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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ – BRAZIL)



And what book is this?

When only the RATIONAL PLAIN existed with its pure, clean and perfect inhabitants in the RATIONAL WORLD, some of us, on our own, using our right of free choice and free and spontaneous will, entered a part of that plain that was not yet sufficiently developed to withstand the progress of purity performed by the inhabitants of the RATIONAL WORLD. They were called to attention several times by our Father, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, but paid no heed to the calls judging that they progressed successfully for their own account.

Well now, upon disobeying GOD Himself, judging that they did not need His orientation anymore, they provoked a Rational schism that caused the separation of that part of the plain, which displaced itself in a descending circular movement, taking with it all the insurgent ones. They did not realize what was going on, for they continued to judge that they were doing very well, since they could not feel any alteration in their Rational state of being.

After a long spell, their fluidic bodies, still eternals, however polluted, finally extinguished themselves  on top of the elements earth and water, which were going through a materialization process; a result of the loss of virtues of these once  pure, clean and perfect beings and of the Plain itself. Thus the Universe was formed, with the sun, the moon, the stars, the water, the animals and the vegetal; the seven particles that form the human beings life essence in the matter: Nature.

Since the moment you came out of the state of purity, until you reached the material deteriorization state, many eternities went by. Eternities are impossible to be materially measured, for being way beyond the mortal being´s perceptive capacity. For that reason, the stages were divided into phases that constitute the BOOK, to make easier the understanding of its content.

How, when and where this Book is produced?

During 21 eternities, the fallen beings went through several phases of regressive evolution in the matter. You started as monsters, then as backward savages, later advanced savages, coming finally to civilized. And as advanced civilized ones, already in the thought phase, you started to be known as Rational animals, being oriented and lapidated by the thought until 1935, when the thought retired itself and was replaced by the Reasoning in the new phase, the Rational Phase. That stage preceded the impression of the first volume of the BOOK, which occurred in 1971 and was anteceded the Amarelões and Obras Primas de Francisco de Assis .


Because the Rational Phase is the last one of the human existence on Earth and it has become imperative to take the Rational Culture knowledge to everyone, so that you could come to know yourselves and become conscious of all the degenerative process that you have been through and  still will go through; as much as its causes, as well as its effects.

Which are the benefits the reading brings to the reader?

Through the complete knowledge of your own history, your true history, the human being, as he develops the Reasoning, starts to become positively conscious and to know himself wholly. Comes to know where he came from, how he came, why he came, what is he doing here on Earth, to where is he going, how and when he goes. Through the reading, he acquires the Rational Clairvoyance and already as a Rational Apparatus, starts to communicate permanently with his brothers pure, clean and perfect there in the RATIONAL WORLD. The BOOK describes with simplicity and myriad of details all the process of the loss of virtues during the descent; the passing through infinity of lives and deaths suffered in this world of matter, where everything has a beginning and an end; and everyone´s return to one´s World of Origin upon attaining the Final Aim, which is the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION.

And who wrote this Book?



HE is the Reasoning Superior to all Reasoning, an Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD. HE is not a spirit, these live in the vacuum between the Earth and the sun. HE is a living creature such as the ones there of the Earth, different only because HE is not terrestrial.

HE materialized Himself on Earth, in the suburb of Rio de Janeiro and lived his life in the matter like any terrene human being, in the person of Lord Manoel Jacintho Coelho. At the appropriate moment he founded the Centro Espírita Francisco de Assis to provide the teachings to those interested at that time, in the existence of their invisible brothers that live just above the matter, as well as the ones who live in superior dimensions. Upon the arrival of the time for the transformation, the spiritual center activities were closed down and the Rational Ashram was founded and built with the participation of all those that followed the Master. Among the several buildings that were raised at the Ashram, which is located near the district of Nova Iguaçu in the suburb of Rio de Janeiro, there is the Rational Printing and Editing Office, where the BOOKS “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture are printed.

What is the importance of this Book?

Humanly, there is no way to measure it. This Book is the eternal existence itself, it is GOD Himself; the reason for it being called the GOD-BOOK. One cannot emphasize its importance, for it is the only means available for the humans to attain salvation.

What is the meaning of salvation?

Salvation means transformation. Means getting out of your way of being, a sufferer and mortal  Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD materialized in the pineal gland; transforming, dematerializing and freeing yourself definitely from the shackles of the matter. It means that the Rational Phase is the last one and that after it, the one who ascended to the RATIONAL WORLD is in safety and the one who did not, descended. And upon descending to inferior classes of the irrational animal, will stay there for 7 more eternities, living infinity of existences, which are the lives of all the specimens of the animal world, of the vegetal world and of the mineral world.

That is the true meaning of this BOOK: everyone´s return to their World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD. It happens to be a MISSIONARY-BOOK, an EDUCATOR-BOOK, and an UNVEILLING-BOOK of the TRANSCEDENTAL KNOWLEDGE for the whole humanity: the RATIONAL KNOWLEDGE. Summing up in just one word: the REASONING.

Therefore, it is wise to note: there are three actions of equal importance that must be performed jointly by those who wish to become involved in the Rational evolutive process that, if executed Rationally, lead the living creature back to his World of Origin.

The first one is about the printing of the BOOK, that must be made exclusively in the Rational Ashram´s Printing Shop, and that its production must be adjusted to cope with the demand that has a growing tendency due to the Rational propaganda. The BOOK´s availability must be permanent in order to supply the demand of everyone who wishes to save himself.

The second one refers to the quality of the reading by the student, with due attention, conscientiousness, unconditional will to study, research and learn what the book teaches.

The third, resulting from the previous ones, is the divulgence of the WORK by all forms, means and manners.

Therefore, without the BOOK there will not be RATIONAL KNOWLEDGE, without Rational Knowledge there will not be DIVULGENCE and without Divulgence there will not be SALVATION.

Here is the question that is put to the Brazilian people and consequently to the world population:


Certainly everyone wants to be saved upon taking notice of  what we will face if we do not become conscious that in the Rational Phase there is only one choice, the Rational one, and that it is free and granted to all living creatures.

Therefore, EVERYONE there, shoulders on the wheel producing the BOOK, reading and divulging its content to all Nations on Earth, for thus says the RATIONAL SUPERIOR in his ultimate Work, UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, of Rational Culture:

“All who know about it, all who read it, all who hear it should be advertisers of that which here they are knowing of good for themselves and for the fellow creature, to all those who know and to all those who do not know. Yes, all look for the good of themselves, but they do not know how to find it and all those who do not advertise that which they know and are aware of, for the good of their fellow creature, are in grave fault, diminishing their prestige, losing the merit to reach and be awarded of everything they need, they implore and desire.

It is necessary that the living creature be a fervent divulger of that which he knows in order to save himself and save his fellow creature. The living creature´s own merit increases and everything for him grows everything of good and of well glitters for himself”.



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