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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ – Brazil).



One day, my son, already a teenager, asked me:

” Dad, do you fear anything?” 

I considered the scope of his question and replied negatively.  

So then, he wanted to know how did I manage to be that way and I explained that after starting to read the Scripture UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, of Rational Culture, my fears and preoccupations started to vanish and today are inexistent.

I proceeded to explain that with the reading of the Book, the perspective that one has of the world and of life here in the matter changes completely, so as our behavior, our attitudes, our ways of being and of existing.

It is so simple for the Rational students, and it is so complicated for someone who is not acquainted with the Superior Literary Work to understand that change.

“Why?” He asked.

Because such a person is ignorant of its Divine Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD, completely ignores what he is doing here in this world of matter that he now inhabits and which is a consequence of his World of Origin, simply does not know what caused his coming, how did he come, how and when he will return to the place he came from. Simple questions for a student of the Rational Culture but complicated for a confused being, for a confused is a free-thinker and is always that way, sometimes thinking, sometimes imagining, for being connected with the electric and magnetic energies that can hardly feed one’s thoughts, for the thought has dried since 1935 and is not active any longer. The Rational Phase, the phase of the Reasoning is now in force through Nature; Nature’s natural Rational Phase.

Whereas the student of the Rational Culture, for being connected with his Superior Energy, the RATIONAL ENERGY and developing his REASONING, which is the true essence of the RATIONAL WORLD,   inside all human heads, goes on acquiring the perfect equilibrium of his senses, psychically and physically, an indication that he is on the way to become a Rational Apparatus and attain the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION.

And that is the whole difference!

Who reads and studies the Books Universe in Disenchantment, goes on slowly and naturally being rewarded with the disconnection of the two primary energies, the electric and the  magnetic and, at the same time, absorbing the vibration of the pure, clean and perfect Rational energy that is driven with greater force and intensity to the interior of the Pineal gland of the student/reader, than the force and intensity with which the Rational energy penetrates the Pineal gland of the ones who are not students of the Rational Culture.

How so? One would ask.

Well, since the phase in force in Nature is Rational, everyone’s Reasoning (Pineal gland) is being developed, being him a student/reader or not. And who studies the Rational Culture earns an incommensurable force to speed up that Rational development, for he becomes conscious of that fantastic transmutation from Rational animal (unconscious of the TRUTH of the truths), to Rational Apparatus (Rationally conscious of the TRUTH of the truths).

And thus, new transformations start to occur in the person’s life; the most notable ones are the permanent guidance from the above that is duly perceived, noted and accomplished by the receiver, exactly because there is an energetic connection running actively from up there to down here, being received from the ones herebelow who, then, connect above, establishing a permanent, positive and conscious energy field. Thence, the Rational Clairvoyance arises.

Life in the matter with the senses well balanced becomes suave, the suffering, insignificant, and thus, quite bearable, favoring the existence  and the accomplishment of the human being’s Number One mission on Earth; his return to the RATIONAL PLAIN.

It happens to be a much more serious plot than one can think of. It concerns a saga; the true, sad and eternal history of humanity, after all with a happy ending

It is a Book dictated by GOD Himself, our Father, to Lord Manoel Jacintho Coelho, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR  materialized on Earth, in order to rescue His creatures from extinction, due to a disobedience caused by the improper use of their free choice and unlimited will. Upon unduly entering a part of the Plain that was not ready to progress, they paid no heed to our Father’s calls to attention, starting to progress on their own, and as a result, that part of the Plain not being ready to enter into progress started to descended spiraling down during 21 eternities. In that regressive and degrading process, they lost all their virtues that gave origin to the sun, and to this second world in which we inhabit.  

There remained one virtue, which materialized on top of the Plain (degenerated into gum and ashes, the cause of the water and the earth, respectively). Their bodies eventually extinguished themselves in the resin and the water that consisted then the materialized Plain. As regards the formation of the moon, the stars, the animals, the vegetal, in short, of all components of this universe that we are part of, it can be found minutely described in the first volume of the scripture, UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT.

Therefore, the bodies of the Rationals extinguished themselves on top of the Plain transformed into gum and resin – water and earth.

Later, they sprouted from the ground as monsters that evolved to become savages, than civilized savages, and finally Rational animals.  All the above described in a nutshell here.

The Rational Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT came about to put an end to humanity’s degrading state, just at the very beginning of the last phase of the human life on Earth, the RATIONAL PHASE.

The reading and only the reading of this grandiose Book, made possible the salvation of the Rational animal and his evolution to achieve the Rational Apparatus status, opening a way for him to become Rationally Immunized, the perfect and only state for establishing a definite and final connection with his World of Origin, the SUPREME WORLD, still in his terrestrial life in the matter; the true meaning of the expression “Paradise on Earth.”

And without the reading, the person will be sentenced to descend further into the world of the irrationals, where lapidation and suffering will go on for an additional seven eternities.

The choice is easy to be made; difficult is to understand why there is doubt in making the choice or no choice at all. The awaken ones have already chosen, but the somnambulists, the confused and the distracted, are wandering about ignoring completely who they are.

For the ones already in the Rationalization process, the message is to divulge in order do deserve the salvation by saving their fellow creatures. Tough job, but that is how it is.

For the unconscious ones, the message is to get conscious about the Rational knowledge, get to know oneself reading and rereading the Book in order to start Reasoning, thus saving oneself and becoming able to save the others. Another tough job, but that is how it is.

Save the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, for in His infinite goodness is giving us this last opportunity. The one who takes this grandiose gift, obeying the instructions, has definitely accepted it unconditionally and in goodwill, ascending to his World of Origin, and the one who does not accept it will have a long and grievous crossing, running down the hierarchy of infinity of inferior classes of the irrational animals, for not having developed his Reasoning.  

Further reminding, that the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD, the one that corresponds to the last virtue that materialized itself, the one that is imbedded in the Pineal gland of the Rational animal, that one follows somewhere in the space, during the 7 eternities, the Rational animal’s descent to the class of irrational animal, being submitted to all the scourge and suffering of that fall.

That descent, indeed, is the one that everyone should fear; the only fear that anyone should fear in one’s life.

Let us save ourselves while there is time, for time is running out!


(*) Text in Portuguese:



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