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(By Danusa Paulino Souto, a student of Rational Culture, SP)


Then, what does the word disenchantment mean in the Rational Culture?

Disenchantment is the solution of the enigmas, of the mysteries and of the definition of life and of everything from beginning to end, with basis and logic, with proofs and verifications.

Disenchantment is something that you ignored and are going to learn now with the books Universe in Disenchantment. You know the Enchantment, which is this world of illusion. And illusion is more than a mistake, for the mistake can be corrected and disappears. On the contrary, the illusion or the enchantment remains, even when it is apparently revealed.

Apparently because enchanted or eluded beings, are enigmatic and mysterious beings, ignorant of their origin, ignorant of their Being. The enchanted being is a similar one as described by Plato, many, many years ago.

Plato, a philosopher of ancient Greece, created an allegory known as Plato’s Myth of the Cave, that explains the evolution of the knowledge process.

According to him the majority of the human beings are like prisoners in a cave, where they stay with their backs towards the luminous opening and facing the dark wall of the background. Due to a beam of light that penetrates the cave, the prisoner sees in the background wall the projection of the beings that compose the reality. Used to only seeing these projections, he assumes that the illusion that he sees is the shadow of the real, is as if it were the true reality.

If the prisoner escaped from the cave and reached the luminous world of reality, he would be free from the illusion. However, being used to the shadows, the illusions, he would have to have his eyes accustomed to looking at the real thing: he would first look at the stars of the night, then the images of the things reflected in tranquil waters, until being able to face the sun directly and see the fountain of all that luminosity.

That persona from the cave is the enchanted one; the fascinated individual benumbed in a cathartic state. He becomes so enchanted by  the matter that he falls deeply in love with it, getting lost in his ego, without conditions to integrate himself with his true cosmic “I”, which is the Development of the Reasoning, judging that reality is only what is seen, thus becoming an enigmatic and mysterious being, ignorant of his origin.

Enchantment is the one that forms all these ideologies, dotard philosophies, the fanaticism, the beguiling to deceive life.

Now, Disenchantment is the opposite of all that. It is the disenchantment from the matter’s numbness state, of enigmatic and mysterious beings, ignorant of their origin. Thence the name UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT.

It also means “Salvation”: Disenchanted himself, Saved himself. But it is not in the “religious” sense, it is meant in the pejorative sense, that the creeds use salvation for simply accepting this or that one, this or that thing, and collaborate with tithes. No! It is Salvation with the meaning of returning home (as it is known in the Hebraic religion), the return to your true World of Origin, through the study and persistent reading of the books Universe in Disenchantment.

And the books Universe in Disenchantment are a reading for the DISENCHANTMENT, a thing that you did not know and know now. It was necessary a great difference in the way of writing as well as the redaction of the subjects. One cannot write just one only subject about disenchantment from head to tail; it has to be fractioned in several parts interlarded with others  in succession springing in the end the finality of all the subjects.

For being DISENCHANTMENT it must describe one subject, stop that subject, start another one, stop that one too, and start a new one, and from this one, jump to the following and so on.

And with the proceeding of the scripture, the following on of the subjects is carried to their end. This is what is called the reading of the disenchantment, and for that reason many laymen and beginners react strangely to the language used in the books Universe in Disenchantment, for being used to the enchantment language.

This is the absolution Book of the electric and magnetic enchantments that rule that second world, a consequence of the first, the world of our origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

The phase now is of DISENCHANTMENT, ruled by the Rational Energy, the pure, clean and perfect Energy, the Energy that is commanding Nature, preparing everyone for the return to our World of Origin.


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