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(Compiled from the Rational Literature of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR)




Arabia is a country of many legends, of many tales and of much romanticism, where in other times castles of gold and marble existed. Castles that in the course of times were demolished and the peoples adopted new systems. But there is not, still today, who does not appreciate the past of the old Arabia, with its histories, its tales and romances of the past.

There were sages born in Arabia, veteran connoisseurs of astrology, who searched for the map of life that everyone carries in their hands, and with the lapidation of the astrological science, started to pay attention to the stars for many and many centuries, making notes of their movements and naming them planets and sigma. That study spread over the whole of Asia, later becoming known universally.

 In those times science was wholly natural and communicated itself naturally with the stars, the living creatures acquiring, then, whatever they needed. The sages proved to each person the why of their birth, what had to be, what went on in their lives and what was going to happen in each one´s life.

In those times the teaching was this one only, and with time the living creatures created the new alphabet that they use until today for judging it to be better. The new generations started to invent new alphabets, appearing then all the hindrances that exist in the world.

The happiest living creatures of the world are not those governed by their sigma or their planets, but the ones governed by another part different from that vacuum, which is the Rational part.

The Rational part is the one that governs  all the planets, its force always over all of them, and the astrology study, which was a very advanced study to regulate themselves in those times, had no value whatsoever in so far as the Rational part force.

It was worthwhile for the living person to know why he was born and the course of his life. It was very useful to liberate the peoples; it was more advanced than that system, that alphabet invented by the man of the Earth, who remained there as beasts once and for all. You invented that alphabet in order to see if you could avoid or eliminate things that should happen.

In those times there was no god on Earth; god was the Sun and the goddess was the Moon.

Above all that knowledge is the Rational part force, which does not obey the whims of the planets or the sigma, for it is subjugated to the Superior Part and the planets obey, thus, what that Superior Part wishes.

All that is for you to come to the conclusion that life is good and that it is not only the evil that rules; the good also rules. The evil only rules with the bad ones who end badly. The good rules with the good ones who end well, for having in themselves the good administered by the Supreme Being to everything and everyone.

Therefore, what a planet is?

A planet is a living being of the stars, with its life and its force, being in that force its influence. Thus, when a living creature is born, and this or that planet is with its influence over the Earth, the living creature receives its influence. If the influence is of Mars, the living creature suffers a lot, grieves a lot. If the influence is of Jupiter, the living creature suffers less, if it is of Aquarium, less still; and thus successively.

And the Sigma?

Sigma is a stone or metal that is adopted by the planet where it has all its influence, which is the number, the letter being the planet. For that reason each stone with its planet, each metal with its planet, and thus the vegetal, the animals and everything that exists in the world, for even to make a plantation one needs to chose a planet, which many times the living creature thinks that is going to bring rain, plants, and the planet that comes is dry and everything dies. Many times the moon promises rain and it does not rain, and other times it does not promise and it rains.

There it is the knowledge of the primitive alphabets that appeared in the world, where many exist, but the best one was the Astrological. With the Alphabet of Astrology, the people understood themselves and governed better. With the alphabet that rules until today, one only sees in the world a progress of tormented and sufferers. It is a complicated alphabet that gave everyone that mania of improving everything and everything worsening. Today you look to the alphabet that is in everyone´s palm of the hands, look to all these traces, to all these risks and to all these little dots, and are unable to decipher them.

All that has its meanings and the living creatures cannot decipher them. You are with the knowledge in your hands, which is the Astrological Alphabet, and do not know what to say.

It is not that everyone is born brainless, as one is used to say, but the blame is on the people of former times, which are the same ones of today, that did not proceed with the Astrological Alphabet, already well advanced in its progress.

The ambitious and greedy ones wished to be rich, but the alphabet showed that they would be remedied, the others that the Alphabet said they had to be musicians, did not want to be musicians, they wanted that science be made according to such wishes of wanting to be that what they were not born to be.

Then, these discontents went on striving to organize another science and another alphabet, so that through them they could expand their wills. So, they did not want to guide themselves by the right, which is the mania of many, and followed the twisty way, attending their conveniences.

The Astrological Alphabet was misrepresented due to unconfessable wills and caprices: the greed, the envy and the jealousy.    

Today, many still study the astrological map and even make a fortune announcing to anyone their past, present and future, quite rightly, by the reading of the map that they learned to read in the true Alphabet.        

However, that is not the  alphabet that rules in the world; the one that rules is this one with which you already became accustomed to, and that is worth nothing, that being the reason that, to earn life, many look for the Astrological Alphabet, the map with the words in the palms of the hands, where the living person studying just the one half, can already unveil almost all the life of their fellow creatures.  

In the Orient the astrological alphabet is still quite used. In India, the Hindus, and even in Arabia this Alphabet is still in use.

At the time in which you lived with the Astrological Alphabet, you understood each other very well, for you guided yourselves by that Alphabet, and the spiritualism did not exist. Only after the modifications of the Astrological Alphabet was when the living creatures of the space, there, revolted themselves, and Nature also revolted for your not wanting to regulate yourselves by the Alphabet provided by her, starting the living creatures then, to be persecuted by strange forces.

In the beginning of the appearance of these forces, they were believed to be some kind of infirmity, of an attack, an illness or diabolic art that, on the occasion, possessed the person and made with that person whatever they felt like. If everyone guided themselves by the Alphabet given by Nature that is there in the palm of the hands of all living creatures, there would not be the need of the influence of these strange forces, for Nature would not revolt herself.

Therefore, spiritualism is a part of the astrology. The spirits are living creatures there of the stars, who have influence over the living creatures of the Earth, but it is not in them to provide the equilibrium of everyone in the world. All the spirits work according to the mission they have to accomplish and only exert their influence on the Earth because Nature revolted herself when the humans stopped to guide themselves by the Alphabet given by her and followed the one that they invented to expand their wills.

That was what occasioned the revolt of the spirits and of Nature, and this one opened the door there on Earth that gave entry to the beings from the stars, that are there progressing according to the education and the instruction made by the living creatures.

Imagine how many phases have already gone until the present time, when we passed to another phase superior to all, the Phase of the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION, the knowledge that I, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR am teaching you with all the clarifications of the whys of everything, with all the solid basis about everything in this world and outside it.

All that is to see how the world´s evolution was; how many things have already occurred, that it is not even worth commenting. However, it has appeared there in the world the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION for the new generations, that when arriving there in that world, they will adopt it, for it being of one comprehension only, and for being everyone for one and one for everyone.

And Who is that ONE?




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