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(By Porfírio das Neves)


Until not long ago, in the middle of the twentieth century, the pineal gland, or epiphyses, was seen as a residual organ by the scientific milieu ; a gland without a relevant function.

Philosophically, René Descartes, three hundred years before, already reputed the pineal gland as the SEAT OF THE SOUL; a throne of the mind where a human soul seats.

As the scientific observations about the pineal gland increased, demystifying  thus, the concept of a residual organ, the esoteric and spiritual concept increased to the extent of, in less  than half a century, become the most important gland, as much as for the body´s aspect, as well as for the soul aspect.

Today, we are aware that this gland is fundamental for the comprehension of the Reasoning´s concept.

But, which Reasoning? The one “I think, therefore I exist”, or God´s Reasoning?

René Descartes, with his famous phrase “I think therefore I exist”, founded the Cartesian thought and trying to make plain the mind-body question, he rightly reputed that the pineal gland is the human body´s organ responsible for that dual interaction.

What this and other philosophers as well as scientists did not notice in the employment and development of their methods, is the ternary composition suggested by René Descartes himself about the Universe: God, Matter and Thought. Descartes claimed that besides God (my underlining), the universe was constituted by two other substances.

One of them was the “res extensa” (from the Latin, “extensive thing”) and the other substance was the “res cogitans” (from the Latin, “thinking thing” or soul).

The soul was characterized by Descartes as something immaterial and, for that reason, with no extension.

And where did the first substance, the “res-divina” (can we call it that?) remain?

That first substance stopped to be considered in the occidental Cartesian thought, much probably because no one knew the divine substance, or the divine thing.

Truly, one could not experiment the divine substance that composes the Universe, but just speculate.

And the modern science did not accept speculations, only experiments and reproductive methods.

René Descartes then based the modern philosophy and the mathematic science with the Cartesian thought of the body-soul duality instead of basing on the God-body-soul trinity, for God was just a speculation, or a belief, for the philosophers of his time.

But now, in the Third Millennium, God stops being a speculation with the Rational Culture.

I think, therefore I exist, for I am of divine origin, of Rational origin; therefore God exists and He is not a thought or soul, He is Rational, He is the existing origin.

The “res-divina”, or Rational, is the true origin of the two other substances that compose the universe.

Today we are aware of that through the study of the Rational Culture, the “res-divina” that unveils to us this third part of the Universe; really the first.

And in spite of René Descartes be very right in his Cartesian logic about the body-soul duality, neither the Philosophy, or the Science, nor the Spiritism, all resulting from the human thought, could make it right with the “res-divina”.

That is what we may conceive with the Rational Culture: the Three Millennia of the human mind energetic composition.


(Continue in Part 2)


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