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(João de Castro, a student of Rational Culture, São Paulo, SP – BRAZIL)


“Contact” is a movie about Extraterrestrials. This movie was made in1997 and directed by Robert Zemeck – Judith Foster is the central character in this Sci-fi. This story is based on the codification of signals coming from outer space. 

What is interesting about this story is that these pretentious communications were really made in laboratory by two geniuses: Tesla and Marconi.

They believed that the frequencies of signals obtained composed geometrical patterns and could be decoded into a piece of music, an object… etc. The same concept was explored in this movie, which ultimately produced a “portal”.

By the way, since we are talking about Portals, that is, passing from one reality to another, I would suggest the analogy that follows:

The concept that we have of distance and movement is a legacy of Newtonian Physics that saw everything through the point of view of Mechanics and, rarely, prioritized Energy as a key element.

For quantics Physics, the notion we have of space and movement is just a relation perceived by our brain. In fact, everything takes place inside the same space – there are no different spaces. What we have is the frequencies through which light and sound (vibration and particles) travel, and that ultimately will compose the reality reached by our five senses.

It is the level of magnetism that our brain will decode as solid, liquid, far, near, and so on and so forth.

Giulianna Conforto (Italian Astrophysicist) believes that the dark matter in Space is, in fact, what our eyes cannot capture, because it is vibrating at a different frequency to ours. She cites Giordano Bruno who said: “The Universe is full of life”. Therefore, we can only assume that we are sharing the Space with beings who we believe live out there, but, in fact, are right here with us.

In Rational Culture we read the following: There are the visible and the invisible worlds, but both belong to the electric and magnetic. You never knew where you came from and neither where you are going”. And, on top of that, it says: “ You can only see things from the electric and magnetic reality because you are connected to these two energies.”

The Egyptians believed that the Pineal Gland was a Portal that connected the two Worlds. Descartes stated that it was the place where the soul sits. The Greek believed it symbolized the superior nature of mankind. However, it is in the Rational Culture that we will know the truth: “It is the highest tune, and it connects us with the World which gave birth to this one we live in.”

All these affirmations bring us to the same conclusion: the Pineal Gland is really a Portal; I would even venture to say that it is an interface between us and these “other worlds”, a true relict that was left to us by those who started with the Origin of this World – The Architects of this Universe.

I am saying this because the World created by the Supreme Being would never be a world of suffering where everything is in a constant process of degeneration and termination, being reduced to nothing. Nothing is what escapes our vision, for life goes on in transformations from one class of life to the next, always getting worse than before, until it the deformed part of it is totally exhausted, so that the essence can be released. The essence is the natural aspect of the matter, and it belongs to our World of Origin – The Rational World.

According to James Gardner (American scientist and writer), beneath the chemical and atomic formation of the Universe is the Conspiration to make life possible. He presents us with all the details in his book “Intelligent Universe”, which demonstrates that life was no accident but the realization of a project of transference. It was the main factor for life to be the way it is. See what is written in the 1st volume of the Book Universe in Disenchantment about the beginning of this Project, when a few Inhabitants of The Rational World entered through a part which was not yet ready for progress, and in this part they started progressing by their own free-will. 

The Carbon (the basis of the biological life) was not created out of the blue, no! Something conspired and contributed all long, so that the reality could be propitious to Life. The Foundations were laid in a way that everything benefited the hatching and the development of life in its temporary aspects – temporary for everything passes by and nothing remain in the same form forever. It is the Meta-Life conceiving the Anti-life – the life we have. However, if there is a Meta-Life there must be a Meta-World.


Nicholas Tesla, a secular Xamã, said:


I found the first pretentious extraterrestrials communications among the electronic pioneers Marconi and Tesla, who were ridiculed simply for commenting the subject.

Tesla is specially an interesting case to our purposes. Many people (including his main biographer) consider Tesla virtually super-human and, in spite of that, he was so ingenious with practical issues that he was deceived so often by business men to whom he sold his inventions.

Tesla’s major goal was to create abundant and cheap energy to the whole world, so that everyone could live in affluence; he got so close to that, that the Cooperations that were subsiding his works interrupted the aid, fearing he might compromise their monopoly, over which they were enriching. He along with Jean-Paul Sartre refused to receive the Nobel Price.

The biggest discovery of Tesla was a mechanism through which the alternated current could be electrically generated, and they became a lot more useful than the direct current machines of Edison for the technological revolution. This invention got to Tesla through a set of visions almost mystical during his adolescence. The major events were:

1. In these visions, Tesla got literally in trance; he could see and speak with entities.

2. A series of mysterious diseases among these visions. In some of them Tesla became acutely sensible, for all the perceptions were painful ( the colors were too bright; the beaming very loud and etc.(many times Tesla got almost killed due to a draining of vital energy which the doctors could not explain).

3. Tesla became a kind of clairvoyant. He developed a peculiar internal vision. He could literally “see” in details any machine imagined by him with microscopic accuracy and dimensions as if he were using his own tools to measure a true machine. He patented dozen of devices and became a millionaire before his 30’s. (Prodigal Genius: The life of Nikola Tesla, John C. O’Neil, London: Neville Spearman, 1968, pp. 23-49)

If you have already heard of Haarp, you will certainly understand the importance of Tesla in the development of this device created to produce natural unbalance, interrupt communications systems and produce sickness to human beings through the manipulations of electric-magnetic waves. Tesla was the main designer of Haarp and the question we make is the following: How did he ever come up with that?

