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(Gilberto Carnasciali, a student of Rational Culture, Miguel Pereira, RJ)





We were and are rebel and disobedient beings, either in the RATIONAL WORLD, when we were pure, clean and perfect, or here in the Lower Astral of the degenerated, visible and invisible ones.

That is because freedom and choice are free, both there and here and each one acts as one pleases according to one´s will.

That is the real, first and only cause of the suffering of the ones who once inhabited the RATIONAL WORLD, and today grieve in this second world, a consequence of the first.

The opportunities which were being granted to us along the millennia by GOD, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, to redeem ourselves from our misdeeds, started in the Origin of everything and everyone, when inadvertently we got out of the RATIONAL WORLD and entered a part of the RATIONAL PLAIN which was not ready to enter into progress.

Our FATHER called us to attention several times, but we paid no heed to HIS calls and continued to progress by our own account in an environment that was not ready to be submitted to that kind of progress.

The unbalanced energies caused a split that resulted in the displacement of that part of the plain, which initiated a descent in circular movements, carrying everyone with it.

 In that ride, both the plain and the ones who were with it started to lose their pure, clean and perfect virtues, virtues that transformed themselves and formed  distantly a focus of white and cold light, which later heated up and became the sun.

However, the sun was formed by the lost virtues of the inhabitants of the RATIONAL WORLD only. The stars and the moon were formed by the lost virtues of the plain. For that reason the sun is the King Star.

As minutely explained in the Scripture, these beings and the plain finally extinguished themselves on top of the earth and of the water in the beginning of their materialization process, keeping, however, a permanent link to their original Rationality.


After the beginning of the descent some became aware that they had made a gross mistake for not having paid heed to the RATIONAL SUPERIOR calls, for they tried to return to the RATIONAL WORLD and did not succeed. They repented, thus paralyzing the retrogression and constituting the Superior Astral.

Those that repented kept their state of purity and cleanness, but lost the perfection, for becoming impeded to return to where they came out from, the RATIONAL WORLD.

That return will only occur when they finish their humankind´s rescue mission, through the Rational Phase of the Third Millennium for humankind´s  Rationalization. That happens when the living creature connects to the Conscious Rational Mediating Energy, through the knowledge of Nature´s Rational Culture, which is the learning of the Rational Culture contained in the Books “Universe in Disenchantment”.

They came to be ruled by the Rational Mediating Energy.

Many eternities after the above occurred, and having already elapsed the phase of the monsters and of the savages of the first millennium, the DIVINE PROVIDENCE manifested itself again. The occurrence happened in the civilizing phase of the Rational animal, the phase of the thought and of the imagination, the phase of the electric and magnetic energies, the phase of the second millennium, the phase of the Rational animal.

Compassionate for the suffering which we caused to ourselves, fruit of our petrous ignorance, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR sent to Earth the Astrological Alphabet, printed in the lines of the living creatures´ palms of their hands.

These lines were interpreted by the sages of the epoch who transmitted the meaning to the living creatures, with the orientations and instructions which they should follow in their terrestrial lives, such as the profession to be adopted, whom to marry, what kind of work to perform, and so on.

A few did that promptly and ascended to the RATIONAL WORLD.

Some others revolted and decided to create their own alphabet based on the artificiality of the electric and magnetic energies, and on their own conveniences. Another disobedience, and as a result, more lapidations and sufferings.

In 1935, with the arrival of the Rational Phase, the phase of the development of the Reasoning and of the dematerialization of the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD, materialized inside the Pineal gland, once more the DIVINE PROVIDENCE manifested itself in the “person” of lord Manoel Jacintho Coelho, sent from the RATIONAL WORLD to clarify ourselves about who really we are, where we came from and to where we go.

A greater pardon could never, at any time, have existed, for it came from our FATHER, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, the Sublime Transcendental Entity, Who generated ourselves through a tiny particle of His  Unconceivable  Reasoning, Superior to all other Reasoning.

The ONE Who, in His Supreme Divine Kindness, forgives His offenders; the ONE Who condescends and descends from His completeness to come down here in “person” and teach his creatures how to disrobe from their materialized, deformed and degraded shells in which they stuck themselves, and reacquire their original bodies of pure, clean and perfect cosmic mass.

He came through His Maximum Representative, therefore HIMSELF, the REASONING SUPERIOR TO ALL REASONING, to this imperfect, degenerated, degraded, deteriorated and polluted world, free from any precondition, humbly, wearing the same  shell of the terrene humans, to live with them on equal terms, along one complete human existence and transmit to them the Rational Knowledge which allows them to get rid of that inferior condition of sufferer and mortal, which  still persists after 21 eternities.

It is of such magnitude the greatness of that exceptional Rational Being, superior to everything and everyone, that He Himself dictated and left among us the Divine Scripture “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture, so that after His return to His World of Origin, which is ours too, we could in his material absence, continue the Rational studies and retransmit the leanings to our brothers who still remain ignorant, in the obscurantism of the  appearances, of the mysteries, enigmas and phenomena.

These were and are, then, some opportunities of the divine pardon, magnanimously granted to humankind for its salvation, as depictured in the Work “Universe in Disenchantment”.

It remains for us, therefore, to read, study and research with great attention and divulge to our brothers what we learned, doing good to all regardless, and not wishing to our neighbors what we do not wish for ourselves.

For those who have not become aware  of the importance of that moment, another opportunity of pardon will certainly not exist, for since 1935 the Phase came to be Rational, Nature came to be Rational and who is not linked to the Rational Energy, the Energy of the RATIONAL WORLD, which is now in command here on Earth, will remain chained to the energy of the ground, the magnetic energy, the energy in charge of sweeping and cleaning the world of matter, so that in the future it may become a Rational Paradise.

Many remnants of the Rational animal phase live in the Rational phase without knowing and not feeling the change of phase and its resulting transformations, for they live ignoring themselves, beguiled by life´s artificialisms and sophistications in the matter, loving matter as if being their owners, magnetized  by everything that they see, touch and feel.

For that reason the magnetic´s function is to drag who he can to inferior levels of life; of the irrational life, where these open eyed blind and dull of hearing will remain, suffering, dying and rebirthing for seven more eternities, existing in the lives of all species and specimens of the animal, vegetal and mineral kingdoms.

For suffering is the greatest educator of those who require its teachings.

But, as the Book dictated by the RATIONAL SUPERIOR to His Representative here on Earth teaches, everyone is originated from the RATIONAL WORLD, and for that reason, everyone will return, some sooner, some others a little later, Reasoning or not Reasoning, to their World of Origin.

The ones who came to know themselves and to develop their Reasoning, these are Pioneers of the Rational Redeemer´s Phase, for being the Phase of the True Truth of everyone´s return to the RATIONAL WORLD.

Lord Manoel Jacintho Coelho, that Being of pure, clean and perfect energy, Superior to all energies, also known as the Knight of the Concord, peace, love and fraternity, was born in 1903, and departed in 1991 in the city of Rio de Janeiro, at the time capital of the Federative Republic of Brazil. He lived in the Rational Ashram among the beings generated, created and cared for, by Him, where the BOOKS are printed in the Rational Printing Shop. Before departing, He left in the hands of His children the divine seed for the salvation of everyone who so desires: the Transcendental WORK “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture.

The WORK that synthesizes His Eternal and Unconditional Love for the Rational Creatures who He generated as His image and perfection.



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