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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira – RJ, 3rd WEBCONFERENCE OF RATIONAL CULTURE in 12/09/2015)


Rational greetings to everyone!

Says the Aurélio dictionary about the word PROVIDENCE: “Of the Latin; Providentia. The Supreme Sagginess that God conducts all the things: God Himself.”

I begin with two questions:

Why there exists an interrogation mark?

Why there exists a question in every idiom?

The answer is:

Because we were born ignoring everything and we must learn everything. Humanity lives of questions and answers.

But neither the questions nor the answers provide a solution to the doubts of the living creature, for they are based on the appearances and the illusions of the matter. For humanity never knew itself.

Then, another question fits in here: What is the true Truth that humany has not yet been able to reach?

And the answer lies is in the history of humanity that begins as follows:

We were pure, clean and perfect Rationals that lived in a superior and eternal world, the RATIONAL WORLD, but for using badly our free choice we gave cause to this passing world that we now inhabit.

And was not there anyone to warn us about that?

YES, there was, and we were warned several times.

Who did it?


We were warned unaccountable times but, notwithstanding that, we insisted and constituted the material world, visible and invisible, loosing our state of purity, cleanness and perfection, being encaged in this world of mud.

Due to the short time available in this conference, it follows in an abridged form the description of the elusive progress of the human being after his extinction in the matter:

We sprouted from the ground just like any vegetal, went through the phase of monsters, through the phase of savages, until coming to the phase of civilized, civilized beasts, being prepared by Nature, by the imagination and by the thought, in order to attain the phase of the return to the RATIONAL WORLD, the phase of the Reasoning, the Rational Phase, which came into Nature in 1935.

The thought, mentor of humanity through the lapidation made by the invisibles of the spiritual field, keeps us in the condition of thinkers, sufferers and mortals.

And the Reasoning, mentor of the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION, leads us back to the condition of purity, cleanness and perfection, as eternal beings.

We are then, as of 1935, fully in the Rational Phase, the phase of the development of the Reasoning.

With the arrival of the Rational Phase, the Rational natural of Nature, that commands everything and everyone in the universe of the matter, proceeded to feed the Reasoning only, and not anymore the thought of the thinkers, that started to weaken, causing an unbalance of everything and everyone universally, and the thought of many dried up, driving them crazy.

But humanity, for living fond of the matter in an artificial way, did not feel Nature’s change from one phase to the other – from the phase of thought to the phase of Reasoning, –  and went on thinking in the phase of Reasoning, placing itself against Nature.

People only started to realize that something different was happening in the world, due to everyone’s change of behavior  for the worse,  with the increased violence and the moral, physical and finance unbalances. But they did not know and had not learned the whys of these unbalances, for ignoring their causes.

The lack of knowledge of Nature’s change of phase is what caused the increase of the suffering all the world over.

If humanity had noticed  and felt that change, it would have changed immediately its standards and cultural values, and adopted Nature’s standards and cultural values; the peoples would have embargoed everything evil that we have been through since 1935, and we would be with our Reasoning very advanced and evolved, living Rationally, that is, One for All and All for One.

For that reason, it was necessary for Nature to order from the SUPERIOR WORLD, the Rational Culture, to wake up humanity from it’s petrous sleep, in a phase that has already ended, which is the phase of the thought.

As Rational animals, humanity lived engulfed in mysteries, enigmas, finites and transfinite, governed by the thought phase, the preparation and lapidation made by the spiritual mission, commanded by the electric and magnetic energies.

Then, people talked about the DEVINE PROVIDENCE without knowing it truly, for they did not have as yet enough preparations for that. They merely judged and determined that only a supreme providence, divine, could unveil all the enchantment of this terrestrial world, that lived always not knowing oneself, not knowing “who we are, where we came from and to where we go”.

And thus, they wished a divine force that would enlighten humanity’s doubts, curing its diseases and eliminating its sufferings, however they ignored the RATIONAL ENERGY the true energy of the DIVINE PROVIDENCE.

Therefore, DIVINE PROVIDENCE remained only in the word, for they only knew the electric and magnetic energies that constitute the visible and invisible terrestrial world. And the mission of these electric an magnetic energies has always been to keep everything and everyone enchanted, that is, eluded, fanaticized, cheated, and betrayed by the matter, in order for Nature to have time to lapidate and prepare everyone for the Reasoning Phase that was about to come.

That was the cause for no one ever having reached the “KNOW ONESELF” truly, for everyone was connected to these two energies of the ground; electric and magnetic, thought and imagination, ignoring the DIVINE PROVIDENCE.

