Translation: Thinking is going worse. Reasoning is getting always better!

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(Master Pop, student of Rational Culture, Florianópolis, SC)



When I refer to reasoning I’m not talking about a way of thinking!

Communication through full Reasoning is not done by words, feelings or even less by methods, but by a highly refined perception, devoid of any subjective formula of reality.

Through Reasoning there is no thought, no plans, no dreams, but true action in the execution of things. Reasoning is a state of being full and integral. What gives meaning to the Reasoning is the reasoning itself for this reason: “Rational – Reasoning, Reasoning – Rational”.

The whole of reality which is defined by thought becomes a single unity where there is no duality, there is no division, what one knows all the others will know as well. Reality is one. One stops thinking, imagining, leaving the field of uncertainty, inconstancy, not always positive experiences, to become fully integrated into the real solution of what is needed.

When all mankind gets its Reasoning developed, there will be no more differences, mistakes, doubts or indecisions, for conflicts only happen in the universe of thought.

In the world of free thinkers, each person thinks in his own way, and there is no full agreement among people regarding the way of thinking about politics, religion, about God, about the origin of the universe and so on. No one thinks exactly the same. One may agree on one thing or another, but in the general context opinions will always differ.

Therefore, many people after reading this article disagree with it and do not accept it, and this is worldwide.  This reality comprises discordance and ideological wars among philosophers, scientists, religious, politicians and the like. Because thinking is to deny the right to reason.

In thought one finds egocentricity characterized by vanity, arrogance, greed, for one person thinks he is better than the other because of the social and economic condition, because of skin color and other reasons. That is why there is prejudice, racism and everything that is bad: all the fruit of thought, of feelings, all fruit of their own nature, pertaining to each individual nature.

Being arrogant and ignorant, the human being will not be able to realize that there are these gears, like a machine, a tool of nature that commands him through his desires, through thought; it commands humanity sealing it in its basic needs of feeding and transformation aka dying.

Apparently we are everything and more but truly we are nothing! So today we are alive but dead tomorrow. Nobody knows what is to come, what drives us is the hope of living for a few more days, maybe for many years, but the day will come when nature will no longer negotiate, and there is no way. And whoever thought he was the greatest on earth will succumb to all his arrogance.

Freedom is an imperative of nature so it does not negotiate its rights. People who are mature, dilapidated, disbelieving of everything, reading this message are filled with hope and realize that something deep exists here, while others, because of their vanities or their beliefs and convictions, think they know everything, that they have found their truth and do not need anything else. And there are also those who are simply indifferent to this message and that this world is all that matters and they’ve got no problems with it. For them good is temporary and this is the reason it cannot be found.

Humanity took thousands of years to develop imagination, and then thousands of years to develop vague thinking, and even a few centuries to develop logical thinking, the period in which knowledge was formulated,  defining the dialectics.

It is necessary here to clarify that no human being reasons, only thinks and confounds highly developed thinking with pure Reasoning. Our origin is Rational, so we are classified as Rational animals, because we have this faculty to be developed.

We are animals and by natural circumstances we are divided into two categories, the irrational animal and the Rational animal, but the class is the same, that is, the animal class.

Our condition is the same in the law of reproduction, that is, in order to exist our reproduction it is necessary just like any other animal or plant. Biologically we are similar to other animals and some plants, the biological needs are the same, that is, we need to feed, we need, for example, water and other chemical elements present in nature.

Although our physiology differs in some parts from the other living beings, we have the same needs and characteristics in common, such as breathing, ingesting food, processing and defecating, exhaling smells and so on. Biologically our organism needs chemical elements, which are essential to our life, as they are for the other living things.

Nature is the creative agent and she is also a producer and transformer of her creatures;  in fact,  it resides in Nature the imperative of the actions that help her with all that is created. Men are only tools, subdued to Nature’s laws; everything is transformed and with men it is no different. Men like all the other creatures are subjugated by these laws.

We are all free thinkers making use of language and concepts which men developed through Nature.

Despite the fact that thought has evolved it is still to vague to provide answer to our existential problems and the fundamental questions about our origins remain unanswered. This is the reason why men tried to fill in these gaps with philosophy, sciences and religion.

So if we are to seek proofs of an absolute hypothetical truth about our origin, for example, we will not find plausible answers in ourselves, will we ever find in other sources developed by thought and imagination? The explanations are always the same that emerge from the same old conventions.

The phases that determine the transformations on the planet are a natural factor that allows the sovereignty of nature, because regardless of formulating concepts about their actions, these are materialized in a higher plane that continues to challenge the wisest of men. So there are so many thinkers to formulate their ideas about this world, which in its thesis remains enigmatic and challenging. Nature remains indomitable, although men dominate sciences and technologies. Nature still holds true and real power over all that exists here.

All living beings belong to nature, each being is linked in a natural way to their specific follow-up of lineage, category and species. Therefore we are all beings animated by the forces of nature, which is the force of generation, creation and transformation. So we are all living devices connected to nature. We were born with the possibility of becoming receptors and transmitters devices.

Notice how we are free thinkers!

At the moment you are reading this article we are two devices in one, you are reading and I am transmitting these messages to you. Although you are using your thinking, your reflections, agreeing or not, yet, you can also be at this moment formulating other thoughts that are not in this context, that is, completely different things from what you are reading. Because you are thinking and imagining, often without even being able to realize it!

You, like all human beings, are a receiver and transmitter;  some more regulated and some less, some that are born with some deformity, but nevertheless they are still apparatus;  some more balanced and others completely unbalanced due to the interference of the multiple information that are being transmitted by nature in each device. So mine and your thinking at this moment merge. Then one wonders, “But where is the author of this message at this moment?” At this moment I am exactly inside his “I”. Or am I not? This is a small proof of the possibility of unity through the development of Reasoning.

Everyone who doubts everything is afraid of everything, is insecure, suspicious, turbulent, stubborn, vain, arrogant and other adjectives.

But this is the nature of  being, each person with his own nature, so that there is no one who is absolutely equal, we can be the same in customs, in the preference of this or that etc. Even though they are from the same family, people are all different.

It is only when everyone begins to reason that there will be a balance between the human beings. The process for rationalizing  humanity will come naturally, whether you want it or not, studying Rational Culture or not.

Rational Culture is just an essay of nature bringing up information that is essential today to begin a change, so that we can overcome all that has been seized by thought. Over time naturally nature itself will produce more evolved beings.

Study Rational Culture!


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