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Faced up with so many of the mysteries surrounding His existence, at any point in our lives, we will come up with the inevitable question: What is my origin? Why am I here? And where am I going to? What is the sense of death? Is there really a God? And if there is one, where is He? How was He created if there was nothing before Him?

Both sciences and religion are trying to unfold these mysteries, although nothing can really be proved, unless we attain the Faith or hold to some passive creed.Peoples all around the world and in all times civilizations have created doctrines and religions, which expose their myths and gods.

For this reason, the creation of the world will find different versions on the bosom of these creeds; nonetheless what they all bring, in common, is the concept of a supreme power. There are more than 10 thousand different religious practices around the world. What is the reason behind such religious diversity?

The Rational Culture tells us that all this pantheon of creeds and doctrines are there to fill in the existential void. It is worth reminding that there is no mutual consensus between these institutions.

The only consensus is the belief in the existence of one or more entities who share their importance in the creation. They can be classified in monotheist or polytheist. Obviously, in order to defend their points of view, they will chase, prosecute and punish those who do not agree with their principles.

The belief in a good and loving God is partaken with the Idea of a hellish being, who fight one another for the prize of humanity; the eternal fight between good and evil!

Amongst these are the creationist who believe that it is in the Bible that one will find the disclosure to the creation of the universe. The problem is that this world is reflected in the Bible as an immutable and perfect world, which is contested by the sciences.

There are those who, also, discard the existence of a divine power that made man, nevertheless they believe in the existence of an existing essence which is in Nature.

Seeing by this side, the human beings would be born without any concrete sense; they are born without any creed, however, as they grow up in a certain family nucleus they start weaving their own conceptual clothes. It is their existential needs that will bring them to a certain path. Once on this path, they expect to have the answers they need to have in life.

Now, then, how can we understand the statement that puts the existence as coming before the essence and not resulting from the latter? It means that according to the materialists it is the matter the sole cause to all existence, for it is primarily what constitutes the reality. In this sense, man builds his own history and formulates his concepts upon the tangible reality. Thus there is no divine project preceding the human existence. That is why there are the atheists and the skeptic. According to the creationists, God created man as his image and similarity (Genesis 1:26). He made man out of dust and blew from his own breath in his nostrils the essence of life (Genesis 2:7). Thus man is unique in the whole creation, being partly material and spiritual. The perception of a God with human features, who express agony, rage or sadness reflects the absence of questioning and analysis of the reality by the biblical creationists.

For the atheist is unacceptable the existence of a god with human features, because these are aspects of the matter. In the atheist’s opinion, the personalization of God is an absurd. Then, if there is really an absolute god, this god would not create the relative existence. Like, if God were a spirit, He would not create the matter; due to the incompatibility between these elements. If God has human features, then, can He be classified as a rational animal as man himself is? Reality shows us alone in a universe surrounded by indescribable phenomena, therefore, in order to understand them, it takes years and years of study and it is still not enough, for we are always taken by surprise when an unpredictable phenomenon happens.

To believe that we are ruled and watched by some divine power is to deny the perverse reality in which human kind lives, where everyone suffers indiscriminately. For this reason the Faith and Creeds are blind! The humans are born free, without knowledge, concepts or creeds. We are induced on the search of something that may give meaning to our lives and explain the reason of the suffering, pain or death. If we had a God to protect us, there would be no need for fights, treason, violence or killing. Nonetheless, as such a God has never revealed himself, there are all these flaws in the world. Man created the religions in order to calm down his anxieties.

Unlike the skeptic and the materialists, who base themselves only on factual proves, the biblical creationists accept pacifically all that is put in the bible as unquestionable truth. Fear is what prevents the believer from questioning the bible, for such act would be considered heresy. The Holy Scriptures cannot be questionable because they are eternal; actually they have been keeping man in ignorance for a long time. This human God was created in man’s image, so that man could overvalue his own actions and desires. It is all about man and what he judges as good or evil, salvation or condemnation.

We will learn in the Rational Culture that the whole Universe is fully inhabitable by diverse forms of life with visible and invisible beings who, due to their superior status over the humans – fragil and mortals -, they posed themselves as God or semi-gods.

These invisible beings created the religions, the rituals and the sacrifices; they have materialized, along the human history, under many forms in order to set up their mind control over humanity.

These beings have induced the humans into war and fights because they are the owners and architects of this type of control. This is the cause and effect of Religions and Sects.

What does the Rational Culture say about God?We do believe in the existence of a force, a form of intelligent life, which is to many people the expression of God! To the Rational Culture, God is a pure, clean and perfect energy and, unlike the matter, it is not conditioned to the laws of time and space. In the Rational Culture, no one will be punished or condemned, for they have already condemned themselves. The World has always been at the mercy of man’s will and, for this reason, man created the laws to rule this world. According to the Rational Culture, man is responsible for his existence and condition on this plan; we are responsible for our own existence. Nonetheless, we understand through the Rational Culture that all this plethora of creeds, religions and sects was important to man’s evolution in this world. The only difference between man and God is the dimension: Our dimension is physical and HIS is not! Rational Culture cannot be acquired in temples or synagogues because it belongs to a dimension way superior to all the existing ones in the UNIVERSE. It is developed in the mind through the reading of the RATIONAL CULTURE BOOKS wherever the reader is.

Everything comes in its right time for the preparation of the human evolution. There is nothing wrong, it is just that things haven’t met their right place yet. Know more about that in the RATIONAL CULTURE.READ THE BOOK UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT.Order can be made in the site:


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