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Schizophrenia can be defined as an assembly of psychosis that originates itself in the person´s interior, unveiling the existence of dissociation between the action and the thought, which manifests itself in varied symptoms, such as deliriums and hallucinations.

This is our today´s world, a schizophrenic world, where the thought does not express that which Nature transmits to it, for a simple reason: thought ceased to exist with the ending of the phase of the animal of Rational origin and the arrival of the Reasoning in the new phase in force, the Rational Phase.

The thought´s function of then, was to proportionate a certain equilibrium to the human being. It dried, and the function was transferred to the magnetic, an unhealthy, violent and malign energy.

And what can one expect from a morbid, bad and destructive energy that dominates the mind and the actions of the living person?

Only destructions, deliriums, and hallucinations, almost always with refinements of cruelty!

But, let us go back for a moment to the primordial of humanity´s true history, in order to acquaint ourselves with when, how and where all that took place.

We lived, then, in the RATIONAL PLAIN, in the RATIONAL WORLD, where we were generated by the Reasoning Superior to all Reasoning, the ONE that from HIS own Reasoning created us as His image, similarity and perfection: GOD, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR.

Some of us entered a small part of the RATIONAL PLAIN that was not ready to progress and started to progress for our own account. We were called to attention several times by our FATHER, but we paid no heed to the calls of attention, proceeding in our false regressive progress, finding everything very natural.

That small part of the PLAIN, not withstanding any longer the progress of the transformations to which it was being submitted, started to displace itself and to move away in descending circular movements, taking with it all those pure, clean, perfect, eternal and criminal beings, that used and abused far beyond the limit of their free and spontaneous will and free choice.

The descending movement went on, and with it the continued loss of virtues of the Plain and of all those beings. To cut it short, these lost virtues, which are lives, formed in that transformation the sun, the moon, the stars, the water, the earth, the vegetal and the animals; the seven virtuous parts materialized in the degenerated and deformed formation of the enchanted universe that we inhabit.

These so many living creatures, with their still eternal subtle bodies, however already deformed, extinguished themselves upon touching the Plain´s surface in the beginning of its materialization into water and earth. They only did not extinguished themselves definitely, for having been given at the last moment, the permanence of the link with the energy of their origin, the Rational Energy, also already deformed from its original state of purity, cleanness and perfection.

New bodies of matter were, then, conceived, generated, given form and animated by Nature, sprouting from the ground of that earth as any vegetal: initially as little monsters, then monsters, later lubberly monsters, and finally, huge monsters. Further ahead, you became backward savages, later advanced savages and then, civilized.

In that long evolutive process, you transited through the following periods:

-First Millennium, of the degeneration; the magnetic energy of the imagination.

-Second Millennium, of the deformation; the electric energy of the thought.

-Third Millennium, of the recuperation; the Rational Energy of the Reasoning.

Then, having been formed the Three Powers, the triplet of the Third Millennium origin, which is the Rational Phase.    

In the phase of the animal of Rational origin, Nature, the owner of everything and everyone, that created everything and made everything to keep what it generated, created the thought to give continuity to the lapidation of the preceding phases of monsters and savages. In 1935 the Rational Phase came to the Earth, the Reasoning Phase, the Rational Energy Phase. Until then, three degenerated energies in one only body of matter: the materialized Rational Energy, the fluidic electric energy, and the also fluidic magnetic energy – the Three Powers.

All that an evolution of a degenerated Nature.

Coming back to the initial theme, what can one expect from an energetic assembly formed by a materialized energy imprisoned inside the living creature´s Pineal gland, and two deteriorated, degraded and polluted fluidic energies, one sometimes good, sometimes bad, and the other only pure evilness?

Really only evilness, lapidation and suffering!

Then, who was the one that created that world full of imaginary stories, tales and legends, which fed the backward ones? Who created the mysteries, enigmas and phenomena to beguile and lapidate the unconscious, somnambulist and day dreaming beings?

Was it GOD?


The true GOD, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, pure, clean and perfect, would never commit such an imperfection, creating living creatures only to suffer and to die.

The authors and causers of that world, a consequence of the First and only, the RATIONAL WORLD were our very selves. Every cause has its effect. And today, everyone terrified, fearing a nuclear war that will only annihilate the humanity. We have come to the point of creating devices for the world destruction, entitling ourselves owners of the world, without having the slightest idea that this world is a consequence of its own inhabitants.

Now, faced with the artifacts of devastating power, the Rational Alarm ringed and everyone waking up stricken with fear, for not having with whom to count or where to hold on to.

However, by the Devine Providence´s grace, we already have with whom to count on and to hold on to: with the coming of the Rational Phase, the Savior Literary Work “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture; the Transcendental Literature that teaches the living creature to Reason and to know himself learning his true history, that frees him from that schizophrenic world, from that epidemic and mortal infirmity that rages on Earth, for in the Reasoning´s development is humanity´s recuperation and salvation.

In the thought phase prevailed that dichotomy of day and night, of the good and bad, of the positive and negative and of the ambivalence of sentiments that takes us from love to hate and from hate to love; sheer paranoia!

In the Reasoning we are “one for all and all for one” we are all one single unit, one only brotherhood. That is the top energy that one acquires reading and rereading the book “Universe in Disenchantment” that frees us from the infernal nightmares of life in the matter and takes us back to our true World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

Not only the reading and rereading leads us back to the Rational Paradise. It is mandatory that we transmit this acquired knowledge to our brothers and sisters that still have not had the opportunity to inform themselves about the Rational Culture. As our Father says  in the Book ‘Universe in Disenchantment”: “anyone that does not divulge that which they learned and know, for the good of his neighbor, is in grave fault, diminishing his prestige, losing the merit to attain and be contemplated of everything that they need, they implore, they wish”.

That divulgence is for everyone´s aggrandizement; therefore, upon saving yourself by saving your neighbor, your own merit increases and everything of goodness will occur to you.







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