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(Compiled from the Rational Literature of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR)





The magnetic is sheer fire, it is sheer evil.

And the ones who are ruled by that magnetic energy, are ferocious, blood thirsty, the magnetism being a part which deformed from the remainder.

Because it weakened too much.

And the weak one is out-of balance, it is the magnetic.

It is the imagination part, the magnetism.

And the thought part is the electric energy; and the magnetic part, the imagination part.

The part that most disturbs the Rational animal.

Which only imagines what is evil, only comes to the mind what is evil; one comes to see the images. It is as much the same, dreaming or awake.

But magnetism, since it is evil, in order to disturb, fills the mind with dotard images.

The person stays doting in life, completely deregulated and out-of-balance.

For the body´s magnetic part is the person´s true natural state.

Now, the electric part is calmer and better balanced.

Who knows oneself, knows how to fight and destroy the dotages of the magnetic, saying the following:

“Here you come, magnetic, wanting to make me dote?

Beware; for I know myself, magnetic, you must know where your place is, for I already know mine, magnetic”.

The magnetic then goes on retiring himself in a meek way, saying: “What a pity my not being able to also disturb that one. What a pity my mission is being closed. What a pity my not being able to lapidate all these beasts who know themselves and also know me.

What a pity my mission is coming to an end, for everyone is coming to know themselves, and thus, I have nothing else to do.

Everyone has already come to know me and to know themselves as well.

I can see that in a short while I will have nothing to do, thus ending my lapidating mission”.

A magnetic battle here, another there, another over there and thus successively, and then says the magnetic:

“I am loosing prestige, for everyone is coming to know me and my work is not anymore being accepted.

The ones that have come to know themselves do not accept my work any longer, they do not accept any more the imagination, for they came to know themselves and are developing the Reasoning.

There is nothing that I can do about it.

My mission is coming to an end, for no one wants to imagine or think.

Everyone wants now to Reason.

Everyone is striving to develop the Reasoning”.

For the more the Reasoning is developed, the more it is linked to the Rational Energy and stronger always.

And the magnetic from far away watching and saying:

“Oh! If only I could!

I would do anything!

For having lost my kingdom I cannot do anything anymore.

I am with hands and feet tied “.

The magnetic from far, from very far away with his unfortunate guesses.

For having lost everyone and lost everything, for having ended his lapidating mission.

His delegation ended, his command ended, he is furious with life.

For being furious with life, see what he is doing in the world: mass liquidation of everything.

Moral, physical and financial liquidation.

The fury of the magnetic is there, the disequilibrium of everything.

For one to see how indignant he is, for he wants to drag everything to his kingdom of another inferior class and continue in his kingdom.

In order to continue with his kingdom in inferior classes.

For everyone transforming themselves to inferior classes and the magnetic continuing with his ruling, saying:

“I cannot lose what is mine.

If they want to take away from me a class, I cause everyone to pass to an inferior class and my ruling continues in another inferior class, but it continues”.

Then, whatever the magnetic can take to the inferior class, he will do it.

And then, becoming indignant for losing his sheep.

And for that reason the magnetic came down to the world, which seems to be an end of the world, wanting to pass everyone to another inferior class, for him to continue with his ruling, although in another inferior class.

Then, what he may take, he will take.

And the ones that came to know themselves, these will be difficult, for they already know themselves and know how to fight him off when he wants to come in a meek way.

With these the magnetic cannot stand up to, for they came to know themselves.

For they are linked to the other energy through the development of the Reasoning.

So, the magnetic stays looking from the distance, terribly thirsty, to the sheep that he lost.

“I lost these sheep, these sheep will ascend, will return to where they came out of, to the RATIONAL WORLD.

I am losing all these sheep.

But as many as I can, will have to descend with me, to other inferior classes”.

To get rid of that energy, one has to get connected with the energy from above, the Rational Energy, to ascend and not descent with the magnetic.

For the world is an electric and magnetic assembly.

There is the part of the magnetic and the part of the electric.

the magnetic can take to the inferior class.



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