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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ)







In the RATIONAL WORLD no questions are asked for doubts or ignorance do not exist. Reasoning knows everything, is aware of everything, is omniscient.

We live in this world down below, atrophied by the appearances, embalmed in the matter, perfumed by Nature´s deformed essences; being born, living, dying and being born again, for this life is a failed state  of being in endless transformations.

Everyone living without knowing themselves and everyone suffering for ignoring the why, and the why of the why.

That is the reason there are questions: ignorance.

All because we know nothing, otherwise questions would not exist.

In this world of matter, who does not ask questions does not know anything and who asks is ill informed, for he comes to know a worthless whole.


Because in the degenerated, deformed and polluted matter, the ruling ignorance is due to the whole existing knowledge being dominated by the thought, which in turn is dominated by its owner, Nature, whose natural is electric and magnetic. The living creature is a mere instrument of lapidation of these two energies that impose on him what they wish. And the living creature always convinced that what he thinks originates and emanates from him, that it belongs to him; and that he is the true and only accomplisher of what he thinks.

A genius, eluded and cheated by the ignorance of himself, by the artifices and by the appearances.

That is why one asks so many questions and obtains answers that do not satisfy or that satisfy provisionally.

For instance: no one knows who caused this disastrous effect in which we live now; the second world, consequence of the first. You find everything natural, judge that everything must be really thus, the way it is, and whatever you do not understand or cannot find a solution, you immediately name it mysteries, phenomena or enigmas, and the ignorance remains, everyone resigned with the state of being of things.

Ignoring yourselves, everyone and everything. Living at the mercy of the winds, until the hurricane comes. Living at the mercy of the waters, until the seaquake comes. Living at the mercy of the Earth´s solidity, until the earthquake is felt.

But , nevertheless, you do not stop researching, however, materialistic researches; scientific, philosophical, doctrinaire and religious researches that do not lead to anything, for everything in the matter has a limited duration.

In the matter nothing is lasting or guaranteed for everything being so, with beginning and end.

Then, the next question is:

Is there a way out?

The answer is: one only.

Our existence here in the matter was caused for our having disobeyed GOD, the REASONING SUPERIOR to all REASONING, the REASONING who begot us His likeliness and perfection, in bodies of pure, clean and perfect cosmic mass.

A few of us decided by our own account, free will and initiative, to unduly enter into a part of the RATIONAL PLAIN that was not ready to make progress. We were called to attention unaccountable times by our Father, but did not pay any heed to his calls. As a result, that part of the Plain had its energies affected by the invading energies, starting a displacement and descent movement, taking everyone with it, without anyone noticing or feeling the loss of their pure, clean and perfect virtues.

These virtues gathered in a focus of cold silvery light that later started to warm up transforming itself in the sun. As the heat of the sun increased,  everyone and everything became more and more deformed, until a resin started to come out of the Plain that with the heat started to blister, to burn, to toast, and finally became ash, which is earth.

The other part of that Plain, with the heat started to melt and to soften, becoming gummy and afterwards a thick liquid, which went on getting thinner and thinner, until it became water. That water penetrated the ash that was underneath the resin and molded, creating ideal conditions for the formation of visible and invisible viruses, microviruses, microbes and bacteria.

That water is a transforming living energy, generator of imperfect and degenerated lives, a producing machine of artificial and natural evils, mother of the transformations, she herself a derivative of a previous transformation. If there is water, there is life, if there is no water, there is no life.

It was on top of that earth and of that stagnant water of the materialized Plain that the then pure, clean and perfect beings extinguished themselves, now distorted and deformed, but still with their eternal bodies of origin.

We extinguished ourselves on top of the earth and of the water in the beginning of the formation and came to sprout from the ground in the First Millennium as if we were vegetal, however in the form of monsters and savages; afterwards, in the second Millennium, we came to be Rational animals, free-thinkers, and in the Third Millennium, as of 1935, as Rational Apparatuses, linked with the true World of Origin.

That is the true mankind´s history, available to everyone in the form of a Book entitled “Universe in Disenchantment”, which delivers in its pages  to each Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD materialized in the living person´s Pineal gland, the Letter of Enfranchisement of its prison, sentenced twenty one eternities ago.

Who becomes interested and reads, rereads, and studies with attention this Transcendental Document of Rational Culture, will have his freedom guaranteed through the dematerialization of his body, and the Rational Phase itself taking charge of the transformation into the new corporal form of Rational Cosmic Mass. Thence the body will be led to his true World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

“Universe in Disenchantment” is the Book that puts an end to the questions, since it brings all the answers.

It is the Book that carries the knowledge and the solutions for everything and everyone.

It is the Book that recuperates and saves the reader.

“Universe in Disenchantment” is the Book of Rational Culture that gets the human being out from his inferior condition of degenerated, degraded and polluted being, and rises him to the most lofty condition destined to him; that of a pure, clean and perfect being in his World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

This is the Book whose fluidized Rational Energy makes the student unlearn how to think and learn how to Reason, developing the Reasoning to become a Rational Apparatus, stopping to ask questions and starting to answer and teach the ones who make the questions, clarifying who they really are, where they came from, to where they are going, how and when.

Explaining to them that they never had any idea of the why they are like this, for being slaves of the thought and of the imagination; for still being in the Rational animal phase in extinction; and for the Rational Phase still being a just arrived phase. For everything in Nature has its ordination through the phases.

Just as there was the imagination phase, it was followed by the phase of the thought, and today we are in the Reasoning Phase, the Third Millennium phase, the Phase of the DIVINE PROVIDENCE´s Divine Gift.

The questions start to run low as we go into the phase of the full knowledge, of the Rational Knowledge of the two worlds in one only,  the RATIONAL WORLD.

And there is the true path of everyone´s return to one´s World of Origin, to the reunion with our father, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, in the RATIONAL WORLD.

With no more doubts, with no more questions, with no more uncertainties; without sophistries, confusions, ignorance, rudeness, brutality and infernal brawling. Everyone knowing oneself, everyone aware and conscious of everything and everyone, linked with the Supreme Voice of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR.

Finally the class of animal of Rational Origin has come to the end on Earth. Unfortunately not to everyone, for many still remain eluded, attracted and attached to the terrestrial things.

Then, there is the importance and the duty of the ones who have already awaken, to alert and clarify the ones who are still asleep, divulging to them the work “Universe in Disenchantment”, for these obnubilated not even ask questions any longer, for living petrified, dreaming with eyes open, enchanted by the materiality of the terrestrial life.

Therefore, all of us who already know ourselves, also know  that the true basic knowledge is the RATIONAL WORLD and the true logic knowledge is the Rational Confraternization, which is to love your neighbor as you love yourself and doing good to all regardless; to achieve a greater good still, which is to Immunize ourselves Rationally and return to being what we were; pure, clean, perfect and eternals in the RATIONAL WORLD.


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