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Thinking you’re what you’re not, or being something only apparently, can temporarily serve to feed the vanity, delusion or even the irresponsibility. The sad situation of ignorance of himself is the awful reality of the human being.

We call this situation of ENCHANTMENT and its participants as ENCHANTED. So mankind, ENCHANTED.

The ENCHANTED is the one who doesn’t know how to explain why the world is the way it is, even if he tries to get those answers in various ways on the artificial culture to have at least a semblance of answer or to be able to say that he knows something … or maybe this thing is beyond … and thus keeping the finite and transfinite ones. This is to live without KNOWING yourself.

And so bringing the rudeness, the brutality and the savagery, also attributes of the ENCHANTED, because he ignores his true natural state of being.

He is unaware that he is commanded by the energies that gave him this temporary life. He also doesn’t know why he is commanded by two energies that give him this temporary life.

The ENCHANTED is a simple tool of two energies and doesn’t know why. He sees that all turns, but he is unaware of why all turns, the goal of transformations. He knows nothing about this. He looks at himself and finds himself totally categorized like an animal, just that he’s in the class of rational, and not irrational, and doesn’t know why he’s in that category.

The ENCHANTED don’t know where they are and where they came from, or where they’re going to. They live in ignorance of themselves and of all that exists. They think they are what they are not, and not even knowing why they think. They suffer and don’t know why. They die and don’t know why they die. They are destroyed by grief and they don’t know why they are connected on the destruction energies. They are doomed to suffer without knowing why. They are sentenced to death, without knowing why. Why? … ENCHANTED.

The ENCHANTED looks, walks and lives in this world, this second world, and can’t say why he lives on it. He is in the animal class, because he doesn’t know why he is a Rational animal. If he knew he would take the action and the direction needed to stop being so.


In short, the ENCHANTED doesn’t know the cause, the source and the origin of anything.

And he lives thinking as if he knew, but seeing in himself that he doesn’t know anything. He thinks that he is what he is not, because he doesn’t know why he thinks and doesn’t know why he imagines, and why he is a Rational animal.

Anyway, the ENCHANTED is the one who seems to know everything but know nothing, because he lives deceived with everything. He doesn’t know why he exists in this world, because he lives deceived by himself.


So: why Disenchantment?




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