobody is guilty for being what they are, because the guilty ones are the primitive humans from very ancient times who disrespected the natural laws; they did that by denying the Astrological Alphabet.

We are not guilty for being the way we are but we are guilty for being here in this world of matter.

That is the reason why there is no consciousness in the world; we have always lived here without knowing how we came to be. And once we know the causes of our being, as the Rational Culture Students are beginning to know, we will start looking at each other with love and compassion, without hatred or vengeance. Deep down ourselves we will know that this is a deformed world and everybody is likewise.  A deformed being will act in accordance with the Deformation and it will only cease to be like that, only when it starts knowing itself RATIONALLY.

This consciousness will be gradually and progressively awakened, and everybody will attain the fraternal love. That is the reason why we have to bring the knowledge of RATIONAL CULTURE TO THE WORLD.

You will find us here day and night, night and day, promoting the knowledge of RATIONAL CULTURE so that humanity can, in no time, know itself. Only then, it will be able to gain full EQUILIBRIUM. It is going to be the most essential to live with the unconsciousness which is spread in the whole world and is the main cause of this destructive material progress.

The concord will rule among people, so that at this point the new reconstruction of the world will begin with new values and behavior. Through the concord we will attain our connection with Nature, who will be so blissful that will put a stop to all natural catastrophes, diseases, evil insects and viruses. Nature will still transmit to the human mind the means to develop an highly advanced technology to recover everything that had been destroyed by man.

This concord is propitiated by the development of the REASONING, which is unpostponable.

Therefore we highly recommend that you read all of our publications in this blog to refine your view about what we have been pondering here in regards with the DEVELOPMENT OF THE REASONING. That is our role here!

After all that, we can assure you that THE RATIONAL CULTURE BOOKS can offer you all the clarifications you need to get to these conclusions. The book is UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT.

(*) Text in Portuguese:

Sobre nalub7

Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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    By Jove, Nubia, you almost wrote a new book about the Rational Culture. SAVE!

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