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(Compiled from the Rational Literature of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR)




The world is going through a phase of follies and there is the infernal picture in the whole world, of one against the other, destroying each other in an infernal brawling.

Due to what? What is the cause and the why?

The change of Nature´s phase.

Upon the ending of one of Nature´s phase and the passing to another, all that derangement emerged among the creatures.

For the phase which was feeding all its makings stopped feeding them, for the Rational animal´s phase ended.

And for not being aware of the new phase that came to feed them, it caused that great disequilibrium, that great disgust.

Insanity rules all over the world, as you can see, crazy in every way, destroying each other for nothing.

And for being out-of-balance, the acts of craziness terrify and haunt everyone.

Everyone haunted with the gestures and procedures of many.

But for living unaware of Nature´s natural movements, you did not feel the change of phase, for being overpowered by and preoccupied with the artificial progress.

You only started to take notice of humankind´s procedure, when violence started to appear in great scale, haunting everyone who was not used to such procedures of the civilized ones.

For a civilized was always incapable to commit inhuman acts.

And the monstrosities started and the civilized ones became terrified with the monstrous acts of many.

And wanting to discover the cause of such violence, but unable to succeed, for ignoring Nature´s change of phase.

That being the cause of all existing kinds of violence.

Today, the ones who came to know themselves know the cause of all these disturbances that are happening all over the world, and are striving to make humankind aware of the cause, for there is no effect without cause.

For until then, civilized were orderly and respected themselves.

Suddenly, all that ceases to exist, and the civilized ones suffering a great impact for becoming aware of the cause of all these disturbances around the world.

What is the cause of this phenomenon which is destroying the civilization that cost us so much to build?

Which was built under immense sacrifices.

For after building such a beautiful thing, which is civilization, order, respect and love, why everything is being destroyed without us knowing the cause and the reasons of all that folly that spread the world over?

What is the cause that motivated civilization´s destruction?

Civilization finished with the monsters, with the monstrosities, and monsters reappeared committing monstrosities.

Why would that be?

And everyone wanting to know why the civilized ones took another proposition different from what civilization advocates.

Humankind is becoming completely different from the civilized postulations.

What is the cause of that entire disturbance, of all that infernal management?

When you were civilized, there was peace, there was quietness, there was love, and there was harmony among everyone; there was “joy de vivre” and the world flourished with civilization, peace ruling in all homes, in all places.

There must be a cause for that so abrupt change.

The cause is the end of the Rational animal phase.

If you knew the phase that entered you would acquire an equilibrium superior to civilization, through the development of the Reasoning, the Rational Clairvoyance and the Rational Apparatus.

But for living seated on the artifice, the change of phase went unnoticed, for everyone lived seated on the artifice and did not notice the change of phase.

And for not noticing, you became ignorant of the cause of all that disturbance in the whole world.

And there is the cause that shook civilization: Nature´s change of phase.

Now, if you knew the phase that substituted the Rational animal phase, the Rational Phase, the phase of the development of the Reasoning, you would acquire a supreme equilibrium, an equilibrium superior to civilization, through the development of the dematerialization of the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD, who is materialized in form of Reasoning machine.

But for living ruled by the beguiling of the artifice, by  Nature´s natural beguiling, for living distracted by all that, you did not cognize Nature´s change of phase.

And for not becoming aware, you caused all that disturbance the world over, to the point of many not finding anymore motivation to live.

And these ended by committing suicide, or as raving mad ones, or committing monstrosities, for not finding anymore, in the thought and imagination phase, motivation to live.

Then life became a tiring routine.

Every day the same thing, every day the same thing, much saturated for living thus, tired of living thus, you did not find motivation to continue to live.

And if you knew the Rational phase, you would find motivation to live, for finding your true world, the RATIONAL WORLD, and would know the why of that Rational animal´s second world.

If you knew the Rational Phase there would not be suicides, for you would find the definition of your being and the true equilibrium to live.

Today, everyone contemplated with the greatest good of all, which is everyone´s return to one´s true world, the RATIONAL WORLD.





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