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(Prof. Porfírio das Neves)


The human being is generated, grows up, develops himself, reaches maturity and afterwards extinguishes himself.

He goes through several phases during his life. The phase of the fetus, the infancy, puberty, adolescence, the adult phase and finally, old age.

Let us check with a just born, observing the progress that the child goes on making; the first cry, the eyes opening, the ears listening, in short, the organs going one by one adapting themselves to the environment. The eyes distinguishing the colors, the shapes; thus the first understandings of the child with the environment. Each such progress constitutes a phase, or several phases.

The understandings go on increasing; the adults teach how to speak, to laugh, and slowly go on transforming that being in accordance with its social and cultural standards. A basis of understandings and thoughts is thus formed for the future adult human being who will be able to act on his own, with freedom.

But, when he grows up, it will be too late for him to think alone, for in reality, the basis of his thoughts is not his, it was legated by others, by the parents, relatives, the society, even by the environment.

Surely the free thinking exists, we know that. But in reality this free thinking is also “pre-manufactured” in the cradle and in the first schools. And it could not be otherwise! Someone has to teach us to be free, for no one is born knowing, not even knowing what freedom means.

There is also the thought transformations during the phases of life, for the thoughts end by becoming all different, but do not get free from the first steps, from the first understandings. The perception of each one is variable, but each progress is assembled on top of that newborn basis. In a similar way, humanity also did not manage to get free from its primitive bestial formation.

No one chooses the cradle where one is going to be born, or the hour, nor the father, or the mother. At least that is how we understand, so far.

In a simple illustration, notice that the one who is born in Brazil, will never understand or will feel as being a Japanese and vice-versa. This is one of the examples that constitute the basis of the thought acquired in the cradle and from which no one can escape, even being a free thinker and free to imagine what he wants. One concludes that: it is not possible to deny your origin.

However, if a child, adolescent, were not told how he or she was born and did not see the other children be born, they would never perceive that they were generated in the womb of their mother, would not understand their biological origin, their birth, much less their before being thus, until the day comes in which, by natural consequence, in the meeting with the opposing sex, they verify how the reproduction is done and how a human being is generated (do you remember the film “Blue Lagoon”?).

It is only then, that the child would understand how he or she was born, how they ended up in this world.



Was born, grew up, developed itself and  matured. Passed through numberless phases. In each phase, each epoch, many and many divers aspects that constitute, in reality, an infinite number of phases. And now it is on the verge of verifying its real existence, as an eternal being that it is.

All that time, humanity was a free-thinker, but never was able to get rid of the link with its origin. And what kept humanity unconsciously caught in its origin, was really its good nature that we all have, such as a dormant spokes-person, latent.

– We call that nature sense of humanity.

That was always our wish: to look for purity and perfection, everyone wanting to make out right, verifying that our origin is of pure, clean and perfect beings.

If we never attained the purity and perfection, is because we were ignorant of our being, the reason of our being thus.

We invented everything that we know today and many of these things we have already forgotten and surely, out of imaginations certainties could not be born, for everything is imaginary.

But, such as the human body in its maturity is adequate to the mating, the human being, for being an astrological center, also, with time, had to come to the conclusion of finding in himself the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION, and in it the spokes-person of the truth of the truths, for the living being´s nature is adequate to know his true Origin, which is Nature who made us.

THE RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION is the Energy that links the human being with the World of Origin.

The spokes-person of the truths of the truths, even though still materialized in the form of Reasoning machine, through the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION, comes to clarify our origin, our “infancy” our “adolescence” and comes to show us the true way, now that we are entering the maturity of our existence, before the “old age “ and the natural extinction liquidate this humanity.

We are already living humanity´s most beautiful phase: the phase of the development of the Reasoning, through the natural connection of everyone with our true World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

The phase now is Rational, meaning to say that Humanity is just about to free itself from all the ignorance fermented in the backwardness of oneself´s ignorance.

Stop being a believer and a fearful of the Creator; to be conscious and worthy of coexisting with the true Creator.

Where did I learn this and with whom did I learn?

Simple: there is a Book that brings to me all that existential reality: the UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT. And this Book has an Owner! And it is with Him that I am learning.




(*)  Text in Portuguese:




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Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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