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(Compiled from the Rational Literature of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR)



The soul does not exist; the true soul is the heart. But you forged it in a futile category. Invisibly, souls never existed, but living creatures, inhabitants of the immense vacuum, who rule themselves by a hierarchy equal to the living creatures there of the Earth, for being deformed into different categories.

Then, asks the infant: “And are there, in the vacuum, more living creatures then here on Earth?” I, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, reply: No! For the Earth is a true producer of beasts, producing lives in all ways: vegetal – living creatures with their very large hierarchy; animals – living creatures with their hierarchy and very big differences one from the other; – the earth and the water, both are living creatures, factories of living creatures.

Therefore, in the space there are only inferior beings, which divide themselves into parts, with differences one from the other, for the sun is their generator and creator; the moon, acting with its magnetic effects, as a coadjutant, and the stars with their salutary, electrifying influences; fertilizing currents of the beings´ formation.  

And thus, many are used to dream of souls of the invisible world, as if they existed; completely suggested by these things that you think are real, but are not. The suggestion has a great deal of magnetic influence, making the living creature see these fantasies under the magnetic power.

Therefore, soul, just one only, which is the heart; which is the body´s soul, the life´s soul. In the heart are the good and bad sentiments. The heart is the owner of the body; he is the first to feel the good and the bad things.

And there are still living creatures dreaming of these existences, that in reality they never saw to be able to prove. It is the world of the blind with eyes open; and for that reason they do not know how to divulge these things. They see but cannot tell what they are seeing. They learn about the things and are not sure of what they are saying. Since they never saw the existence of such things, they are always uncertain whether they are right or not.

And thus, the living creatures there, of the vacuum, for being endowed of great magnetic and electric force, take advantage of their magnetic force presenting themselves on Earth, before anyone, as they wish to present themselves: as a relative of the living creature himself, as this one, as that one, in short, as they wish.

And the living creatures who are not acquainted with these things, or do not know how they are made, say that the soul of their mother presented herself, the soul of this one or that one, or of any other person. They present themselves as they wish, due to the great magnetic force that they have. And the living creature, who is not familiar with these things, for not being able to divulge or define them, say that indeed the soul´s immortality exists and becomes convinced of that false reality, for ignoring how these fantasies are made.

And for that reason, it is admissible for the ones that have seen these things and who do not know or are not conversant with, to think that souls exist as well as the soul immortality.

Then, these who have seen and are used to see, start to talk of their passage that they are going to make when they die, in the hope that in their spiritual life perhaps they might live a happier life. These are people that suffer and say that they are paying for what they did in other incarnations. That is why many have the immortality’s false certainty.

But if they knew how these movements are made, how these things are made, they would interpret them differently. That is why the peoples are not up to the truth of the truths. And that is the reason why spiritualism is still standing up. When you learn how to divulge all these falsities, spiritualism ends, experiences end, and everyone firm themselves up with the certainty of the things.



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