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(Compiled from the Rational Literature of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR)




Everyone who came to know himself, notices the difference of himself from the ones who live not knowing themselves and those who have already come to know themselves.

The ones who live connected to the magnetic energy and the ones who live connected to the Rational Energy.

But there are many who are with the Books in their hands just to show off, making little use of them, and others who stopped reading, remaining connected to the magnetic energy, for they (red) read not feeling what they read, skimming over everything, as a form of curiosity, as a way to see more or less what is it all about.

These curious ones remain connected to the magnetic energy, the energy of the ground.

Some, know to where they are going and do not take that into consideration, for they are dominated by the magnetic, completely dominated by the evil.

These are being destroyed by the energy to which they are connected, for there are many who are reading, but the senses are far away from the reading, wandering somewhere else.

And when they finish reading they forget everything, stay the same, for they did not feel what they read, for they are reading and the sense is in other very different things.

They do not absorb the knowledge, stay the same and remain connected to the magnetic energy.

There are many like that.

These, with time, seem that they have read a lot, but they read nothing, for the sense was not in the reading, it was varying, far away from the reading.

These, (rid) read and forget everything, for they did not feel anything, did not observe anything and stayed the same.

Had they felt, like many who are firmly in the reading, they would comprehend and understand and would not abandon the true salvation of themselves.

That is why many abandon the right to continue erring.

And sometimes, for small things they unbalance.

And what was read was no good for the sense was not in the reading; one is reading, but the sense is varying everywhere.

He finished reading, but it was useless, for the sense was not in the reading and he could not feel and master what he felt in the learning.

And not being master of the learning, for any small thing he unbalances.

What is the use of the reading if the sense is far away from the reading?

And that is why many who seem to be advanced, are not, for they read a lot, but it is of no use, for the sense is not in the reading.

And appearances deceive a lot, as you are tired of seeing, for it appears that there are persons who are much advanced, for they say that they are updated with the reading, but they have no advancement whatsoever, as one can see through their acts end procedures.


Because they (red) read and did not feel what they read.

He was reading, yes, but the sense was varying, far away from the reading.

It seems that he (red) read and did not read: it seemed that he knew, but the reading did not work at all.

And these, thus, read the full Work, and in the end they are not in a condition to present themselves to deliver a conference.


Because they skimmed over everything, for they were reading and the sense was not in the reading, it was far away.

And thus, he is reading and it was no good, for he finishes to read and does not know what he read, for the sense is far away.

He is never ready to face a conference, he is afraid, for he knows nothing, the reading was of no avail, for he is reading and the sense is far away.

This is what is happening to many.

These, are still connected to the magnetic and the magnetic energy disturbs, for the person already comes since the beginning disconnected from the reading.

Disconnected from the reading, for the sense is not in the reading, the sense is varying, for the sense is somewhere and not in the reading.

And it has been thus since the beginning, and for that reason, one was never able to connect with the Rational Energy; the sense is in the magnetic energy, in the magnetic´s preoccupations.

He reads the whole Work and in the end he did not learn anything, knows nothing, has no condition to face a positive conference, Rational, because he read all this time, but remained connected to the negative energy, to the magnetic energy.

Had he been connected all the time to the Rational Energy, he would be developed by it.

But he grabs the Book, starts to read, the sense is not in the reading, the sense is in the magnetic, comes to the end, knows nothing.

And these connected to the magnetic, unbalance easily; they are the ones who appear to be what they are not, appear to be Rationals and are not.

As you are tired to see many out there, who go to school and come out from there more ignorant then when they went in, rude, kicking everyone.

Who does not feel what he reads, did not learn anything, did not feel to know how to transmit, the reading was useless.

Many, today, are still disturbed by the magnetism of the matter, for they are beginners.

But with time, all these disturbances will disappear through the Rational Energy´s treatment.

You already know who the Rational Energy is.

The Rational Energy is an Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD, who treats himself as Rational Energy, for his body is a body of Rational cosmic mass energy, pure, clean and perfect.

And everyone is being treated and developed by the Inhabitants of the RATIONAL WORLD, and all that magnetism will disappear with time, the disturbing magnetism which diverted the ideas from the reading.

But in the beginning it is really like that, the magnetic disturbing a lot, sometime for quite a while, until being vanquished by the Rational Energy.

So, it does not disturb anymore.

Everyone, in his time, will finally feel and will go, through the reading, to his true world, the RATIONAL WORLD.


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