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(Compiled from the Rational Literature of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR)




You made use of your will, for the will is free and you entered a part of the Plain  that was not ready  to enter into progress, and thus it was, until you extinguished yourselves on top of the beginning  of the earth and of the water´s formation, causing then the beginning of that degeneration, for transforming yourselves into Rational animals.

And for everyone being born from the ground, you never had the condition to discover your true origin.

And everyone lived ignoring oneselves, not knowing where you came from and not knowing where you are going, after you die.

And ignoring what the origin was, a mysterious thing until today, an enigmatic thing, a phenomenon without explanation, for everyone was born from the ground such as any other beast; no one could speak.

You just made noises, and with time screeching, and with time roaring, and with time grunting.

For there was no one to teach everyone to speak.

After you went through that long eternity of formation, you walked on all fours, equal to any other beast .

Until that with time, the deformation went on acquiring its form.

And everyone acquiring its deformed form, Nature progressing and improving everyone´s state, until you started to walk curved, until you started to walk standing up.

Up to then the deformation was already well developed.

And then, roaring, screeching, waving, the phases of the waving, for no one could speak.

After the deformation was done, in the course of the eternities, much later, after you were completely formed by the deformation, the magnetic energy started with its progress of the imagination.

Thus, starting the first steps of the development of the imagination, the development  of the images.

The beasts kept imagining.

 Then, with time you came evolving, developing the imagination, until you started to let out the voice, the development of the voice by the magnetic energy

And for that reason, the voice is a sounding sound, magnetic, the development of the voice by the magnetic energy; you started to roar, to scream, to stammer, for no one could speak.

After developing the voice and the imagination, the electric energy started to be developed for the improvement of the speech and of everything else.

Much later, after all the formation finished, after having passed through several periods of monsters and of savages, much, much later, the magnetic energy started to display through the imagination, the letters the numerals and the words.

The electric energy developing the improvement of the speech.

And then, with this development of the electric and magnetic energy, the beginning of the progress of the artifice and the beginning of the philosophical and scientific progress.

And with the evolution and the progress of the development, you came improving yourselves little by little, until coming to the summit of the progress that you now enjoy.

For one to see that who taught everything to everyone was the owner of the thought.

The magnetic energy, the energy of the imagination and the electric energy, the energy of the thought.

For the owner of the imagination inserted in the image of the beings, in the imagination of the beings, that what it judged required and necessary to be made.

Then, the person kept imagining that, seen that what was in his imagination, proceeded to make it, and made it right.

The images of the letters made by the magnetic energy, the numerals, the words and of everything that existed artificially.

For one to see that you did not make anything. Everyone was used just as a tool of the one who made you.

But for living ignoring who you are, you judged that everything departed from yourselves, for you lived ignoring who you are.

For one to see that you did not make anything.

The owner of the thought and the owner of the imagination was the one who made everything.

And the owner of the thought and the owner of the imagination made all that for what?

For the lapidation of every thinker.

The thought was the depuration stronghold of the animal of Rational origin; it was the constant lapidator to destroy the primary impurities from the start when you begun to be taught how to speak by the owner of the thought .

And thus you came transforming yourselves as you still are there until today; for having been through the transformations you lost the discernment of all the past and of the beginning  of this trip of transformations.

For you came dying and being born, dying and being born, dying and being born, dying and being born, transforming yourselves from one life to the other, and that infinity of transformations  caused everyone to lose the discernment of all the translocations of your past in previous lives.

Yes, for you die and transform yourselves in what?

In microbes that destroy the body.

Then, the destruction of the body by the microbes ends and the microbes transform themselves in what?

Invisible viruses, fed by the microbes that extinguished themselves.

Afterwards, not having any longer the extinguished microbes as their foodstuff, these viruses extinguish themselves and transform themselves in invisible viruses.

These invisible viruses are going to feed on these visible viruses that extinguished themselves.

Afterwards the feeding of the invisible viruses ends, which are the visible viruses, and these invisible viruses transform themselves into energy.

That energy is fed by the electric and magnetic cosmic energy.

After being strengthened, that energy is going to generate new bodies of life in inferior classes.

That is why no one could ever learn or know his before being, which is his preceding life, what he was, what he had been.

You passed in all these eternities through infinity of transformations and that is why no one ever could discover his translocations of previous lives.




Dear reader, if the text has stimulated your curiosity, if you wish to know the lives that you have lived previously to the present one that you are living here in the matter as a suffering and mortal being, try to read the first volume of the scripture “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture. There you will find the history of the humanity´s formation as it really is, in fact, your origin as a clean, pure, perfect and eternal being, and the cause of this descent from the RATIONAL WORLD to this deformed, degraded, polluted and mortal world. All this and a lot more available in one only book. Read it, become a student of Rational Culture, find your way back to your World of Origin and enjoy again the company of your pure, clean and perfect brothers that stayed there for not having used unduly their will and free choice.


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