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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ)


Time is an immutable element of the matter. We are the ones that move within Time, seen that Time does not move. It observes only. Statically, silently, unaltered, always registering.

Registering what?

Everything, absolutely everything that is going on. We are the ones who change and transform ourselves all the Time, and are the ones who are the passengers. It is not Time that modifies itself; it is us who modify our Time. Rather, we think we modify, but illusorily, for Time remains as it is and as it has always been; Time to give and to receive, to be born and to die, Time for everything and Time for nothing. Time has never lacked for anyone, unlike Nature’s elements, such as water, for instance, that can lack at any moment, since Time is ineshaustive. We humans are the ones who fail with it and make confusion. No one modifies anyone, much less modify Time. We are the ones who modify ourselves ignoring that and much more, confused as we are. And Time always remaining there, in its separated and exclusive place, as an observer, giving Time to Itself, which means giving Time to us in order for us to recover from that disgrace that hit everyone, and get out of this world of matter to our true World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

The registers of Time are three: past, present and future and registering is Time natural function, that is, to register the past time, the present time and the future time. There is Time for everything and for that reason one must use it properly. It is in that Time utilization that the danger is, since given the artificial conditions that the human being lives, the tendency is for him to be attracted and betrayed by the world of appearances and illusions and not use Time in his favor. On the contrary, he will use it against himself, as a lethal weapon. Loses life the one who wastes his precious Time. And Time remaining over there, waiting patiently, statically, silently, just waiting.  

So much it waited that finally the Redemption Time arrived. The Reasoning Time arrived on Earth and Nature gave Time a certain Time, as of 1935, for everyone to become adapted to the New Times; the Rational Phase Time. And Time understood correctly that its new function would have a limited future and that it would extinguish itself after that Time had elapsed. But while that time does not come, Time remains static, silent, immutable, only observing.

Observing what?

The coming of a new Knowledge on Earth which is changing all of the human being’s concepts of existence in the matter and whose teachings bring to light the Plant, the Map and the Compass to guide everyone’s return to the World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD. Therefore, since in the matter everything and everyone have a beginning and an end, with the arrival of the Scripture UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT the limit of the end of Time or the End of Times, was definitely established. 

Now, yes, there is urgency, a very urgent urgency, for Time began the count down of its own existence in this degraded and polluted world and as a soldier of Nature, Time follows its right bearing in the Rational Phase. When Humanity has also followed its bearing, Time will cease to exist for those that ascended, but will stay present for those that descended to the inferior classes.  

And Time will remain as always; silent, static, immutable and observing, waiting for the magnetic to accomplish its lapidating task for seven more eternities, until the return of the irrational brothers of Rational origin to their World of Origin, the World of the Reasoning, the RATIONAL WORLD.

Only then, Time will extinguish itself, coming to be what it originally was: E-T-E-R-N-I-T-Y.


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Sobre nalub7

Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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