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Nobody is the owner of anything in this world and, much less, of anyone and least of themselves.

If the Rational animal were the owner of himself, he would be the owner of his thought.

Being the owner of his thought would prevent the Rational animal from doing harm to the others and to Nature, for everything that he does, he thinks before doing.

If you contemplate the reality, in which the world is today – that is, getting worse and worse, you will realize that the primary cause is the thought.

It is, then, easy to admit that the thought is not a positive force, otherwise, the thinkers would have, for long, established peace on Earth.

It is mandatory to know Nature, the true mother. There is, though, the degraded mother, in which, it is the thought that rules its creatures. The thought is, therefore, her tool.

If thought were the tool of the true Nature, which produces life, it would not favor its degradation.

Nonetheless it is inevitable to ask the question: Why does the degraded and deformed Nature exist and, likewise, its tool which is the thought?

In order to understand all that, it is necessary to fathom the culture which will bring us all the reasons of that existence and this culture is the RATIONAL C ULTURE.

The world we live in is the result of disobedience, therefore, it is a world which is out of its true natural, where the true Nature keeps generating life and the other keeps degenerating the life. Thought is the tool which makes all human beings into instruments of evil and destruction. Thought makes the human beings err in order to punish them at a later stage. Thought is the executioner of the Rational animal.

For this reason the true Nature has changed to a new phase, for humanity reached the climax of degradation and destruction; thus the end of thought has come for everyone.

If humanity keeps connected to the matter through thought, they will, likewise, meet their end. The end is the death of the human being and its subsequent transformation into the invisible classes of the inferior world and, at a later level, its return to the matter but as an irrational animal.

And once in the irrational category it will run through the whole hierarchy of the irrationals. All that because the individual lost its Rational condition.

For those who come across this knowledge through the study of RATIONAL CULTURE, they will eventually be able to preclude this fall and be under the regency of the true NATURE, which is the source of the RATIONAL ENERGY and its emanation. It is our TRUE WORLD OF ORIGIN – THE RATIONAL WORLD, PURE, CLEAN AND PERFECT.

The transition from thought to Reasoning happens when the Rational animal stops being animated by thought to be immunized by the Reasoning. And little by little the individual is freed from the negative command of thought.

In Nature everything transforms, going from the superior down to the inferior. Thus humanity would transform to the class of quadruples – animals with four paws. Hopefully, Nature has changed to the new phase, precluding this condition in life.

The RATIONAL CULTURE BOOKS brings the RATIONAL ENERGY encoded in words, thus, causing the mind to connect to this transcendental energy, which is our Portal to the Rational World. Only there the Rational animal will find the true development of its Reasoning!

Pursue this knowledge as soon as possible. Try to know all that straight from the source; fill yourself with the immunizing Rational Energy. This Energy turns off the thought function from your mind. Thought is the result of two deformed energies from the ground and it is to torture humanity. The electric part is the apparent good and the magnetic part is the sheer evil. The development of the Reasoning means the union and concord of the whole humanity. That is the goal of our blog to clarify about these changes which have been occurring in Nature.Ask for Rational Books, Universe in Disenchantment through:

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Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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