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(Compiled from the Rational Literature of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR)




Who lives without knowing himself lives without protection and without guarantees, dominated by the owner of the thought and of the imagination.

Lives in a deplorable state of lapidation, lives at the mercy of lapidation.

And who lives at the mercy of lapidation, is exposed to all natural and artificial evils.

But to know oneself, one must read and re-read to be able to develop the Reasoning, the Clairvoyance and the Apparatus. For reading and re-reading one develops oneself faster.   

 It is a reading of the development of the Reasoning, the Clairvoyance and the Apparatus, which, for developing himself, he is required to read and re-read feeling what he is reading, for if he does not feel, it is of no use. Who feels what he reads, knows how to transmit what he felt, and who reads just for reading is of no use whatsoever.

One must feel what he is reading, to know how to transmit what he felt.

Who reads superficially, feels nothing, does not perceive what he is reading, and who feels what he reads, knows how to transmit what he read.

And who does not feel what he reads does not know how to transmit.

Why he does not, many times, feel what he reads?

Because his sense is wandering somewhere else, is not in the reading; the sense is preoccupied with other things.

Then, he reads and cannot feel what he is reading, for the sense is wandering somewhere else; he finishes reading and does not know what he read.

Reading is like a medicine; if you do not feel the medicine´s effect, it is of no use taking the medicine.

Not feeling what you are reading, it is of no use for you are reading as a duty, and not feeling what you read you did not receive the reading´s benefits from the Rational Energy.

Reading just to say that you read is of no use.

And thus, you never come to know yourself, for you do not know how to transmit what you read, for the sense is not in the reading, is wandering somewhere else, instead.

That is why it is necessary to read and re-read, to feel what one reads and know how to transmit.

This happens with many that still are very green, without any maturity whatsoever.

And not having the necessary maturity, one does not have conditions to feel what he is learning, for the sense is wandering with the life futilities of the ground.

All that why?

For lack of maturity; the sense is out-of-balance, for being full of wills, enjoyments and manias of the nothing, for everything ends in nothing.

And it is for that reason that the person reads the full work and in the end knows nothing, stays the same, for not feeling what he read, what he learned; very vaguely he knows how to expose something, and that is why one must read and re-read in order to observe and feel what he learned, what he skimmed over.

Every reading requires maximum attention, always re-reading to feel what one read and know how to transmit what he learned.

No one can learn something without paying due attention, feeling what he is learning, to be able to put into practice.

One must feel, for the Reasoning to develop itself, as well as the Rational Clairvoyance and the Apparatus.

If one does not feel,  Reasoning does not feel, does not develop itself and stays the same.

Staying in the same category he was.

If he respected what he is reading, he would feel what he is reading, to know how to transmit.

He seems to respect, for he reads as a duty or to accomplish a duty, as if RATIONAL CULTURE were a study without importance.

It is the most valuable of everyone´s life, which is for everyone´s return to their true world, the RATIONAL WORLD.

It is the most important reading of everyone´s life, to stop remaining in that category in which you are and pass to a superior class, which is the Rational Apparatus class.

That is a reading that requires much attention, for it is an inedited and much elevated knowledge and all the attention and all the sense is not enough, for it is there the salvation of oneself and of everyone, which is everyone´s change to their true World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD; the world of the pure, clean and perfect ones.



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