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(Gilberto Carnasciali, Student of the Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ – BRAZIL)



Thought has already discharged its duty in humanity. Eminent lapidating tool, efficacious and efficient in the function to which it was destined, it developed itself together with Nature, its ruler, during the several phases that preceded the present one, having performed its arduous and meritorious task until 1935, when the Rational Phase finally docked here.

Until that date, the conditions permitted the living creature to lead a regular life in spite the suffering, since thought was in its developing stage and the invisible electromagnetic force promoted a certain balance in the thought of the thinkers.

But as of 1935, with the disconnection of the thinking phase and consequently of the Rational animal Phase, life conditions on Earth became uncontrollable and unbearable for some, letting the living creature under the mercy of the destructive electric and magnetic energy which, as a result, came to accelerate the regressive progress of the planet with its ominous consequences. The free-thinking Rational animal, deprived of the support provided up to then by the electromagnetic forces of the GOOD that supported the balanced thought, found himself lost, and without the notion of things was thrown out-of-balance, transforming the world in a stage of tragic events, as we have been witnessing and participating more and more in our daily lives.  

That happened because the electric and magnetic force of the GOOD became united to a field of a Superior Force, the Rational Mediator Energy, of the Superior Astral, to work together on the development of the third machine that exists in the human head, the Reasoning machine

With the arrival of the Rational Phase to develop this superior brain machine, the Rational machine, the human being, who truly never disconnected his link of origin with the RATIONAL WORLD, came to have the opportunity conceded by the Devine Providence, to develop that superior Rational energy materialized in his pineal gland placed in the center of the skull.  And the way that this energetic reestablishment is being done in the whole humanity is through the development of the reasoning, which came to fill the gap left by the paralyzed thought, establishing the equilibrium of the Rational animal who is elevated to a superior condition of Rational Clairvoyant apparatus, reuniting in life with his World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD. .

In order for that to happen, it was necessary the creation of  a connecting device that would capture the fluidic energy in the World of Origin and make its transposition to our world of matter, keeping it stored in that apparatus for the use of the Rational animal.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Innovating, from the RATIONAL WORLD came an emissary, representative of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, who is the Reasoning superior to all other Reasonings, called Lord Manoel Jacinto Coelho, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR of the Earth with the mission of being the porter of that Superior Energy, and implant it in the pages of a collection of more than a thousand books entitled “Universe in Disenchantment”. During many years, Lord Manoel, there in the Rational Retreat, which he built with the sole finality to elaborate this inedited extra cosmic work, dictated the chapters of these books, which were printed there in the Rational Graphic art and became the main support of the Rational Culture teachings in Brazil and in the rest of the world, for there are printed versions of the Script in several idioms.    

It is right there, in that Rational literary storage, that the Rational Energy is kept for the development of the Reasoning. The energy stays materialized in two containers; in the pineal gland of the living person and in the printed letters and pages in the Books “Universe in Disenchantment”.  Upon the assiduous practice of the daily reading, stimulated by the true will, which is Rational, free and spontaneous, and by the true truth, which is all that concerns the eternal thing, the reader starts to transpose to his pineal gland the Rational Energy materialized in the pages and letters, only now in fluidic form, starting thus the reasoning process.

As the student progresses in the studies, everything transforms itself very naturally, without him feeling, and the development of the Reasoning goes on in a subliminal and intelligent form, there coming the moment when the reader realizes that he is already reasoning. That is when he discovers, understands and learns who he was, where he came from, how he came, where he is now and the why, where he is going, when he is going and how he is going.   He becomes conscious that he is starting to know himself, to know his brothers, his history, and how the beginning of that long trip of 21 eternities commenced, when he was a pure, clean and perfect being and entered by his free badly used illusory will and initiative, a part of the Rational Plain which was not ready to progress.

Therefore, for those who wish to learn how to reason, here is the basic guide:

Open the book “Universe in Disenchantment” in the first page.

  1. Read the first line.
  2. Next, read the paragraph.
  3. Read the following paragraphs of the page.
  4. Read the following pages up to the end of the book.
  5. Start reading the second book, and so forth.

An insignificant cost in order to attain an eternal benefit!

That is the way to learn how to Reason; reading and rereading every day, until the time that the interest in the reading excludes any other but the Rational reading. When attaining that stage the reader will be:


Reminding, however, that for some, the reading of the first book is already enough.

And finalizing, it is always well to remember that Reasoning is the master key of the RATIONAL WORLD, and that without it, there is no possibility for one to return to the Primordial World, our World of Origin. Thus, without any further waste of time, for you have already wasted 21 eternities, strive to dematerialize and develop the Reasoning the soonest, otherwise you will descend to the inferior classes of the irrationals.

The warnings are everywhere. Look up and SAVE YOURSELVES!

And thus walks humanity: on their fours and looking down!


(*) Homage to today’s date, when Lord Manoel Jacinto Coelho, the Savior, arrived at this world of matter, in Brazil.


(**) Text in Portuguese:




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