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The Extinction of the Rational, the Origin of the World


(Severino dos Reis, a student of Rational Culture, Belo Horizonte, MG – BRAZIL)


Analysts and experts on the study of the human mind, such as Krishnamurti and Lobsang Rampa, mention with assertiveness the inefficiency of thought in the solution of humanity’s current problems.

In THE RATIONAL CULTURE, it is firmly stated that the phase of thought finished in October 4,1935; since then, thought has been decadent, which justifies the cause of violence and all unbalance that is spreading all over the world.

For this reason, we have insistently commented on the appearance of the Extra-terrestrials that is today part of our daily experience. Hence the solution to humanity’s problems can only be provided by an extra-terrestrial, the SUPERIOR RATIONAL, who reports in THE RATIONAL CULTURE all that is to know about this world. The study of the Rational Culture is now the ultimate knowledge which clarifies all humanity’s riddles.

According to Hacke and Du Bois Raymond, the seven riddles of humanity, which still challenges the human knowledge, are:

1 – The nature of matter and energy.

2 – The origin of the movement.

3 – The origin of life.

4 – The purpose of Nature.

5 – The development of sensations and consciousness. 6- Reason, thought and language.

7- The Free Will.

Thus in the following commentaries, we will be describing and explaining these seven intriguing riddles, which call the attention of not only Heckel and Dubois Raymond, but of all experts and analysts who have been on the search of explanations to these and other riddles from the very inception of the human consciousness. Their search will only find its conclusions when they find the RATIONAL CULTURE.

We all know that it is impossible to start a construction from the roof; thus the wise Mother Nature would never take her children first to the University, nonetheless she nurtured the time and patience for her children to go from the primary to the secondary and, finally, the superior levels of mental development.

Despite that, it is common for students in the secondary levels to make questions about things they are to see only in the superior levels. Therefore, the same thing happens with the human beings, who started making questions, in their second stage of the human mind’s development, about things they were not yet ready to know about.

Now the time of the second stage of human mind’s development has reached its pinnacle and, as a consequence, we are all prepared to absorb the knowledge of the 7 riddles. So let’s start from the first one:


For 21 eternities, that is eons and eons of light years from here, there was and there is still a galaxy known as the RATIONAL WORLD, where there is only pureness and perfection, with its inhabitants – the pure, clean and perfect beings. This world is unchangeable and perennial, because it was created by the SUPERIOR RATIONAL.

The SUPERIOR RATIONAL was creating a Rational Plain, which was not yet ready for the Rational Progress, and he warned everyone not to intrude that part. Nonetheless, some Rationals entered that part and started to progress on their own and, in spite of going forwards, they started receding in their formation. This fact released a process of transformation and degeneration. Hitherto there was no time yet but only the Eternity.

That plain started going down, detached from the rest and got strayed from its original galaxy. The transformation went from pure light to matter. The Rational Beings started to transform too. They lost their natural state and began to lose energy, which accumulated at a certain spot in the cosmos and formed a light ball to where all the light from the Rational Bodies converged.

The bodies of the Rational Beings diminished to the null point, whereas the light ball always increased, producing a type of heat which was unprecedented at that point in time. This heat melted that plain which turned into a type of jelly. With the effect of the heat, one part melted even more and gave origin to the water; the other part got blistered, sprouted and turned into ashes which was later known as earth.

The vibration of the water produced the electric field: the electric energy. The vibration of the earth produced the magnetic field: the magnetic energy. The transformation of the plain, which was made of Rational Energy, produced the dual composition – magnetic and electric. Thus the first riddle is solved: the origin of the matter and the energies.

It important to note that when the matter came into existence, three eternities had passed by. The earth was a void and, only later, Life appeared, as a result of the fragmentation of the Rational Bodies, whose energy accumulated in the light sport (the Sun), leaving only their “seeds” which were left over the part of the plain that became water and the other part that became earth. Thus the origin of the male and female.

Because Nature is evolving and it keeps all moving at a rotation orbit, however in a regressive sense, it was from its very inception meant to go back to where it came from: THE RATIONAL WORLD.

When the time came for us to start questioning about the origin of the matter and energies, the whole world had already accomplished its formation for 21 eternities; thus it was impossible to know how the Universe was made and everything that exists in it. No intelligence has the capacity to stop its rotation or invert it to see how the beginning was. Actually this would be the way to know how it came to be. Through thought man has always incurred in mistakes and errors, believing, even-though, that he got it right. From theories to theories, the human mind has sailed in complete darkness without ever being able to find any purpose in this nature. After one theory is praised as the best, soon afterwards, comes another to replace that one, which becomes totally unacceptable.

In a mutable and perishable Universe nothing can be really right; it is one thing today and another the next day. The scientists can only count on their thought to understand the Universe, and they do exactly what comes to their minds transmitted by the nature of thought. Indeed, thought was not made to get anything right, thought has the purpose of describing and polishing the matter and nothing else.

To define it right it is necessary to develop the Reasoning through the Rational Energy, so that one can accomplish the orbit. Fact is that everyone is tired of being eternally misled by thought. It is time now everyone started developing the Reasoning through the studies of the Rational Culture Books. By studying it one will feel the RATIONAL VIBRATION. It is not a weekend reading, no, it is the most essential knowledge which no one has ever achieved in this Universe.

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