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The Earth today is an incubator.

The microbe from the ashes, the viruses, generated the feminine sex and the viruses from the water, generated the masculine sex. After these machines were formed, they became production apparatuses.

For the resin coming from the Plain, with the heating of the focus of light, caused that union in that degeneration, where the woman is the incubator, for being made and generated and formed by the virus of the ash, which the owner of the thought named Earth.

For everyone being generated and formed and developed under the ground, the primitive incubator, is why everyone returns, is why the matter returns to below the ground, from where it was given form.

Then, the owner of the thought named it Earth; everyone buried from where you were generated, from where you were made.

And thus were generated and made all the beasts.




To see that the woman was born from the man. Who made the woman was the man, for the viruses of the plain that were transformed into water were of the masculine sex viruses and the ones from the ash, of the feminine sex.

Then, where the ash came out from?

From the inside of the Plain.

Who made the woman was the man, for the virus of the Plain that transformed itself in water being the masculine sex virus, and the one from the ash the feminine sex.

To see that the man originated the woman (from the man the woman originated herself) the feminine sex, the virus of the Earth.




Which phenomenon is that, which has come to the world, which has come to Nature, that no one can explain and that no one knows the why? Everyone saw and felt that everything was becoming different, but no one knew the cause, for everyone lived without knowing who they were.

The cause is a change of phase, the phase of the Rational animal that Nature changed to the Rational Phase.

In every change of phases there are great derangements of everything in all humanity, for it is the ending of a phase and the rising of another, which is the Rational Phase. And when one phase ends, its makings collapse, a kind of extinction. For the phase that fed the makings stopped to feed the makings made by it, and because the makings stopped being fed by the phase that made them, the makings became totally out-of-balance, for the phase having ended and the makings of the phase having stopped to be fed.




For it is enough to be a beast to be ruled by the nothing. Even seeing that the nothing is nothing.

For being in that category of beast, you fight for the nothing as if the nothing were everything.

If the nothing were everything, nothing whatsoever would end in nothing.

For the nothing being nothing, is why everything and everyone ended in nothing.

Then, what is the use of the fight of the nothing for nothing? Nothing. For everything to end in nothing.




It is for that reason that no one had any notion of who they were in their past lives. For they were born from the ground, as machines formed to reproduce, by the transmission of the stagnant water, which is the germinating and forming seed of everything and everyone. The water being the first food of all its makings.

For that reason, without water no one lives, for you are made of water and the ostensive food of the makings of the water is the water.

For that reason, if there is water there are lives, with no water there are no lives,  for the water is the owner of all lives, the water formed all the lives.

The terrestrial fish are the ones who depend on the water to be able to live. The fish in the form of terrestrial animal are the ones who depend on the air and on the water to live and on the food made by the water.

In the absence of water there is no food.

To see that the water is the owner of all makings. And for being the owner of all makings, it was classified the true mother of everyone. For everything and everyone being made and generated by the stagnant water, which is the spermatozoon.

And for that reason, without water there are no lives, for water is the fabricator of all lives: animal, vegetal and mineral.

To see that water is the true mother of everything and everyone.

And the Earth, the foster mother, for without water the Earth does not produce anything.

And the father, the sun with its heat, generates everything, with its heat spoils and generates.

And thus the formation was made: the water, the mother. The Earth: the foster mother.

The sun: the father, the generator, creator and destroyer.

The water is the life, the degenerated energy, the fabricator of all the lives. And for that reason, if there is water there are lives. You are made from the water, sons of the water, and for that reason, without water no one lives, without everyone´s true mother no one lives.




Due to the Reasoning having materialized itself when you extinguished yourselves on top of the beginning of the earth and the water, for having extinguished yourselves on top of the beginning of the earth and the water the materialization occurred, transforming yourselves thus in the matter. Transforming yourselves from Rational to Rational animal, for the Reasoning materialized itself when you extinguished yourselves on top of the beginning of the earth and of the water.

And for being on top you transformed yourselves in the matter, arising then the transformation to Rational animal, for having extinguished yourselves on top, you united yourselves, and in that union occurred the transformation from Rational to Rational animal.

Thence, the Reasoning formed itself there, generated the Reasoning in the animal, in the part of the matter, and you remained in the class of  animal of Rational origin, for everything is of Rational origin, for everything departs from the Plain that transformed itself in water and that in previous reports in other Books, it is well clarified how everything started itself.




The RATIONAL WORLD is the true Owner of everything, for everything is of Rational Origin, which was the Plain that transformed itself in all that which is there. That transformed itself in that degeneration, pollution and weakening, for everything being outside its true place.

The second one, the degeneration and the third one the deformation.

Everyone became different, completely different from what you were. You were pure, clean and perfect Rationals with a body of pure, clean and perfect Rational Cosmic Energy.

You transformed yourselves from what you were, for you entered a part of the RATIONAL WORLD, which is the RATIONAL PLAIN that was not ready to make progress.

You started to transform yourselves, for losing your virtues, and then came the transformation of the plain and of everyone that came progressing for their own account.

To see, in the first place the transformation. In the second place the degeneration and in third place the deformation.

To see that when you transformed from Rational to Rational animal; the beginning of the degeneration. Later in the course of the twenty one eternities, you became completely deformed, generated and made by the degeneration.



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