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(João de Castro, Rational Culture Student, Brasília, DF)



Walking around the edge of an abyss puts us to the risk of falling inside of it. This thin line which surrounds its borders is thought and imagination.

The fall represents the total lack of control where we feel being pushed downwards by the crushing forces of the matter, which goes down only; the sinking forces of the instincts.

 The Reasoning is the one holding us from trespassing the edge line of the abyss, for the more we look into it, more we feel its hypnotic gaze emanating from its core, enticing our desires to see what is at its bottom, and without realizing that, we give ourselves out to the fall, powerless to even opt between descending or ascending; then, all comes in its time and the time now is to develop the Reasoning, the true emancipation of the Free Will, which can decide for the fall or the rise.

It is time humanity develops its Reasoning and makes the right and rational use of the Free Will; according to the Superior Rational, “The Rational Apparatus is very fearful of his desires!”

One should bear in mind that the world has become a mined camp curdled up by the human technological junk reflecting a progress of total involution according to the Superior Rational.

Nonetheless this same progress is covered under the glamorous and fancy veil of appearances, which walls this endless hole in surrounded by the inferior classes.

There is no free will in the band of transformations ruled by the existential chaos and, once, you are there, your free will is under the control and submission of Nature.

We should wake up to this reality and reverse it on our favor – “The positive consciousness should guide the negative consciousness”, says the Superior Rational.


(*)  Text in Portuguese:


Sobre nalub7

Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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