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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira. RJ)




Matter is a symbolism of the magnetic.

Symbolism is something that appears to be what it is not.

The human being, with all its defects and imperfections, is a symbolism of the magnetism for being linked to it, to the electric and magnetic energy transformed into semen, which in turn transforms itself in that machine of thinking matter, symbol of a fugacious and passing life.

We are symbolic beings; we are a symbolism of the magnetism, as well as everything else that exists in the matter. We were reduced to this nothing by our own initiative and for that reason became ignorant of everything and everyone, to the point of not being able to define our own “I”.

We are symbolic bodies of matter and it is for that reason that everything and everyone ends up in nothing, for symbolism appears to be what it is not and never was.

In that suffered second world of matter, which is understood as an assembly of gathered ruins, degenerated, degraded and polluted, the symbol of the beloved country instituted by all nations in the whole world is the national flag which, like every symbol, does not furl the true representativeness of what is printed on it.

For instance: “ORDER AND PROGRESS” and “…THE SYMBOL THAT IT DISPLAYS COVERED WITH STARS…”, of the Brazilian flag and the Brazilian National anthem, do not correspond to the message that supposedly they intend to transmit.

The United Kingdom´s “God bless the Queen” does not make any sense under the Rational optics of the People´s Rationalization, for the word God, largely vulgarized in the materiality, was implanted by the magnetic into the living creatures´ imagination to deregulate them even further.

There is the reason of the philosophical fanaticism inserted by the magnetic into the heads of its instruments through the image of a superior entity, invisible, intangible, however maneuverable here on Earth according to the intention of each interested manipulator, at his own joy, wish or aim.

After all, how could God save something or someone which varies, appears and disappears, exists and stops to exist? Sheer ignorance of oneself, of one´s origin, of the cause and the consequence of one´s present life in the matter.       

There it is, then, the symbolism of the ignorance!

Symbols came to lose their false value and started to be demystified when the Redeeming, Libertarian, Definitive, Transforming and Transcendental Work, “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture arrived in Brazil in 1935, coming from the RATIONAL WORLD, in the new Rational Phase of the Third Millennium.

In that Book, there could never exist symbolisms such as amply used in everything that has already been philosophically written by mankind along many and many centuries, for the work  is from the Source of the Rational Knowledge itself, from where the Teachings emanate with their inedited revelations, which allow the Rational Culture student to Rationally retroact in time and space, reacquiring the knowledge of who he was before being who he is now, coming to learn and understand where he came from, how he came, why he came, to where he is going, when and how.

With the full development of the Reasoning, the Clairvoyance and of the Apparatus he attained, thus, the apex, where the demarcation line stands, between Time and Eternity; between the materialized body in its brute, impure and defective form, and the original cosmic mass form, subtle, egg shaped, luminous and Rational; between the electromagnetism and the Rational Energy; between the thought and the Reasoning; between the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD imprisoned inside the Pineal gland and the pure, clean and perfect being who inhabits the RATIONAL WORLD with his progress of purity.

That is the most elevated and grandiose moment lived by this being now, who once upon a time was a disobedient and delinquent creature, who 21 eternities ago left the RATIONAL WORLD, unduly entering a part of the RATIONAL PLAIN which was not ready to make progress, not paying heed to the warning calls of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, this one, yes, his true GOD.   

In that sublimed condition, already aware of everything that will happen to him, he remains static for a scanty fraction of a moment in that undefined and transitory state from the temporality to the timelessness, consciously feeling the energy´s transforming action  reorganizing itself in his inwardness already totally Rationalized.

Finally, upon trespassing the RATIONAL WORLD PORTAL, and in the process of his final transformation to his original state of being, he becomes again a pure, clean, perfect and eternal being, generated to the Father´s image and perfection, who welcomes him with His unconditional Rational Love.

The past of that being was no fun at all. It was made of 21 painful eternities of blood, sweat and tears, suffering as any mortal, living in the matter in very short interregnums between one life and the next.

However, by the DIVINE PROVIDENCE´S grace, the Saving Book “Universe in Disenchantment arrived here, through the hands of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR OF THE EARTH, Lord Manoel Jacintho Coelho.

Who studies it with the required care and attention, will be guided by that inedited Rational Work to his True World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD.

Who does not do it, will be dragged and led by the malign magnetic to inferior classes of the irrational beings, for since 1935, he came to withhold the absolute ruling of the inferior levels of the irrationals for seven more eternities.

Therefore, study the “Universe in Disenchantment” Scripture judiciously, illuminated by the Rational Light, in order to be entitled to the right choice and not the symbolic one.

So be it!



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