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It is not without reason that the RATIONAL SUPERIOR cautions in His grandiose Work of Rational Culture: REASON ALWAYS! NEVER THINK.

The Rational Culture reader and student, after some time of careful reading, rereading and studying the contents of the UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT Book, quits thinking and imagining and starts to Reason.

And what does Reasoning mean?

Means to be in contact with the world that preceded this one of matter, the world of our true origin, the RATIONAL WORLD. Means to communicate with our pure, clean and perfect brothers, that remained up there, for not having followed us in that irrational adventure of entering a part of the RATIONAL PLAIN that was not ready to make progress, making progress by their own account and ignoring the urging calls  of our Father, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR.

As the understanding of the Rational reading and rereading deepens, in the terrestrial sense of the expression, and rises, in its Rational sense, the nearing of the two worlds occurs for these readers and students of RATIONAL CULTURE, and in the closing of these fraternal ties, they come to speak, write, or even communicate silently among themselves in the Rational way.




These exchanges of Rational information may be denominated “Rational Reflexions”, for they are a reflexion of the emissions received here, by the student, in the Rational Energy form, and retransmitted to their brothers in the Earthly and Spatial Galaxies.        

When the two worlds join in a single one, it is the sign that the student has finally accomplished his full Rational development, one of the most beautiful things that may happen to someone in the world of matter: the development of the Reasoning, of the Clairvoyance and of the Apparatus. At that very moment, Reasoning will not be required any longer, for after the Apparatus is fully connected with the Rational Energy, he becomes ruled by the Rational Energy, thus annulling the necessity of the Reasoning´s functions, the primary course for everyone´s equilibrium, Rationally. The student will not reason anymore, for he is already inserted into the Rational Supremacy of the Rational Energy context, having become in it one and only thing: RATIONAL. Thence the conjunction:






No one can evaluate or define what the suffering of the dematerialized Inhabitant in the space is. Here in the matter the suffering is organic, detectable, noted, qualified and defined by the sentiments of the senses. There is always a way of soothing them or solving them somehow, for a lapse of time or in the extreme, when death befalls.

In the space, the dematerialized Inhabitant has no way of defending himself from the constant magnetic attacks that he is mercifulnessly submitted, much less diagnose what he feels. He is a prisoner in an unlimited space which for him appears constraining and oppressing. He liberated himself from the state of a materialized Reasoning Machine in a cloister, living life-after-life, for twenty one eternities inside a Pineal gland, for, in the end, transform himself in a dematerialized, degenerated, deformed, polluted and magnetized Inhabitant, due to his ill-makings during all his past existences and experiences in the matter. A degraded miserable sufferer erring in the space.

He became a prisoner of himself and of his makings, suffering the agonies of a monstrous and savage distress, not having anyone to ask for help or where to hold on to, living the true Astral inferno, but in the sideral space, where the demon and the magnetism are one thing only.

All that a result of the ignorance coming from the rudeness, from the backwardness and from the savage brutality, from which he never got rid of, for not having realized that the thinking Rational beast phase ended and that the phase in force now is the Rational Phase, the new phase of Nature´s natural.

And for becoming unknown of himself, of everyone and of everything else, he became an unprepared being, good for nothing, except for being lapidated. And out there in the space, he will suffer in an infinitely  amplified  and multiplied way, the distress that his body of matter will undergo down here,  during unaccountable sequences of irrational existences in the matter, and in infinity of physical forms of animals, of vegetal, of minerals, along the next seven eternities.

Reminding that in the world of the irrationals there are no beguiling or deaths in sequence to soothe the suffering of the space prisoners.  Only lapidation!




The above reflections are meant to remind the living creature that there is still time for salvation, for the DEVINE PROVIDENCE´s Supreme Goodness conceded us the pardon for the crime we committed, when we ignored the calls of our FATHER and proceeded to make progress by our own account in the part of the Plain that was not ready to make progress.

That pardon is embedded in our Rationalization process, through the careful reading and understanding of the teachings of the Divine and Transcendental Rational Scripture, UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT of Rational Culture, and the divulgence of these teachings to the brothers that still did not have the opportunity to get acquainted with the Literary WORK and with themselves.

For those that proceed thus and work for it, the Entry Gates of the RATIONAL WORLD will stay open and you will be led there and become reintegrated with your pure, clean and perfect original life, the RATIONAL LIFE, in the RATIONAL PLAIN.




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