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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ)




They were pure, clean and perfect. They were eternal and lived in a world equal to them in a progress of purity and perfection, until the day that one of them expressed his wish to enter a part of the Plain that was not ready to enter into progress.

Some chose to follow him and started to progress by their own account, in that part of the Plain that was still in formation. The RATIONAL SUPERIOR warned them several times but they paid no heed to the calls. The will led them to exceed the limit and take a no return decision; the decision of a wrong choice.

That part of the Plain, having its equilibrium destabilized by the invading energies, started to move and displace itself in a progressive descending motion taking with it everyone that was there.

In the descent, they went on losing their pure, clean and perfect virtues that deformed and materialized, forming the Universe and in it the planet Earth where they came to live.

Twenty one eternities later, they are still on top of the Earth, having been through unaccountable phases and transformations, being born and dying initially as degenerated degraded and polluted monsters, than as savages, finally attaining the condition of animals of Rational origin, civilized and modernized. Sophisticated beasts!

And how does the will of these beings that one day were pure, clean and perfect, presents itself in the material form?

In the same manner, but in a worse condition. In the RATIONAL WORLD they were perfect and eternals. Here on Earth they are the same Rationals but sufferers and mortals, with all the visible and invisible defects and inconveniences of the Lower Astral, their new home.

Who commands the will of the living person on Earth is Nature herself, and the living creature does everything that Nature commands, convinced that the will is his own, as well as the decisions he takes. That is what lapidation is, an attempt to heal the imperfection that the humans acquired through the wrong use of the free and spontaneous will and consequently the bad choice they made.

Many, long time ago, became aware and returned to their World of Origin, oriented by the teachings of the Astrological Alphabet.

Others are still in their Rationalization process and surely will soon find their way back to the conviviality with their brothers of origin in the RATIONAL WORLD.

Some others, however, will remain in the rudeness and backwardness of their material life´s origin ruled by the magnetic, and will proceed on the descending track to inferior levels of the animal, vegetal and mineral species where the Reasoning is non-existent.

And since nothing comes to a true ending, one goes from fish to shellfish; from quadruped to worm; from apple tree to venomous herb; from diamond to rock. It is the nothing transforming itself into another nothing, that is, an apparent everything that is worth nothing, an everything of the nothing.

These are the consequences of the incorrect use of the will. To see that the will has limits. They went over the limit when invading the part of the Plain that was not ready to make progress. They went over the limit when they paid no heed to our FATHER´s insistent calls of attention. They went over the limit when they departed from the RATIONAL WORLD, lost their virtues and materialized themselves. And so and so on.

Everyone who goes over the limit falls into the abyss of the emptiness and descends judging that he is what he is not, for not knowing himself.

The secret of well-living is to know how to use the will with maturity, sapience and positivity when making the choices. Only being adequately instructed can one reach that stage, and the instruction and the knowledge are found in the Literary Work of Rational Culture “Universe in Disenchantment”. And thus, your wills shall be attracted to Rational choices only, and once established and matured shall thus become fast.

Whatever the will, negative or positive, it shall always be sovereign, therefore, let us be Rationals in order to make the right choice always: the Rational choice.



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