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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ)




It has been recently published in the local press that 8.9% of the Brazilian population already declares itself atheistic and that the tendency is for a continued increase of adepts of this non religiosity. The article goes on focusing on the life of an eighteen year old young man, of a catholic family, that influenced by friends became an atheist, stopping to believe neither in the Christian God nor in any god. For him things happen by coincidence, thus denying the idea of God above everything and everyone.

After all, what is the cause of almost 10% of the Brazilian population being in such a way disoriented, without the slightest notion of who they are and what they are doing in this world of matter, ignoring that much beyond and above there is another world that precedes and gave origin to this one, the RATIONAL WORLD? What portion of the national population is this that knows nothing about itself, or where it came from, much less where it is going?

These people were in such a cruel way lapidated and suffered along the eternities that they became unbelievers of everything, even of their own lives. They cannot understand and comprehend the change of phase that the world is going through, judging that the thought will endure forever. They suffer ignoring the ‘why’ and the ‘what for’ of that suffering. And if they search for a reply they cannot find it, because in the matter the reply is never a true one, for the world down here is a world of appearances, and appearances are fallacious, they are not truths. For that reason, these people lost the focus, deluded of everything and everyone, disbelieving everything and everyone, including themselves. This is not only the situation of these incredulous and materialistic atheists but also of an important part of the world population.

The cause of these people’s unconscious electric and magnetic behavior is the extinction of the phase of the animal of Rational origin and the arrival of the new coming Rational Phase. Changes of phase cause important transformations that produce strong turbulences in the planet’s life and in all of its beings, seen that Nature’s natural ceased to command the thought and the sentiment, both in their extinguishing phase, having delegated the task to the magnetic; Nature itself now being ruled by the Reasoning, the new owner of this second world.

The cause of that suffering, of that bitterness, of that solitude, is the elusive life that these people live in a world populated by ignorance, appearances, mysteries, enigmas and secrets. A gloomy world, with no perspectives of improvement, progress or salvation, for every cause has its effect, and the effect is the ignorance about oneself.

He ignores the real world where he came from; why did he come so as to end down here in the matter in this sorry state; and to where he will go when his days are finished here. Hence the fear, the horror of death. Since he has no recollection of when his body of cosmic mass was pure, clean and perfect, he lost his reference point that would permit him to compare the differences and perceive his present state, degraded and deteriorated by the matter’s pollution. He ignores all the retrogressive process that he went through, always thinking that he was making progress when on the contrary he was regressing. He could not make out the reality for being beguiled by the solid and elusive physical appearances of the matter, and thus thought: “If I am made of that that everything and everyone is made of, I am who I am and what I am. And who am I? A materialist made of matter, living a life as it is, as it must be and as it has always been in one only existing world.”

And nothing dissuaded him of that arrogant and ignorant assertion.

Humanity appears to be a lost case, but in fact it is not. That God that does not exist for the atheists, is full time omni present supervising this material universe derived from the RATIONAL PLAIN that 21 eternities ago displaced itself from the RATIONAL WORLD and descended  with a few that disobeyed God’s Voice. They entered a part of the plain that was not ready to enter into progress, arriving here in this second world with their virtues lost and materialized in the seven particles that form life in the matter and in everything else that exists in it; sun, moon, stars, water, earth, animals, vegetal and minerals.

According to the eminent Scripture UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, after that descent and extinction of our (until then) eternal bodies on top of the resin that became earth and the gum that became water, we passed through three distinct phases until reaching the present one of the Rationals; they are the phase of monsters, the phase of savages and the phase of animals of Rational origin. It was in that last phase that thought started to command the actions of the humans, making them their tools for being lapidated and lapidate themselves by means of these two energies from the ground, the electric and magnetic, and in a certain way milden the rudeness, the brutality and the insensibility that assailed them. And in his illusion the living person judged that everything that he thought, made and carried through was of his authorship, for not knowing who the thought was and where it really came from; from the external command of the thought’s owner – Nature.

(Continue in PART 2)


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