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(Compiled from the Rational Literature of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR)




The thought was the thinker´s conductor, who was conducted by the thought, ignoring the thought´s owner.

And for ignoring, he did not know why he thought and considered the thought as a strange thing to his life, for ignoring the why of life and for that reason, did not know where the thought came from.    

And thus he thought and did not know why he thought, considering the thought as a strange thing, for ignoring the why of the thought.

Always varying, and ignoring why the thought was variable.

Keeping the thought´s disequilibrium, for not knowing the ruling of the thought´s existence and asking:

“Why are we thinkers and mortals?

Sufferers, thinkers and mortals?”

No one could answer, for everyone lived without knowing themselves.

And everyone thought without knowing why they thought, then, not having what to say, they said that the thought was  everyone´s  personal gift.

But they could not explain the why of that gift.

Today, they are aware, for they came to know themselves and to know that the thought was made by the owner of the thought.

The owner of the thought; these two energies, degenerated, deformed, polluted, weakened and for being weakened, unbalanced.

For being weakened, there is the deregulation of Nature, of the thought and of everything.

For being weakened, there is the disequilibrium, and the appearances keeping the equilibrium that does not exist.

For that reason, in the inner soul, you are thinking one thing, and in the appearance, another much different than the inner soul.

Keeping two in one only.

One inside, intimately, one thing, and outside another.

And then, the cause of the disequilibrium, for being two characters in one only.

And two characters in one only unbalance the “one only”.

For the inside character wants one thing and the outside one wants another.

And sometimes, the outside character wants one thing and the inside one wants another.

Then, there is the confusion of the shock of one only between two.

And then, the disequilibrium.  

The one outside, of the personal appearance, wants one thing, and the one inside, of the inner soul, wants another.

And then, the confusion of the two in one only.

All that, why?

Because you were being prepared by this lapidation, made by the owner of the thought.

For the thinker, life stopped in the thought, with no solution.

And life, for not having a solution, every thinker was a sufferer, for in the thought he did not find the solution of the suffering and for the thinker life had no solution.

And for not having a solution, you became materialists, for ignoring the why you are that way.

The owner of the thought is the one who made the thought machine.

The magnetic energy made its machine and the electric energy made its machine.

Then, electric and magnetic.

Two commands in one only.

One inside the inner soul, and the other outside.

For the lapidation to be better elaborated and take less time.

And that was the thinker´s life: to live for having a life, but ignoring oneself, and for that reason, ignoring the why of life.

And then, the lapidation was night and day and day and night.

Now, in the Rational Phase, in Nature´s natural phase, in the Rational development´s phase, you came to know yourselves.

To know who you are, the why you are that way, where everyone came from and how you go.

The Reasoning being the everything of everything of everyone´s life.

For in the Reasoning are all the required and necessary resources of your true World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

Only the origin could solve what is of your origin.

And now, just develop the Reasoning, life´s positive point, to return to your true state of life.

The Reasoning being the thought`s substitute and continuation.

Now, do not waste time anymore and strive to develop the Reasoning, reading and rereading, so that the Reasoning develops itself as quickly as possible.

For everyone to be contemplated with your connection with your true world, the RATIONAL WORLD.


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