Man, when he comes to this world, finds everything ready, but thinks and judges to be the owner of everything. He does not know that everything belongs to Nature, the OWNER of everything and everyone, OWNNER even of the thought. And it was through the thought, that Nature always used the Rational an irrational animals, to do whatever needed to be done for the lapidation of everyone. Therefore, we thinkers never made or invented anything. Nature is the one who places in the head of the living creature whatever she wants to be done for our lapidation; and now, in the Rational Phase, for the development of our Reasoning, as long as the person is connected with the Rational Phase, through the reading of the books Universe in Disenchantment.

And thus, in the thought phase or civilization phase, man as Nature’s tool, went on performing everything that came into his thought, provided by Nature.

For man, when he is born, he is born knowing nothing, such as any other animal. He depends on anything being taught to him, ignorant of anything about the whys of life, thinking that his life will be eternal as such. And for that reason, looking for his Rational evolution and stopping being an animal, he is being roughly lapidated by Nature.

And thus, life without a purpose, for no one knows its cause and origin, becomes a bunch of lies, fantasies, dreams and illusions. And when the person matures, falls into the emptiness, for it starts realizing the nullity of life. Realizes then, what life is: an assembly of gathered ruins that destroys itself by itself. A mere transitory moment.

Then, what did we know? Nothing about our existence and of the world that we live, and for that reason we lived searching for the Truth of truths and never found it. All that caused by Nature, the owner of everything, in order to go on lapidating our deformed Nature of human beasts, until getting to the point of civilizing ourselves through the maturing, and after matured, having the conditions to know the Truth of truths, which is the Divine Truth. The only one.

So that is why life never stops and always transforms itself  in new generations and changes, so that everything and everyone evolve with these renovations, to return to our true natural in the RATIONAL WORLD.

Therefore, appeal to who in view of all these difficulties that today’s world faces, due to humanity not knowing itself?

To someone who really has the final and defined solution of life: the true DIVINE PROVIDENCE, of the World of our Origin that before 1935 we ignored, for we were still living in a phase of preparation in order to have conditions to get to know the true DIVINE PROVIDENCE, the one that has no mysteries, enigmas, finite and transfinite, whose reigning is eternal, with no suffering or death, unveiling everything with base, logic, proofs and verifications and who embraces everyone indiscriminately, for everyone is son of God.

For God exists: He is a REASONING SUPERIOR TO ALL REASONING and an ENERGY SUPERIOR TO ALL ENERGIES, Inhabitant of the FIRST WORLD, the RATIONAL WORLD, the world where we came from and to where we are going.    


And the DIVINE PROVIDENCE provided the Rational Scripture, that came to disenchant the world through the Rational Phase, allowing a last opportunity to all of us to return to our true natural state of pure, clean and perfect Rationals in the RATIONAL WORLD, from where we should never had exited. Her light is on Earth, in the Books Universe in Disenchantment and in this “Web Conference of Rational Culture”, giving everyone the opportunity to learn the road that connects all of us to the RATIONAL WORLD through the RATIONAL ENERGY.

God is one only, the Reasoning Superior to all Reasoning, who does not push one against the other, but rather unite everyone, indistinctly, for we are all children of God.

Reasoning is God’s ENERGY, the RATIONAL ENERGY inside everyone’s head, and was paralyzed, idle, for the DIVINE PROVIDENCE had not yet arrived on Earth to put it to work.

If the DIVINE PROVIDENCE had come to Earth long ago, long ago we would already be Reasoning and not thinking, and would be living like true brothers that we are, and not one against the other, destroying each other.

Long ago we would had been freed from the command of the electric and magnetic energies, of the thought and the imagination that make us act in a variant way, sometimes liking, sometimes disliking, today wanting, tomorrow not wanting, today saying that it is right, tomorrow saying that is wrong, today loving, tomorrow hating.

A DIVINE ENERGY has a perfect balance, not leaving their sons in that unbalance, for being a SUPERIOR ENERGY, the pure GOOD of the Reign of the Absolute, where there exists only happiness peace, love, fraternity, concord and the eternal felicity.

Thus, it is proved that the DIVINE PROVIDENCE was never present on Earth before the Rational Phase, where the incomprehension, the discord, the disunion, the evilness, the greediness, the ambition and everything bad was what always mostly predominated.

And thus, I come to the end of this conference with the following Reasoning:

The DIVINE PROVIDENCE is the provider of the Superior Reasoning to all Reasoning, for all the Rational beings that are connected with the Rational Energy, whichever the conditions and dimensions where they are.




Very grateful for your attention.


(*) Text in Portuguese:

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