The answer is in the fact that we are all connected to this electric-magnetic field. The so called geniuses are, in fact, better biological receivers from this system of this natural deformation You all know that this world is a cosmic mass of energy which degenerated from its natural state. It transformed and got down here. All sciences, discoveries and inventions are transmitted from the invisible world through the Thought and the Imagination to the head of the human being, who starts looking for the means to formulate what is in his sub-conscious mind. The greatest minds of the scientific world came upon their discoveries through dreams and inspirations.

In Tesla’s case, this experience was a lot more impacting, for he had clearly the sensation of being transported to another world. Many go as far as to say that Tesla was, in fact, abducted by Extraterrestrials. This doe not seem so outlandish, and we can resort to the Books of Rational Culture to explain that phenomenon: “ The invisible World is populated by astral Intelligences; they are living beings just as we are, but they belong to a superior class of beings. Those from the magnetic Energy are evil and the ones from the electric Energy are good, however none of them ever knew from where they came and to where they are going.

The mission of these beings is to polish human kind and prepare them for their self-knowledge.

This preparation can be accomplished through good or evil. Our reality is polarized and, for this reason, there is the reverse side to everything, that is, the good or evil side. That is what we have persistently approached here in this blog: you can either develop your Reasoning, by exhausting the deformed part in a natural way, without any pain or suffering (following the way of the good, the way up to the Origin) – or follow the artificial way to extinction through pain and suffering and going down to the inferior classes (the class of the irrationals); in this case, you will run down through all hierarchies of the irrational life, so that the deformed part can be exhausted, and the individual will be able to ascend to the World of Origin. It can be through the way up or down, but everyone will have to go back to the Source.

Now, going back to the extremely occult side of Tesla’s experiences, there are very convincing stories that can prove the fact that these astral consciousness really exist and influence the human mind and culture.

The biblical Apocrophes shed special light on an individual named Enoch. Enoch is considered a prophet who was taken by “the Angels” to the “other World”. The most interesting thing about these stories is that he even mentions the names of the entities with whom he keeps contact. The Ufologists insist on the idea that the Extraterrestrials abducted Enoch.

Legends or not, these stories point to a reality which affects the lives of people who go through this type of experience. The truth is we are not alone. The astral or invisible beings do exist, “ They inhabit the space between the Earth and the Sun and are tools of the Electric-Magnetic Energies.” (the Superior Rational – RS). This phrase alone tells us a lot about the World and ourselves.

The Religions, for instance, serve as interface between human kind and these beings, who have been called “Divines”. Indeed, such beings are the Architects of the artifice (therefore they are far from being divine) Their actions fell over human kind when they prevented from guiding through the Natural Alphabet to create their own.

They eventually created symbols and a kabalistic structures that encapsulated everyone within this Arc fomented by ideologies, concepts, rules…etc., which envisage the domestication, indoctrination and taming of the human beasts (who got this way for drifting from the natural way) through pain and suffering.

The sciences are tackling such phenomena. The scientists talk about Psych nest, which is a term relatively new that could be verbalized in the following way: “ Aliens exist in our heads, in ideas, and our consciousness. They exist in a cluster of negative thought forms known as psych nest. Aliens exist within our thought patterns. Some negative thought forms that we currently have, maybe parasitic form of inter-dimensional life. They live off, and feed on the energy of chaos. They reproduce themselves via language, things we say throughout the day. They are fully telepathic. They can read our thoughts, and implant thoughts into our brains.”

So the Thought is but an interface between the material and the invisible or inter-dimensional Worlds. The Thought is external, for internal are only the components in the brain – which are the antennas that receive our thoughts. These antennas capture the thoughts issued by different classes of Entities. The magnetic Thought is totally negative or psychotic, whereas the electric Thought is positive. The Superior Thought comes from the Rational World, and it is transmitted by the pure, clean and perfect beings. For the brain to receive Rational Vibrations, the human beings need to study the Books of Rational Culture – Universe in Disenchantment.

In the second volume of the Rational Scriptures, we learn that the brain receive the ideas and intuitions from the invisible World. We are like radio receivers that transmit from an unseen place. (RS) “What is seen is the person’s “you”; the person’s “I” is the home of the Fluid. The “I” is invisible.”

The artifice could be used for the good and the maintenance of life, however, it has been taken over by the Controllers of the material powers to satisfy their ideals of control and destruction. According to Tesla there is an electric-magnetic Net involving the Earth, which connects all living beings. The Haarp consists of a set of gigantic Apparatus which have been installed by the Military in Alaska.

In the Rational Culture, we read the following: “The World is a electric-magnetic setting. The living beings are commanded by these two forces. The electric produces the apparent good and the magnetic produces the true Evil. The electric part is the Thought and the magnetic part is the Imagination. The forces interact in the mind of the people.”

And why does Man have the instinct of destruction? Why can he use the artifice to destroy his own life, and seldom uses it for the maintenance of life?

Again, the books of Rational Culture brings the answer: “These Energies are energies that exist to command the irrationals. The Rational animals are connected to them, what makes them even more dangerous!”

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the reason why we keep this blog, which is a means to spread the teachings of Rational Culture so that you can turn off the connection of these two energies, which do not belong to our true Natural. And this can only be achieved through the development of the Reasoning.

Read the Book Universe in Disenchantment to attain contact with the pure, clean and perfect Beings from the Eternal World – the Rational World. This is the Rational Phase, the Phase of the development of the Reasoning.

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