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(Compiled from the Rational Literature of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR)






The world is going through difficult hours, in which the cause is the end of a phase, the Rational animal phase, and the entry of another one, the Rational Phase.

And every change of phase brings always great upsets in everything.

And these upsets, generate always a great confusion among everyone.

All that happens thus, for one not being aware of Nature´s natural changes, for everyone is ruling artificially.

Distracted and unworried with the artifice and its beguiling, that being the cause of one not becoming aware of Nature´s natural changes.   

And for not knowing Nature´s natural movements, you suffer the consequences of its changes.

For who rules its makings is the one who made its makings.

Who rules its makings is the owner of its makings.

The regency of the owner of its makings changing, and its makings not changing, they suffer the consequences.

For who rules everything and everyone is Nature, she is the owner of everything and everyone, who maintains everything and everyone.

If Nature changes and its makings do not change, they suffer the consequences of a great shake and disequilibrium.

All that, why?

For not being aware of Nature´s natural changes, for living artificially.

Who lives artificially ignores Nature´s natural movements.

You could only know Nature´s natural movements if you lived connected with Nature.

For being disconnected from Nature´s true natural, you are impeded to know Nature´s natural movements.

The regency of Nature´s phase was the Rational animal phase.

That phase ended, for everything in the matter is that way, has a beginning and has an end.      

 And the Rational animal phase ended – the thought phase – and changed to the Rational Phase, the phase of the development of the Reasoning.

When a phase is finished, everything in that phase fails, for the phase ended, its life ended, the phase´s life ended, failed, deceased.

The cause of all that infernal folly is for your not following the phase´s regency, for not having the precise and necessary notions of Nature´s natural changes, for living artificially.

Until you know the cause of all that disequilibrium, until you know the Rational Phase, the Rational animal´s recuperation phase, you will have already destroyed yourselves.

Another phase is ruling in Nature, the Rational Phase, for the Rational animal phase has already ended.

And for the regency having ended, you stopped being fed by Nature and for the lack of food from Nature, the cause of everything´s disequilibrium, of the mishaps, of the derangements, and of the confusions.


For the regency of the phase is another, for Nature´s natural regency is Rational, the phase of the development of the Reasoning, the Clairvoyance, and the Apparatus.

And that is the cause of the great derangement of everything in the whole world.

For living artificially, the cause of the ignorance of Nature´s natural change of phases.

If you knew the changes of Nature´s natural changes, you would follow Nature and there would be no shake of any kind.

Who does not know, starts to say that we are at the end of times.

It is not the end of times or the end of the world, but a change of Nature´s natural phase.

One phase has ended and another came in.

For everything in Nature is thus; has a beginning and an end.

And the Rational animal phase ended and the Rational phase came in.

The phase long since spoken of, the third Millennium Phase, which is the Spatial Phase.

But the beast, for living ignorant of himself, applies his mysterious knowledge at once, for ignoring how to clarify the motives of all these disturbances, of all these irregularities, of all that confusion, of someone who lives without knowing oneself.

And who lives ignoring oneself, keeps the mysteries, the enigmas and the phenomena of everything.

For he never could explain the why that he is thus as he is.

For if one would think of the phases of the past that ended, one would feel by the existing shake, that the animal phase would have ended.

And would look for, in the inedited things, the resources to know Nature´s phase that would be in force.

But preoccupied with the artifice, you did not have time to remember,  and suffering the consequences, seeing the disequilibrium of everything in the whole world and ignoring completely the cause, for not looking for it in the inedited knowledge the meaning of life´s derangement in the world.

Such as the word “disenchantment” is made to call the attention: UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT.

And you would find in the disenchantment the cause of that great universal derangement

And you would find the true solution, for knowing the Rational Phase, the phase of the development of the Reasoning.

And then, everyone would know what to do to find the true equilibrium of everything and everyone, for connecting yourselves to the phase and being favored by it.

And then, finding what you needed long ago, the Rational Phase, the phase of the development of the Reasoning, for the solution of life and of everything is in the Reasoning.

And everyone coming to know oneself, and everyone truly knowing what one should do, which is to develop the Reasoning, the Clairvoyance and the Apparatus, for Nature´s natural phase is this one, the Rational Phase and the regency of the phase is this one, is Rational.



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