Momento Racional 88 - Os bons e os maus


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(Compiled from the Rational Literature of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR)





To see that the ignorance about oneself was one of the gravest things, for living that way you did not know why you lived.

And for not knowing, life could not be what you expected it to be.

The good ones wanted that everyone were good.

And for not knowing yourselves, you ignored the cause of the existence of the bad ones, and the bad always trying to destroy the good.

And the good ones always pitying the bad ones.

And there were the more balanced, which were the good ones and the unbalanced which were the bad, but the good wanted that everyone were good.

They forgot that everyone is different, that everyone is unequal and that not everyone could be good, for everyone think differently and act differently one from the other.

But the good forgot that Nature was thus and wanted that the bad also be good so that everyone lived in harmony with themselves.

And the good always trying to balance the bad and the bad ones short of being balanced.

And that was the Rational animal´s life.

The bad against the good, the bad always wanting to destroy the good, and the bad wanting that the good also be bad.

And it was a very big fight, a war between the good and the bad and the bad against the good.

The bad did not like the good and the bad, many with the appearances of the good; and the good, for being good, always tolerating the bad.

And life became such a big nightmare that many lived an inferno in life, without quietness, without peace, the cause: these two energies, magnetic and electric.

The ones endowed with great magnetic influence were the bad ones,  and the ones endowed with electric energy were the good ones.

But who lived without knowing himself, thought that the bad ones were bad because they wanted to.


No one wanted to be bad.

The bad existed for their being endowed with great magnetic force and the magnetism force was what caused the bad to exist.

Everyone was ruled by these two electric and magnetic forces.

Everyone was tools, as we are, of these two forces.

No one wanted to be bad: they were bad by Nature´s natural circumstances.

But for living without knowing yourselves you thought that the bad were bad for they wanted to be bad.

These two lapidating forces of the human beings were what caused a hereditary evil, for magnetism being of Nature herself.

Today, you came to know yourselves, knowing the why of that imbalance among everyone.

Now, with the development of the Reasoning, in the Third Millennium phase, everyone will become one thing only.  

Everyone will come to be good for they will come to be balanced by the development of the Reasoning, of the Clairvoyance and of the Apparatus.

For once developed by the Rational energy, you will become linked to it and disconnected from the electric and magnetic energy.

And thus, everyone will become Rationally balanced in one only level, and the bad ones will finish off, everyone will become good ones through the development of the Reasoning, of the Clairvoyance and the Apparatus.

Thus ending the electric and magnetic action, for everyone being disconnected from it, for being connected in one only energy, the Rational energy.

The energy of everyone´s true World of Origin, the pure, clean and perfect energy of the RATIONAL WORLD.


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